Saturday, 10 March 2012

Muslims say Swedish women are asking to be raped

Swedish girls Malin and Amanda were on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants. Sweden’s largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as “two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia”, a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden. Similar incidents are reported with shocking frequency, to the point where some observers fear that law and order is completely breaking down in the country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.
According to a new study from the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, it is four times more likely that a known rapist is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, almost half of all perpetrators are immigrants. In Norway and Denmark, we know that non-Western immigrants, which frequently means Muslims, are grossly overrepresented on rape statistics. In Oslo, Norway, immigrants were involved in two out of three rape charges in 2001. The numbers in Denmark were the same, and even higher in the city of Copenhagen with three out of four rape charges. Sweden has a larger immigrant, including Muslim, population than any other country in northern Europe. The numbers there are likely to be at least as bad as with its Scandinavian neighbors. The actual number is thus probably even higher than what the authorities are reporting now, as it doesn’t include second generation immigrants. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in Svea high court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents.
A group of Swedish teenage girls has designed a belt that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists. “It’s like a reverse chastity belt,” one of the creators, 19-year-old Nadja Björk, told AFP, meaning that the wearer is in control, instead of being controlled. Björk and one of her partners now plan to start a business to mass produce the belts and are currently in negotiations with potential partners. “But I’m not doing this for the money,” she said. “I’m really passionate about stopping rape. I think it’s terrible.” In an online readers’ poll from the newspaper Aftonbladet, 82% of the women expressed fear to go outside after dark. There are reports of rapes happening in broad daylight. 30 guests in a Swedish public bath watched as 17 girl was raped recently, and nobody did anything. The girl was first approached by 16-year-old boy. He and his friends followed her as she walked away to the grotto, and inside the grotto he got her blocked in the corner, ripped off her bikini and raped her, while his friend held her firm.
There are even reports of Swedish girls being attacked and cut with knives on the dance floor. A 21-year-old man who came to Sweden a couple of years ago admits that he has a low opinion of Swedish females –or “whores” as he calls them. He is now prosecuted, suspecteded of cutting eight girls in several pubs. He is also charged with raping a girl at a private party, and with sexually harassing another girl in the apartment. Several witnesses claim that the 21 year old has said that he hates Swedish women.
Some Muslim immigrants admit their bias quite openly. An Islamic Mufti in Copenhagen sparked a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are “asking for rape.” Apparently, he’s not the only one thinking this way. “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid. “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably fucked before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries.” It was no coincidence that it was a Swedish girl that was gang raped in Rissne – this becomes obvious from the discussion with Ali, Hamid, Abdallah and Richard. All four have disparaging views on Swedish girls, and think this attitude is common among young men with immigrant background. “It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore…… girl, I mean;” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “Many immigrant boys have Swedish girlfriends when they are teenagers. But when they get married, they get a proper woman from their own culture who has never been with a boy. That’s what I am going to do. I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get fucked to pieces.”
The number of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants in Western nations are so extremely high that it is difficult to view them only as random acts of individuals. It resembles warfare. Muhammad himself had forced sex (rape) with several of his slave girls/concubines. This is perfectly allowed, both in the sunna and in the Koran. If you postulate that many of the Muslims in Europe view themselves as a conquering army and that European women are simply war booty, it all makes perfect sense and is in full accordance with Islamic law. Western women are not so much regarded by most Muslims as individuals, but as “their women,” the women who “belong” to hostile Infidels. They are booty, to be taken, just as the land of the Infidels someday will drop, it is believed, into Muslim hand. This is not mere crime, but ideologically-justified crime or rather, in Muslim eyes, attacks on Infidels scarcely qualify as crime. Western women are cheap and offensive. We Muslims are here, here to stay, and we have a right to take advantage of this situation. It is our view of the matter that should prevail. Western goods, like the land on which we now live, belong to Allah and to the best of men—his Believers. Western women, too, essentially belong to us—our future booty. No wonder there is a deep and increasing suspicion against Muslims in the Swedish and European public.
Sweden has national elections less than a year from now. Here is a suggested draft email, in English and Swedish, that you can send in to Swedish politicians and media to protest the lack of honesty about what Muslim immigration is doing to the country:
I would hereby like to protest against the passivity and the lack of resolve demonstrated by Swedish authorities in the face of a huge spike in the number of rapes in their country. It is time for Swedish politicians, Swedish media and the Swedish public to admit that the large increase in the number of rape charges in their country during the past generation is intimately tied to the immigration that has taken place during that same time period. The attitude among many Muslim men is that women who are not veiled and act properly submissive have themselves to blame if something happens to them. Such a line of thinking is incompatible with the culture of freedom in any Western country. It means that as long as Muslim immigration continues, Sweden will continue to import an Islamic culture that will destroy women’s freedom in Swedish society. The strains caused by immigration are now so large that unless something serious is done about this, pretty soon Sweden will face the same kind of riots we have recently seen in France, and will approach the point of permanent ethnic and religious strife. Swedish politicians and media need to put the well-being of their daughters above that of political correctness and their own Multicultural vanity, and it is shocking that they actually need to be reminded of this. It is an international embarrassment to Sweden as a nation that Swedes travel around the world to lecture about women’s rights, and at the same time their own young women are finding that their most basic rights, such as being able to go outside wearing normal clothes without being harassed, are slipping away. It’s a sham, and it needs to end. Unless Swedish authorities are able to provide basic security to a population that pays some of the highest tax rates in the world, the Swedish government should publicly admit its inadequacy and resign from office. At the very least, it should be honest enough to tell Swedish citizens that they have to provide security for themselves, and stop making it difficult for people to do this. The Swedish general elections are less than a year away, and this time, Muslim immigration needs to be raised to the very top of the public agenda.


Personally i believe swedish women are among the most beautiful women in the world. They deserve to be treated with respect. As do all women for that matter.Only cowards rape,murder,and abuse a woman. As for a muslim, if they believe its ok to harm swedish women...then they should be deported back to their own country. That is if they live through the corporal punishment and prison sentence. Also...where are the Swedish native males?
They should be protecting their women,and thier borders.
I would be more than willing to visit Sweden to organize and train a protection group to safeguard Swedens most valuable treasure. email:

Establish a death penalty for rape. It should help the rape problem and the immigration issue.

if i being christian rape and then said it is allowed in holy bible so does that mean Jesus taught that?

first research and then blame any religion. without research do not write sensitive articles to spread hatred in mankind.

where Islam asks woman to cover herself then it also teaches man to lower his gaze. islam teaches that every body is responsible for his or her own deed.hence its so shameful to blame religion on the basis of ignorance.

Islam has stronger punishment for such ugly criminals.

USA has highest rape rate. what does your opinion about that?

As a Swede, I say you are right. You ask where the Swedish men are. Here's your answer: Hiding, afraid of being known as racist, stalked, mentally tortured, abused, beaten up. Because the law enforcement doesn't do shit. Here's an example:
If a Swedish person dishonors (or something like that) a non-Swedish person, he could go to jail for that, but if it was vice versa, the law enforcement would do...nothing.
I've been in this situation. It ended with me getting a protected/hidden identity. But I had to request it myself, because the police "didn't find it necessary" even though non-Swedish citizens threatened me to death, because I helped a girl get home safely from a nightclub, where they tried raping her.
In other words, fuck Swedish law enforcement.

U can't judge all muslim like that. Some of them are bad NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION,IT JUST BECAUSE THEIR SELF. If there was christians,catholics,etc rapist, can u generalize all christians,catholiccs,etc are rapist?. It's not fair,okay!?

Thanks and peace

Islam strongly condemns rape and has sever punishments for people who do that no matter they do it with Muslims or Non-Muslims.

I'm sorry, but you twisted the references of Koran and Hadiths to make your biased thoughts look justified about Islam.

I, as a Muslim say that everyone; no matter what their religion is should be punished if they commit such an ugly act.


I'm a Muslim from Iran ... but I should say : "F**k this religion"

its not about being muslim its about the people who commit crimes as bad as this. way look at there religion, people need to look more closely to realise that the man that has committed this crime is from somali a country with almost no lows and an upbringing that only teaches them to service, obviously they where never privileged the have the freedom as we have had in our lives, and when they are granted with such freedom they simply become unstable because of there "upbringing''......
The word muslin is bing put up for every thing bad that happens just like when black people had no right like (eating in the same restaurant as the what man!) now we are in a time that Muslims are bing abused and generalised for everything bad that happens. as you safe this 'has there not been any christians,Catholics, jews,etc rapist?' way not write 'christians,Catholics, jew, setc SAY SWEDISH WOMEN ARE ASKING TO BE RAPED', are we not all humans?, way should religion or colour be used to break use apart?

and for the Anonymous person above i would just like to say its so sad to see how weak you can be to say ("I'm a Muslim from Iran ... but I should say : "F**k this religion")

Im iranian and I am Muslim but Islam is not what diffident me its a belief that i fallow for my personal reason.

"What defines people is the people we socialise with everyday" not our (religion)

thank you

The point is that the rapes and beatings are happening worldwide .... the instance of the perpetrator being of Muslim background, regardless of race, is increasing. The weak, corrupt, greedy governemnt officials have given the Muslims the power, our schools teach diversity, and many have no backbone to stand up and fight back. I think it is a travesty that Muslims can terrorize the world and then be rewarded for it with carte blance license to rape and destroy. As with all issues it is only a small number of Muslims that take this license. Also, minorities exists within the Muslim community such as Muslim woman - who suffer the attrocities daily as well. Again, regardless of race the small number of bad "muslims" are some of the most univeral haters ever known to man. A black Muslim man might just as easy rape a black Christian woman..... as long as "all" good people let the bad Muslims be bad things will never change for the better.

The point is that the rapes and beatings are happening worldwide .... the instance of the perpetrator being of Muslim background, regardless of race, is increasing. The weak, corrupt, greedy governemnt officials have given the Muslims the power, our schools teach diversity, and many have no backbone to stand up and fight back. I think it is a travesty that Muslims can terrorize the world and then be rewarded for it with carte blance license to rape and destroy. As with all issues it is only a small number of Muslims that take this license. Also, minorities exists within the Muslim community such as Muslim woman - who suffer the attrocities daily as well. Again, regardless of race the small number of bad "muslims" are some of the most univeral haters ever known to man. A black Muslim man might just as easy rape a black Christian woman..... as long as "all" good people let the bad Muslims be bad things will never change for the better.

I think this exemplify why culturally advanced countries as Sweden should take strong actions to control immigration. Most countries of the world (almost all of them) are still too primitive to understand how to live in a egalitarian cultural enviroment.

"I think this exemplify why culturally advanced countries as Sweden should take strong actions to control immigration. Most countries of the world (almost all of them) are still too primitive to understand how to live in a egalitarian cultural enviroment"
Exacly! This too happens here in Spain, morish, morrocans and so on trear girls like if they where whores; they think they have te right to stalk you and do whatever they want, and they think that if you don't want to get with them the can force you, and call you racist because you won't sleep with them... It's gross.
And the police and the goverment don't do anything about it! My brother almost got sent to prision when a morish guy tried abusing me. It's crazy. They need to be sent back to their countries. This is not only their religion, it's their way of being and thinking.

this is ramapant its because islam prohibits men and women from mixing freely muslim men thus see unwary non muslim women as soft targets as in the case with western women it is all the more true as they are believed to be 'easy' a very wrong notion.Muslim girls as believed aren't angels looking for the slightest opportunity to get laid atleast most of them no wonder we see pakistani women queuing up to act in indian films

Off with the cock! Surgical penile castration will at least protect women from multiple offenders.

Why are so many people making complaints about this post, do you know what this site is? Have you ever read what the Fourteen Words this site is named after say? Jesus Christ...

Ah all these Muslims trying to say that the faith has nothing to do with this and that if it were Christian or Jewish sex offenders, we wouldn't be so up in arms.

For starters - all religions are loathsome, offensive and harmful to the human race and Islam is perhaps the best example of a disgusting set of out-dated, archaic superstitions that only serves to corrupt the minds of men.

Why is Islam worse than the other major religions? Well it has to do with the unique nature of the Qur'an. Unlike the Torah or Holy Bible, the Qur'an is believed to be the exact words of Allah (God) spoken to the prophet Mohammad. As such, these words are divine and scared and cannot be interpreted by men. It is widely accepted that these words haven't changed since they were first passed down from Mohammad. Unfortunately this leads to a very black and white view of the world.

Now if you add to this the fact all good Muslims should want to emulate Muhammad - as he is presumably the most exemplary Muslim - this is where the issue of incompatibility with modern ideologies begin.

The Sunnah and the Hadith aren't known too well to the non-Muslim world but basically they are used in addition to the Qur'an when the Qur'an is too vague on a particular topic. The Sunnah and The Hadith are more or less a biography of Muhammad and can therefore be referred to in order to see "what would Muhammad do".

Therein lies the problem. Muhammad was a violent man of his times. He was not only a holy man but we was a warrior and by all accounts, a brilliant (if not ruthless) military leader.

His first wife is the one most Muslims will point to when trying to defend the Islamic stance on women. She was a business woman, headstrong and admirable. She was also older than Muhammad and was very much a rock in his early life. Great example but what of Muhammad's 12 other wives?

Well if I recall correctly, Muhammad's second wife, Sawda was the spoils of war. Muhammad's forces alledgedly attacked Sawda's tribe where Muhammad killed her father and husband and then consummated the marriage that night. I might be wrong as to whether it was Sawda but without doubt this happened to one of Muhammad's earlier wives.

Muhammad's third wife is quite an interesting one and something that I've noticed most Muslims won't talk about.
Aisha, Muhammad's third wife was said to be married to Muhammad between the ages of 6 and 7 and the marriage was consummated (they had sex) when she was 9 or 10.

Call it what you will, a product of the times, consensual, the will of god - it is rape and pedophilia and you know it. It is the taking advantage of a position of power that disgusting rapists still use today. There is no difference.


There is more than I could go on with about how being Muslim isn't quite like other religions. About how if you are a good Muslim, then you not only want but you will try to achieve the total conversion of the world to Islam.

From what I can tell, most Muslims are good people that are simply a product of their culture. When the inconvenient truth of their religion is presented to them they will try to justify it to you and themselves - this is what all people of faith do, it's actually a psychological defect known as the Back-fire phenomena.

What I really struggle with is when you see such injustices, particularly women - don't you think to yourself that this isn't right? That a loving compassionate God wouldn't want such suffering..

Women - why does a God that treats you as cattle deserve you love and respect? Even if you could wholeheartedly prove the existence of God, if God treats women like that then he is not a being worthy of mine or your worship.

I can almost see why men of the Muslim world would support such barbaric traditions - it keeps them in power.. But ladies... I know it must be hard but you have to stand up for what's right - they did it in the western world, they're doing it in India right now - there is no reason you can't take control, take your lives back and shame these men that have oppressed you for so long.

So I guess what you should all take from this is not that the world hates and vilifies Islam, it's that most religions are loathsome and have no place in the 21st century and Islam happens to be the most archaic (it didn't go through the reformation like Christian and Jewish faiths did).

For the record, I am an atheist-agnostic (oxymoron? Not quite, look it up) and if I could have my way, all religions would be ousted for the superstitious nonsense that they are. No tax exempt status and no "oh you have to respect this person belief" - NO I DON'T. I don't have to respect the belief's of virtually any other topic, whether it be political or otherwise but when it comes to religion, its taboo - this is how you have managed to get away with it for so long.

As Bill Maher quite aptly put it - we need to come out of the closest and recognise that the secular people of the world are not a minority - We have a voice and a right to use it.

Where are the men?

Why should they fight for a feminazi government that bashes them every oportunity? If islam advances they probsbly gonna get more than the laws against them. If not, why waste their percious lifes for whores like these? They granted them many rights to women and thats their reward. They are in a situation like that because of feminazi in first place, so now let them fix it, let them grab guns and send muslims back home. I as a men erfuse to lift a finger as long as feminism is alive.

But the resistance has started

The awakening has begun. Lets all care for our lives now instead of those who tried to sell us and their status quo.


Uh.. maybe those muslim dudes are right. They are implementing the backlash against the slutification of Swedish women that the Swedish men are too pussified to do. When it gets to the point that those slores start wearing something tantamount to a burka to keep from being harassed, and end their slutty ways, then the job will be done. Only then can you kick out all the camel jockeys, not before.

What the Swedish men who are forced into hiding need to do is to start their own version of the KKK. Your women are getting raped and your government refuses to do anything about it because they are too concerned with being a politically correct country?

Gather other Swedish men and women who are fed up with it and start committing hate crimes against those sand nggers. Wait until you see them walking late at night and drag them out and lynch them.

Until your government gets its head out of its rectum, make it the opposite of tolerant in your country. Destroy Muslim lives like America isn't scared to do, and that will provide you with the justice that your spineless government refuses to.

If you are going to gather up some more fed up Swedish men to start your own anti Muslim KKK, remember to cover up your faces. But be ruthless. Let the government know that its tolerance of their bullshit is why even "innocent" Muzzies are being assaulted.

I am neither Swedish or Muslim but have friends of both nationalities. Both my Swedish friends and Muslim friends are awesome! It is a shame that these kind of crimes against women and children are being committed! I don't think religion has much to do with it- as the article states, some of these men are from other places like Keyna, and Sudan etc... However the knowledge that Sweden is not taking some very serious steps to eradicate this problem within their country is highly disturbing on a number of levels and quite frankly, utterly shameful!
It is my opinion that any of the said and accused parties received the highest form of punishment accorded by Swedish law and that if the penalties for such heinous crimes are lacking that parliament rectify the situation immediately! Also, it might help if Sweden put a stop to letting every bloody idiot into their country without a criminal background check and deportation of offending persons on their nations most prized possessions- their wives and children..! Sweden should be dreadfully ashamed as should the men of this beautiful country.! But what good is a beautiful country when you bring in the very persons that seek to destroy it?!

first of all, your article does nothing to call attention to solving the problems. All this article does feed the formation of stereotypes and spread hate.
I'm not muslim, but I have known alot, and the thought of rape is as dishusting to them as to us.
Also, whn people say go back to your countries...what countries? the ones that western imperialism destroyed? the same countries that bled to facilitate the develoment of yours?
history has phases and nothing stays the same. years ago, westerners invaded the africa, asia and south america, and did much worse than these 'ucivilised immigrants' do now. now history has moved on from this phase and we're seeing both the develoment of the third world esp africa, and multi culturalism in europe. you're not being sold as slaves, you're not having to get passes to move within you're own country and you're fine. deal with it

this is an outrage! it is war! in 451 the Roman general Aetius and the Visigoth king Theodoric I fought the hunnish invasion in the battle of Troyes; in 732 Charles Martel saved Europe from the moors. now the muslim invaders are back, who will stand up to them this time? who will drive them from our homelands and back into theirs and make sure they never again can invade Europe? these "immigrants" are just the latest wave of the enemy army in a centuries-long war. now as then they jews are helping the invaders, this time by brainpolluting the mind of White youth into not fighting. this is nothing short of oppression and genocide! we have the right to defend the White race! RAHOWA 1488

stand up and shout We are White and have the right to be racist! "racist" is a derogatory slur for strong White Folks who will not die without a fight. stop being afraid. RAHOWA!
Odin is the best God!

"all is Race, there is no other truth" "no man will treat with indifference the orinciple of Race. it is the key to history and why history is so often confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves... language and religion do not make a race, there is only one thing which makes a race and that is Blood." (quotes from books 'Tancred' and 'Endymion' published in 1868). if the White Swedish men were to open a branch of the kkk, my advice is to use the burqa to your advantage and claim to be muslims if you are caught by police. besides that, i recommend that all Whites read 'Natute's Eternal Religion' and 'The White Man's Bible' by Ben Klassen. RAHOWA 1488

they are somalli bastards ,why would you allow somallis to immigrate to Sweden?who allowed that?its time to start carrying a knife and when opportunity knocks plunge that mother into a somalli niggrs chest,and run like hell like they do.don't be afraid of goihg to jail,kill them wherever whenever convenient and be prepared when walking alone or with a friend,but keep that razor of kitchen knife close to you,somallis are feral murderous lazy Islamic finatics who have no reason being in Sweden,they are settling these black spooks in the whitest of areas and they need to be eliminated,they breed like jackrabbits and don't worry about how they will pay for them,thats where the white people come in,to pay for these filthy little spooks to eat and be warm.fuk em let the muthr fukrs die better yet drown them in a 5 gallon bucket at birth.swedes will mobilize and kill these kot chewing psychos eventually but your gov't is your biggest obstacle,they are not your friends,nor can they be trusted..they are encouraging a mud race worldwide like that dumb niggr Obama.kill em all.

Every one in the world should have a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which on December 10, 1948 was adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This Declaration guarantees the rights of ALL PEOPLE and encompasses a broad spectrum of economic, social, cultural, political and civil rights. This Document was derived from the Magna Carta created over 800 years ago. No one has the right to control any body in this world. We need to be vigilant, use our voice, stand up fearlessly and have a backbone and not allow any one to take over our land, possessions, body, mind and souls. We have the right to freedom simply because we are born into this world. We need not to forget the Holocaust, Slavery, King Leopold in the Congo, the Rape of Nanking, Croatia, and unfortunately many-many more. Calling people names may seem convenient but is not intelligent. We need to use our minds and unite against sexual assault by forming large communuties that will tell our governments we are done with this horrendous felonius crime against society. Someone recently said "that can't happen here". That is why we need not to believe these crimes that happen elsewhere don't affect us because they aren't happening in our back yard. We are all in this big bowl together which connects us in ways we take for granted. We breathe air, we use water, we plant our crops in the soil, we bathe in the same sun, and the same moon glows on us in the evening; so yes we are connected. The crime of sexual assault touches our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, neices and friends. It is the worst crime of society because it is a crime of sheer dark hatred and degradation. Rape and sexual assault utterly breaks the whole system of trust. Ask any woman or child. Children are commodities for sexual assault for the lustful greedy men who transport these helpless and voiceless beings of pure innocence through out the world. David Batstone paints a clear, vivid and most horrific picture of what happens when many children go missing in his 2007 publication, titled 'Not for Sale'. Instead of posting all these statements of racism, anger and hatred, use your God-given voices to stand up against sexual assault and press for life-time sentencing for even the first sexual offence without any chance of parole. Remember, words are just words, but words and action have a far greater power against the evil that is trying to take over our women and children. Bug the hell out of our governments and make them take action because sexual assault is an epidemic, and the spirit of this crime is not partial and no one is will touch whoever it chooses...even boys and men. If we have the power to stop diseases in the past, we have the power to stop rape and sexual assault. Make use of our government and NEVER NEVER give up.

First of all...for anyone who attacks the muslims for being need to know that there is and i mean there is litterly no sitiuation that Islam allows rape...and the ones that call tjeir self "muslims" and rape girls and woman are not muslims at all

In islam the womans value are incredibly much that Islam says that heaven lies under a mothers feet, no matter what religions/state she's from.
And raping a girl is aa really big crime botj islamic and and as a punishble crime and yeah swedish goverment and laws are weird

This poor woman is raped. What does it have to do with islam or her nationalty? Guess author is more trying to blacken a religion. What a shame and stupid.

Muslims are allowed to rape non-Muslim women. In Islam non-muslims are equal to dogs.

I hate to say it but the Swedes are asking for this with their super political correctness. They don't don't care about their own people, protecting their own women because they want to be "equal" to everyone. It makes the country weak and open for a Muslim invasion. The muslims are just taking advantage of an easy opportunity.

Rape is an evil act and should be condemned no matter who commits it on anyone.
Infact Islam has strict laws to enforce the rapists. Those who commit such an act against any woman do not belong to any religion (since no religion allows such thing- including Islam) and deserve punishment under the law of land.
Illiteracy is the key reason several people do this.

I believe that this article is to criticise islam and spread fears from muslims in the Swidish society. it also gives wrong information about islam cuz Quran and Sunna dont allow rape of whatever reason. I believe that this article has nothing to do with reality and im sure that 100% of those rapists are not muslims. The proof is that we dont have such a thing in our arab muslim societies. The rapist are either swidish or iranian Shia just like the guy who said "fuck this relugion" enough of lies cuz u dont have a pure religion like islam. And please make sure about any information b4 u just put it online to the public

For all those people saying that islam doesnt promote rape read your quran and the hadith because it does . Non muslim woman are seen as easy prey in your book of filth

all of muslim should die, don't let them stay on your country, all of them is terrorist, rapist, and only know how to steal from someone to staying survive. believe me, there is no peace live with them.

When swedish women strip naked in church what is a Muslim MAN to do? Say a little prayer? No, he fucks the viqueen whores!!!!!

The men of this generation, other than soldiers, have lost to their governments, their will to stand up and be counted. There is a time to meet violence with violence. Many years ago, the populace would have gone VIKING one these criminals.

How do you change this? By action! The courage to take action despite what the politically correct politicians say. Start the massive deportation of the muslim parasites.Cleanse Europe of this vermin. Have no mercy on these ungrateful muslim pigs. Remove them all until Europe is free from them.Whether good or bad muslim.They all originate from the same source.When that happens Europe will be the free and secure continent it once was. Take action now!

why stop there , let's finish off the kikes too man , lets make hitler proud of his vision of Europe ...stoke those kilns again yeah ....wooo hooo


This rape epidemic has been brought to you by the degenerate left.

you really can't generalize that Islam say this or Quran say that, isn't it Swedish ethics to respect all religions?? I've been to Sweden many times, its a lovely country and i felt extremely safe there, it breaks my heart to know these statistics, and i feel that any immigrant should know that anytime he do such a big crime he is out of the whole country. not only punished, am with you on one thing i noticed as Muslim, migrants don't try to blend into the society, instead they close on them selves in their own society which is really bad, you have every right to get angry from the situation but no need to generalize something. be more professional................

your people let them in, the raped women marched in pro middle east woman rights marches, but they raise the rapist, to rape the white women by showing contempt for the west? you get what you deserve, you made the native men, who were born there wimps by your laws and contempt for men, honor, duty, a code of conduct enforced by men on men, nope women believe in: dont fight, dont tell, dont be raciest, i laugh at your pain, oh and how many women press charges so the courts can put these scum behind bars? since you wont fight back publicly and you tie the hands of good men, with your feminist state led rules....RAPE ON SON. blond, blue eyed, meat, hahaha.
GOD FORBID YOU LET A MAN COME TO YOUR AID>>>>>NO LADIES NIGHT OUT....flirt with any man to get a free drink..laugh about him with your girl pals..... blond, blue eyed, meat....since no man is worthy of you, no man respects you, the world is not fair or nice. welcome to what you have made. YOU made the good man/human feel like shit for caring about you as a all that is left is the scumm looking for meat on LADIES NIGHT.

Society is so weard, the Rape issue does not belong to a particular culture, country, region, colour, race or generation; its an ongoing issue of some mentally ill bustards who show their barberious inhuman savage over woman. No religion, Holybook, parent or elders tell anyone to commit such act. It is our law & our system that we should be ashamed of to have these people between us. Agreed, it is hard to identify who is going to do what or get into this act, however, the punishment should be so cruel that if next person thinks to commit such action then there should be fear in them.

The worst thing till date is that the one who commits RAPE isn't punished but the girl/boy who undergoes the pain also faces the monstrous society (an unspoken truth - where the society punishes the victim not the accused) it is so uncalledfor that we live in a society which is more viscous than jungle.

Oflate women are given pepper sprays but that's not the solution, have to change the mentality of these people which could possibly happen with strict law, good moral society, spreading awareness & non greedy politicians

I don't say this will give result overnight but atleast our next generation could live happily

Hoping that we all put our best foot forward to irridicate the issue


You claim Swedish women are asked to be raped. Imagine your-self being raped by a bunch of giant flies. This is probably how this women feels. If this was the punishment for rape. I am sure the rape issue would go way down.

Poor women they need to carry guns to hoot the filth stone dead. look what their government has done by allowing this sub human filth into the country. Kick every bastard brown face with those evil wicked black eyes, out of the country they want to take over and kill every white person in the name of their evil and wicked satanic God

Nice try, intelligent people who can see the glaringly obvious are not going to be fooled by your excuses.

Thanks for the info on the wives. I agree with you except that I'm a Christian. You don't have to respect my religion at all and I don't have to respect your atheist, agnostic views. It seems everyone wants the next person to see things the way they do, but what's important is stopping the violence. Most people regardless of religion can see abuse for what it is, except for these Muslim perpetrators and those covering the facts and prosecuting people defending themselves.

Portugal is the Biggest Racist country that i have ever lived in. I feared for my life there and i consider myself lucky that my family got out alive! I have never lived in such poverty (Sopas dos Pobres everyday) 40% unemployment rate and 60% of the population earn less than $932 USD per month, and that's considered Middle Class here! Within the European Union it is the worst of the worst place to live.

The bottom line is the bulk of the People in our poor country exist in a brainless comma that is fed by Ignorance, anti-Spanish hate, and severe Racism of pretty much everybody that isn't Portuguese! And, Portugal started the Global Slave Trade in 1441 so it is definitely NOT a safe place for Blacks!!

I found important websites that explain the Severe multi-generational Racism and Hate that exist in Portugal today, and i highly encourage all to read them and spread the word in order to avoid innocent, and desperate people from living or visiting there. Get educated on the Truths about Racist Portugal now.





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