Does the White Aryan race deserve to survive? Nature’s laws, harsh and unyielding will decide. Fight or die, kill or be killed, reproduce or perish. That is the decree of nature’s God.

David Lane
14 Words Global Network is an online resource for people of European descent around the world.
We are devoted to bringing you news that the mainstream media feels isn’t newsworthy. Today, many stories remain hidden only being reported in local areas, when they really deserve international attention. It is our duty to shine a light on these issues and let the mainstream media know that they cannot hide the facts.
The places we call home are no longer “our” nations. These people who decide our fate, these elected officials are put there not by you or me, but by people that the media feel are kosher enough to be trusted to lead us in the path they desire.

The media mongers lead the way, and push an agenda of genocide against our people.  We cannot allow this to succeed.

14 Words Global Network is run by a small group of individuals. We’re all volunteers. We don’t get paid for our hard work.  We do it because we are dedicated to producing a quality media product for YOU.


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