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"Love, which is the deification of persons, must become more
impersonal every day....a love which knows not sex, nor person,
nor partiality....There are moments when the affections rule and
absorb the man and make his happiness dependent on a person
or persons. But in health the mind is presently seen again, its
over-arching vault bright with galaxies of immutable lights, and
the warm loves and fears, that swept over us as clouds, must
lose their finite character and blend with God, to attain their own
perfection." ..............Ralph Waldo Emerson

It has been said that man loses his sense of direction when the
compass of his soul is not magnetized by some great human star
within the orbit of his experience. This truth has been intuitively
understood in the realms of literature and of religion. When seeking
spiritual guidence, man may follow his own personal path through
Nature, science or philosophy, or gravitate to some specific
religious ideal which best suits his needs. We know that man as a
human being inevitably loves. Strip away all the trappings and
everyday distractions of life and what is it that man is really
seeking? The first is love, because without it, as humans, we feel
empty and incomplete. Secondly would most certainly be the need
for knowledge and or spiritual enlightenment as the means to lift
oneself from a seemingly pointless mundane physical world of
survival, in an effort to gain higher consciousness and thereby a
better understanding of our souls journey and the universe of which
we are a part.

In the later years of the 19th century many Europeans found
themselves being reawakened to their ethnic ancestral pagan
religions. This shift from the traditional religious thinking came
about partly with an interest to go deeper into the mysteries as
well as the need to bond once again with one's ancestral roots
which Christianity ands other alien eastern religions could not
provide. The two Euro pagan religions that returned to
prominence with the deepest and lasting impact were Teutonic
Wotanism and Celtic Druidism, which together, fulfill the entire
spiritual needs for all Europeans of the Western World. The
religion of Wotanism has long been known as a warrior religion,
And though it certainly does fit that description quite well, it is
also balanced with a deep spirituality that respects and practices
the tenets of love, compassion, generosity, high ethics and noble
virtues, and the highest respect for Nature. In Wotanism it is
recognized that any religion that is not of one's own people,
customs and culture, or does not contain the sufficient power to
defend and sustain itself is a suicide religion!

With a reverance towards the high warrior ethic, Wotanism is
often misconstrued as being a male dominant religion that is
all macho-warrior battle oriented and devoid of any sensitivity, love
or sentimentality. From the surface with all the Viking trappings it
is understandable that Wotanism may well be preceived that way.
However, one need only probe a little deeper to find that this is
not so and that Wotanism as a spiritual path is in perfect balance.
The Chinese refered to the balance of opposite extremes as "Yin
and Yang" and created a symbol to depict the visible essence of
that balance which still remains perhaps the most perfect symbol
to express that harmonious union of opposite extremes.

We find a similar mischaracterizations of the many ancient
European tribes as a whole, that were portrayed as male
dominant, when in actual fact, the woman was the very center of
the family and tribal life. Men fought to the bloody death for the
safety and protection of their wife and family, farmed and hunted
for the food to sustain the family, and built homes for their
precious family most always to their wives specifications. The
woman's universe was the home and the raising of the family.
She was and is the very nucleus of the family unit!

In reality, the woman had the most important task of all. Preparing
her children to meet the many challenges and harsh realities of life
was certainly a full time and demanding endeavor! Women
apparently were a tougher lot in ancient times than the woman of
today. They were largely responsible in preparing their boys to
become competent warriors in their own way as much as the father.
Trojan women for instance would send their boys off to war and tell
them in parting, "Either return victorious with your shield or on it!" In
those days of bloody hand to hand battle only a raving lunatic parent
with a death wish for their child would tell him as he left home for
war, "Oh, by the way my son! Don't forget to turn the other cheek,
and love your enemy!" When a religion bewilders or outright denies
it's adherents the freedom to follow their own natural instincts of
self preservation, prefering them to be sheep and lambs, then that
religion is surely paving the way to the eventual doom and extinction
of its followers!

There are times for war. There are times for peace. There are
times for love. And yes, there are justifiable times for hate as well.
The danger of hate is that it can cause one to act with blind emotion
and irrationality of thought. In times of hate one must remain rational,
and level headed. Intelligence and patience are perhaps the best
means by which to balance the scales of justice. The more we
understand our emotions, the less excessive will be our appetites
and desires. Mankind needs to find balance within themselves
every bit as much as a religion must find its perfect center of

Wotanism is built upon strength of character, knowledge, the
powers of will, and spiritual enlightenment but at the same time it
understands the vital and necessary validity of both love and
compassion. Foremost to any Wotanist is the love of family,
folk and Nature. Wotanist's are freethinkers and not narrow
minded. Like many of their fellow pagan's, they are lovers of
knowledge, poetry, dance, music, art, beauty and spirituality.
Wotanism has an equal balance in the respect and worship of
both the male gods and female goddesses. As modern women
become more familiar with the spiritual path of Wotanism they
will find much to suit their feminine interests along with an
abundance of female deities. In Wotanism femenism and
chauvanism are not encouraged. Both man and woman should
always be equally respectful of each other because lets face it,
in so many ways they are each other and what is more, divinely
designed for each others needs! Without each other we are never
really whole. Anything which would drive a man and woman into
hating their opposite gender is simply a disease of the mind! The
fact that femenism and chauvanism thrive today in the modern
world is the result of the discordent, sick and unbalanced society we
have let ourselves become. Men and women were designed to love
and comfort one another and produce children through the divine
perfect union of physical and mental love. Without "Love" there is no
life worth the living whatsoever! Love virtually is harmony but take
just a moment to consider what love in and of itself produces: It
yields Goodness, Peace, Prosperity, Tranquility, Happiness,
Success, Security, Joy, Beauty, Loveliness, Patience,
Perseverence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Light, Understanding,
Compassion, Justice, Generosity, Charity, Altruism, Honesty,
Uprightness, Health, Purity, Youth, Life, and Perfection---all of which
are conditions that are becoming less and less observed by most
people in our modern societies today.

So many churches fill up with their congregations every Sunday
and talk all about how kind and loving they are, then spend the rest
of the week acting like devils! Man with the help of his churches
has developed a very skewed image of himself. If humans were
designed to be all loving creatures we would have done away with
war and treachery thousands of years ago! People are prone to
think of the Vikings as violent barbarians, but in reality, the world
that we live in today is ten times more violent and ruthless then the
Viking age or just about any other previous age. Wotanism it must
be made clear, was not born of the short 300 years of the Viking
age but is thousands of years old.The mystic spiritual writer
Vernon Howard makes an interesting point on this subject when
he states: "Most talk about love is just that----talk. A man must
behave according to his level of psychic development. No one can
possibly behave on the higher level of love than the level he actually
occupies. But remember, human beings are very cunning with
exterior appearances of love, so don't be fooled. By Self-work, a
man can raise his love level. Then, he will behave differently, with
more genuine compassion. That is an objective of the Mystic Path.
We want to uplift our compassion by raising our spiritual level."

The afterlife in Wotanism as traditionally envisioned in mythology,
unfolds around the Viking-like Great Hall of Valhalla, roofed with
battleshields and adorned with many spears. It would be easy for
modern day women to get the feeling that Valhalla is completely
male oriented as depicted in the Hollywood Viking movies which
grossly distorts the reality of Valhalla as a bunch of wild male
warriors all carousing around a table drinking horns of mead with
mighty Wotan. Valhalla, stripped of its Hollywood and mythological
interpretations is simply a higher spiritual plain of existence than
lived out here in Midgard (earth), the lower realm of corporal flesh
and matter. When reading in books about warriors that are required
to prove themselves in battle before they can ever hope to enter
Valhalla, that too can become quite misleading. Not everyone is
expected to fight some epic heroic war on a bloody battlefield in
order to prove their worthiness into Valhalla. The battles can be of
a much different reality entirely. It might be as common as fighting
an illness or working hard to raise your family or a charitable act for
those in need, a life lived in honor and integrity or any number of
Right-Life actions. The object is to simply be valiant, fearless,
honorable and intelligent in all your actions, trials and tribulations
here in Midgard. As the basic Wotanist maxum goes: "DO RIGHT

Just as within both family and tribe, the feminine and masculine
must always find a perfect balance and when it comes to religion
it is no different. In Christianty, the Catholics retained much of
their pagan traditions because they understood that it was
necessary. Knowing that there must be both a male and female
polarity balance in a religion, they made their Virgin Mary essentially
into a convenient female goddess to counter the masculine Jesus
figure. The protestants on the other hand worship only the masculine
and go with the Semitic bible line that women are inferior to men and
must live only as servant to the male. Thus, the protestant religion
remains severely lopsided. Kahlil Gibran made this keen
observation about the saintly mother figure: "The most beautiful
word on the lips of mankind is the word "Mother", and the most
beautiful call is the call of "My Mother". It is a word full of hope
and love, a sweet and kind word coming from the depth of the
heart. The mother is every thing---she is our consolation in sorrow,
our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the
source of love, mercy, sympathy, and forgetfulness. He who loses
his mother loses a pure soul who blesses and guards him
constantly." The same holds true with the Mother goddess. The
world that we know is a mix of flowing male and female energies
and to deny one is to deny the unequivical universal law of polarity.

"Love is not what the conditioned human mind wants it to be,
but always what it really is. A false desire for love to be this or
that is like adding paint to a river in order to give color to a
waterfall. Love must be left alone by the mind; it must be
permitted to be exactly what it is. Love left alone, glows in all
its natural beauty." ..............Kahlil Gibran

Wotanism does not instill upon its people to conform to some ridged
priori dogma or harbor unnatural fears that should they stray too far
from divine law, that they will certainly burn in some horrid terrible
hell forever and ever! Nor does it burden anyone with the cruel and
highly un-natural idea that all humans are born sinners! As if a new
born baby is supposed to know the difference between right and
wrong! In Wotanism there are presented sound and practicle codes
of ethics which serve as suggestions, towards values and virtues
that can generate healthy and valiant character traits for one to live
by. These codes of ethics are handed down from our wise and
knowledgeable ancestors and correlate with the divine law of our
tribal ethnic gods. To force someone to conform to a teaching
through fear is highly un-natural and produces un-natural results.

"Our consciousness of the Absolute, is achieved progressively
as the mind moves through the three stages from art, to religion,
and finally to philosophy. Art provides "a sensuous semblance
of the Idea" by providing the mind with an object of sense. In
the object of art, the mind apprehends the Absolute as beauty.
The object of art, moreover, is the creation of Spirit and as such
contains some aspect of the Idea." .........Hegel

One will find infinite room for expression in art and beauty in both
Teutonic Wotanism and Celtic Druidism. The arts play an
extremely important role in any religion or folk community. The arts
serve to inspire and stimulate high ideals of love of beauty and
harmony while providing endless pleasure to its audience. Art
scholar F.W. Ruckstull (1925) made this salient comment on the
subject of art: "For art as nothing else, sets up rich ideals of mate
selection between man and woman. It teaches men and woman
what is and what is not beautiful, what to select and what to reject
in each other. And mate-selection between man and woman is the
supreme cause of racial glory and decline. Art absolutely creates
for us our ideals of human beauty and inner excellence. And our
ideals of beauty and inner excellence determine the basis of all
evolution, mate-selection. Beauty is thus Nature's flaming banner
of her own evolution. And if, as we have seen, ideals of physical
beauty can, through marriage selection, change the faces of men,
so can moral beauty, by the same process, change the minds and
hearts of men. Art is thus man's highest contribution to the
evolutionary process."

Wotanist's do not live in a vacumn self consumed as a tribe and
blind to the world at large. The future of all mankind, the planet and
all living creature's are a vital responsbility which cannot be ignored.
We may have inherited a world of discord but it does not have to
remain this way, in fact it cannot! The entire planet will not survive
very much longer unless the nations of the world work together to
make significant inroads for World Peace and Harmony among
ourselves and with the planet that we inhabit. If the planet dies all
of humanity dies with it! Harmony is the absense of discord and
discord is what is leading all of mankind and the planet to it's
certain death should we continue to ignore the obvious!

"Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise, from outward things,
whatever you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all,
where truth abides in fullness; and around, wall upon wall, the
gross flesh hems it in, this perfect clear perception----which
is truth. A baffling and perverting carnal mesh binds it, and
makes all error: and to know, rather consists in opening our
way whence the imprisoned splendour may escape, Than in
effecting entry for a light supposed to be without."
..................Robert Browning


Love has the strength, To lift the soul, The key, That is needed, To
make you whole. Love is not envy, Jealousy or fear, Love is that
goodness, We cherish so dear.

Love is not selfish, resentful or rude, Love is divine, It's a spiritual
food! True love is forever, It won't fade away, And it grows ever
stronger, Through each night, Through each day!

Love is not doubting, It is honor and trust! For love we will forfeit,
Our lives if we must! Love will bring hope, Will bring gladness and
bliss, Warmed with a hug, With a handshake or kiss!

Two lovers in love, Can create such a fire, Fueled by a passion,
And burning desire! Love goes just as deep, As love lifts you high,
Fills your dreams as you sleep, Steals your breath, Makes you

Love has a wealth, Far greater than gold! A value that is
priceless, Can't be bought! Can't be sold! It bridges the chasms,
Over heartache and sorrow, Turns darkness to light, Builds a
brighter tomorrow!

Without love, Life is empty, A pointless parade, Without love,
We are prisoners, Living out Man's charade! Should love enter
your heart, Give it all you can give! Embrace it! Don't ignore it!
Let it live! Let it live!
.....................Ron McVan


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