Sunday, 15 January 2012

Interview with 14 words International (Romanian Division) for Omerta Terrormachine

1) Greetings comrade! Let us know more about project 14 words Romania!

Racial Greeting comrades.First let me clear something.The project called 14 words is a international project.At the first we start like a 14 words only for Romania ,but after we see that comrades from Europe insist for an International project I accept this.Let me tell you that the project start with 2 families from Romania(includes me and my wife).

2) When someone log in to website, could see a whole section of David Lane’s writings translated in many languages. Can you tell us about?

Yes ,that’s the point.A Scottish comrade a Spanish and a Estonian lad come with this idea.We put all articles that we have translated in different languages and start to built the International project.In this time we was helped by a lots of comrades from different countrys,with this project.We want to continue the legacy of David Lane ,translated his articles in all European languages.Will be more easy for people to secure the 14 words if they understand better in their own language,cause not all the people know English .

3) Do you have any support from Greek comrades in this project?

Of course,and thank you for this brothers.We really appreciate every effort of every brother who help us and who fight for the 14 words in this life .

4) Could you describe the situation in Romania at the moment? What regime you have there?

Democracy=the mask of communism.Nothing change,rather worse then better.ZOG don’t give a fuck about our white people.

5) Political oppression as we know is very hard there. Hard laws against racism, etc. Tell us about that kind of ZOG tactics.

Yes in 2002 the government give a shitty law against racism,etc.We are not allowed to make nothing,even a website or something like this.(Only zog organization who pretend are nationalist can action with any sign,symbol,march etc and no one say nothing).

6) We know that Gypsies are a main problem for you there. How big is the problem with their criminal behavior against the Romanian society?

90% of all the prisons from Romania are gipsyes.More then 7-8 millions of Romanian population are gipsyes or mixed race.In 10-15 years gipsyes will be majority in Romania for sure.This IS zog tactics world wide,only that scums are different;here they use gipsyes ,in France niggers and muslims,in Sweden the same,etc.

7) Do you have lots of POW’s there? Do you have any organizations for support of them?

Really Pow’s was before the ‘89(Romanian revolution).They are the really pow’s.After ’89 was few cases to jail but nothing bigger.A few years a idiot kid made jail cause he want to make jail,to be the first pow after ‘89(it’s not a JOKE).Even us was trick about that idiot.But a few months ago we find about this.(I know he trick a lot of comrades from World wide to send him money cause he is again persecutated,all LIES).

8) Cooperate with comrades abroad?

Yes and thank you for this question.I want to thanks very much to Vicky from Wau,NF Scotland,Canadian nationalists,Estonian lad who now is in jail,B&H Holland,B&H Espana,Omerta Hellas,RVF and all comrades who support this project and who fight for their race.

9) How many Nationalistic / NS organizations do you have there? Support any?

None if you reffer at real Nationalistic or NS organization.Was a pagan organization a few years ago and made some NSBM gigs like Frey faxi festival,but the organization lost his identity and the members,because here every people want to be a leader.

Fake organization a lot of them(especially legionars).Mostly of them are rulled by zog or pretend they are not racialists.(of course most of them have gipsyes in their organization-is full of proof-pictures on internet).And of course is the kid group called autonomous rulled by a ex-drug dealer who spent 5 years for drugs in jail and was release by this president Basescu.Now of course we all know why?

10) Could you notice the most respectable historical personalities you respect there as national heroes? Make any gatherings to honour them?

Are a lot of them ,but I think mostly respect have Marshall Antonescu who rulled Romania in the battle vs communismus ,after that he was betrayed by the king Michael .Yes every 1th of june we commemorate his death.He will be forever in our hearts like a loyal and brave soul.

11) Comrades, we must thank you for this interesting conversation with you! Always pleasant to contact with comrades from Balkans. Last words are yours!

Thank you for the interview brothers.I hope the white race will finally united under one banner in this battle against zog.Sooner is better,later is deadly.Learn DAVID Lane’s essays and try to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.Let me finish with a quote from D.Lane:


Be a Berserker until the day you depart for Valhalla with a pound of the enemies lead in your still defiant body!!!
And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last


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