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Britain First : Paul Golding is a Police Informant

Information has been passed to the National British Resistance which suggests that Zionist Paul Golding of Britain First is in fact a paid police informant. .

L.A. Times Incites Hatred Against White Afrikaners in Re-Released Racist Article on ANC Anniversary

In the racist anti-Afrikaner L.A. Times article, White Couple Backs Reforms From Behind an Electric Fence, Scott Kraft, interviews the Afrikaner Van der Merwes family, who reside on a small holding some 30 kilometres outside Johannesburg. Kraft paints a picture of a racist family detached from an American neo-liberal notion of how one MUST think and act in 21st century South Africa.

Father beats non-white unconcious for molesting 11 year old son

The father called 911 around 1 a.m. after he walked in on the alleged abuse, police said. When officers arrived, they found Raymond Frolander motionless on the living room floor. He had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth..

Minority in your own country: Malmo ,Sweden

There is not just some big coincidence that many White countries across are becoming less and less White.

FDalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe, says immigrants should stay in their own countries

When the 13th Dalai Lama went to Italy last month, he was seeing the same thing happening to White Europeans, as is happening to Tibet – massive amounts of immigrants who are turning the native population into a minority.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Germany: Party leader demands Lenin's head

Gregor Gysi, the leader of the federal socialist Left party, has demanded that the 3.5-tonne head of Lenin be dug out of its wooded resting place for an exhibition on Berlin's memorial landmarks. 

Gysi told the daily Tagesspiegel that through the Soviet victory of the Second World War started by Germany, the legacies are shared.
"Therefore one cannot simply bury Lenin [in history]. He must be shown and grappled with," he told the paper. He planned on discussing the matter with Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit.
Lenin's head, carved from red Ukrainian granite, was to be the focus of the exhibition entitled "Unveiled: Berlin and its monuments". It is scheduled to open in Spring 2015 at the Spandau Citadelle in West Berlin.
The 19-metre tall statue of the first Soviet head of government once stood at Lenin Platz, which is now Berlin's Plaza of the United Nations. It was dismantled in 1992 following the collapse of the Soviet Union and its 129 pieces were buried in the Köpenick Forest on the capital's southeast fringes.
The city has maintained that it would not sponsor the excavation due to "technical and financial reasons, as well as in consideration to the preservation of the memorial."
Andrea Theissen, the organiser of the exhibition, hopes that Gysi's call to action will force the hand of the government in locating and uncovering the head.

The Local

Scotland: Hearts fan charged by police for ‘Nazi salute’

A HEARTS fan has been charged by police after being caught on live TV apparently performing a Nazi salute during the Edinburgh derby at Tynecastle.

The 21-year-old man was arrested and charged by police after allegedly making the gesture during the first half of the match against Hibs.
Liam Craig had just missed a penalty for Hibs when Sky cameras panned across the Hearts supporters and picked him out apparently making the Nazi salute.
It is understood that Hearts raised the alarm, and police worked with G4S security guards to approach him and take him into custody.
Police Scotland confirmed the man had been charged with making “offensive gestures” at this afternoon’s match and said he would appear in court at a later date.
In addition, officers made two arrests before the game and another person was arrested during the match.
A further two people were ejected from the stadium during the game, in which Hearts won 2-1.

Tomb Dating from the Time of Alexander the Great Found in Northern Greece

For the past two years archaeologists have been excavating a massive burial mound complex near the ancient city of Amphipolis in Greece’s northern Macedonia region. On Tuesday, the Greek prime minister visited the archaeological site 370 miles north of Athens and announced it to be an “extremely important” discovery dating from the era of Alexander the Great, which sparked speculation about whether one of Alexander’s military commanders or family members is buried inside.
Partial view of excavation site in Amphipolis, Greece (Credit: AP Photo/Alexander Michaliidis)
Partial view of excavation site in Amphipolis, Greece (Credit: AP Photo/Alexander Michaliidis)
After touring the Kasta Hill archaeological site with his wife and government officials, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told reporters, “It is clear that we stand before an extremely important finding.” According to Samaras, since archaeologists began their excavation work in 2012, they have unearthed a massive burial mound ringed by a 1,600-foot-long, 10-foot high circular wall constructed from white marble imported from the nearby island of Thassos. A broad, five-yard-wide road leads to the tomb entrance, which is guarded by two headless sphinxes. Marble decorations and frescoed walls adorn the tomb, which was partially destroyed during the Roman occupation of Greece but apparently has survived without looting for more than 2,000 years. Archaeologists believe the 16-foot-tall marble Lion of Amphipolis, which was discovered a few miles away in the bed of the Strymonas River in 1912, once crowned the massive grave.
Lead archaeologist Katerina Peristeri dates the burial tomb to between 325 B.C. and 300 B.C., in the era at the end of the reign of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian warrior-king who rose from the surrounding land of northeast Greece to establish an ancient empire that touched three continents and stretched from the Danube River to India. “It looks like the tomb of a prominent Macedonian of that era,” an official from the culture ministry told Reuters. The newly unearthed burial site is believed to be the largest ancient tomb ever discovered in Greece, dwarfing those of Macedonian royals, including Alexander’s father Philip II, buried more than 100 miles west of Amphipolis in the small town of Vergina.
Still unanswered is whose tomb it is. “Regarding the key question, the excavation will reveal the identity of the deceased,” Samaras said. “The tomb is definitely dated to the period following the death of Alexander the Great, but we cannot say who it belongs to,” Peristeri told Agence France-Presse.
"Lion of Amphipolis" statue, originally part of the tomb complex, which was discovered in 2012. (Credit: SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty Images)
"Lion of Amphipolis" statue, originally part of the tomb complex, which was discovered in 2012. (Credit: SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty Images)
The tomb is almost certainly not the resting spot of Alexander the Great, who died in Babylon, modern-day Iraq, in 323 B.C. He was believed to have been buried in Egypt after his corpse was stolen en route to his homeland by Ptolemy, one of his former generals. Some have speculated, however, that the Amphipolis tomb could have been originally constructed with the intention of holding Alexander’s body.
A more likely explanation is that the grand tomb was built for one of Alexander’s commanders or family members. The empire forged by Alexander quickly crumbled into warring factions following his death, and blood drenched Macedonia’s arid hills from the infighting. Amphipolis, a former Athenian colony conquered by Philip II in 357 B.C., did not escape the violence. It was there that Alexander’s wife, Roxana, and his son and rightful heir to the throne, 12-year-old Alexander IV, were murdered by Macedonian general Cassander in 311 B.C. It’s possible that the tomb was built for either or both of them.
Another theory is that the massive grave belonged to one of Alexander’s numerous generals and admirals who lived around Amphipolis. Lion monuments were often used to commemorate dead soldiers, and some have theorized that the Lion of Amphipolis once marked the grave of Laomedon of Mytilene, one of Alexander’s military commanders who governed Syria after the king’s death.
“The excavation will continue at a pace dictated by the finding as well as the scientific ethics,” the Greek prime minister announced, but archaeologists are hopeful to enter the tomb by the end of August to determine exactly who is buried inside. The archaeological work continues under heavy police guard.
“The land of Macedonia continues to move and surprise us, revealing its unique treasures, which combine to form the unique mosaic of Greek history of which all Greeks are very proud,” Samaras said. Archaeologists are hoping that the ancient ground of Macedonia holds at least one more surprise that will soon be revealed.
 via history.com

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Why You Might Be Seeing More Mosques in Ireland

Why you should care

The fastest-growing religion in Ireland is Islam, as the Emerald Isle welcomes Muslims and builds more mosques.
The landscape in Ireland is characterized by 40 shades of green, stone walls and Catholic churches — but in the coming years we’ll see more mosques peppering the country as well.
The Muslim population in the Republic of Ireland is still pretty small, comprising 1.1 percent of the 4.5 million people in the country, but Islam has become the fastest-growing religion in Ireland — in 1991 Muslims made up only 0.1 percent of Irish residents. In 2011, the Republic of Ireland’s Central Statistics Office reported there were about 49,000 Muslims, and a recent Pew Research Center analysis projects that by 2030 there will be 125,000.
If true, that would be an approximate increase in population of

155 percent in 19 years.

Which would be the largest percentage increase in Europe for Muslims. If the faith continues to grow at this rapid rate, Islam will eventually replace Protestantism as the second-most-popular religion in 2043, after Catholicism.
In 2011, Protestantism made up 5 percent of the population in the Republic of Ireland, compared to the 1.1 percent of Muslims. (All denominations of Protestantism — e.g., Church of Ireland and Presbytarian — are included in this figure.)
Why the increase in Muslims? The reason is a combination of immigration, population growth and conversion, although the last is only a small component of the growing faith.
That’s not to say discrimination does not exist, but there is a marked difference from that experienced in other countries in the EU.
The first wave of Muslims in Ireland came in the 1950s when students moved to the Emerald Isle to study medicine. Ireland’s economic boom in the 1990s and early 2000s also drew immigrants seeking work. The Atlantic reports that the majority of the Irish have been welcoming to Muslims, partly because early immigrants were students and professionals. Now that the number of refugees and asylum seekers is growing, a socioeconomic shift that could eventually lead to a rise in friction is occurring within the community.
For now, though, religious prejudice against Muslims is not the norm. A 2012 survey on discrimination in the European Union found that 79 percent of Irish people polled said religious discrimination was “rare” or “nonexistent” in their country. That’s not to say discrimination does not exist, but there is a marked difference from that experienced in other countries in the EU, such as France, Belgium and Sweden, where more than half of respondents said religious discrimination was widespread.
Next up for Muslims in Ireland: a giant mosque.
The Dublin City Council approved a new $50 million, three-story Islamic center in north Dublin in March 2013. The mosque, school and event space at the Clongriffin Center will be able to hold at least 3,000 people, making it the country’s largest mosque. While it initially met with approval, concerns over the development’s size led to an appeal; it is expected to measure about 60,000 square feet. However, project coordinator Abdel Hassib expects construction to begin late this year or in early 2015.
The overall emerging face of modern Ireland is changing: The 2011 census said 12 percent of residents were non-Irish nationals, up 143 percent from 2002. As immigration increases, it will be interesting to see the increasingly diversified country welcome religions like Islam. After all, four-leaf clovers are just as likely to grow outside of a mosque as a Catholic Church.

UKIP Rejects Donation from Dead, Racist, BNP Supporter – Will Give Cash to Anti-ISIS Charity

The UK Independence Party has today announced that it will refuse a donation from a deceased, UK terror convict who left the party nearly £30,000 in his will, Breitbart London can exclusively report.

The bequest, as found on the Electoral Commission's website, came from Allen Boyce, who was a British National Party (BNP) supporter, and who was convicted in 2006 of sending bomb-making instructions to BNP activist Terry Collins.
UKIP has a policy of refusing former BNP members, as well as British nationals who have been members of far right organisations such as the National Front, British Freedom Party, British People's Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party.
As such, the party will not be putting Boyce's money to use. UKIP has revealed to Breitbart London that the party intends to give the £28.416.84 to a charity helping Christians or Yazidi minorities who are currently suffering at the hands of ISIS in Kurdistan.
According to the BBC, Boyce was sentenced by Lewes Crown Court to serve two years in prison, and placed him under a two-year supervision order.
The move by UKIP will raise questions of other political parties who continue to accept donations from 'dodgy' sources. Earlier this summer, the Conservative Party was the focus of attention following their insistence on accepting a donation from oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin's government in Russia.
In 2009 the Liberal Democrats accepted £2.4m from one Michael Brown who was later convicted of fraud and sentenced to serve 7 years in prison.
The story was originally meant to be reported by the Mail on Sunday, tomorrow. But UKIP has acted quickly upon learning of Boyce's background.
Andrew Reid, UKIP's acting Treasurer told Breitbart London: "We are pleased that the Mail on Sunday has brought this to our attention and are horrified at the provenance of this money. To that end we will decide on which charity, either one helping those Christians and Yazidi suffering in Kurdistan and/or those who have been victims of racist and anti-Semitic abuse in this country".
UKIP's Head of Press Gawain Towler spoke exclusively to Breitbart London: "It will be good to give a racist's money to the victims of racism. At least in UKIP when a criminal's money is given to us, we refuse it".

Friday, 15 August 2014

More flyers against White genocide in Canada

About a week ago, flyers were posted through people’s mailboxes in Brampton, Canada warning people that “massive third world” immigration into Canada is “reducing White Canadians to a minority in their own country!!!”; those flyers linked to the website Immigration Watch Canada.
Just recently at York University, similar flyers have been spread about with the same message.
The flyer is titled “The Changing Demography of York University,” and says that if “mass third world immigration continues, Canadians will be reduced to a persecuted minority, not only at York, but in their own country!! It doesn’t have to be this way!!” reports thestar.com
Vice-president of York University’s student federation, Mithilen Mathipalan (the Black man in the photo), said “York is rich in diversity, and it celebrates that diversity, [...] No form of racism or oppression is welcome here.
These flyers again linked to Immigration Watch Canada, the group’s spokesman Dan Murray said his group did not authorize the use of that particular flyer at York.
It certainly seems like the Canadian government is trying it’s best to get rid of White Canadian; a whistle-blower reported that Canada’s border services agency is deliberately mismanaged to keep illegal immigrants inside the country for as long as possible.
Like many White countries, Canada is forced by it’s ruling class to have “diversity” and “multiculturalism” put on a pedestal, and worshiped like a god.
These ideologies of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are anti-White because they are used to turn White people in majority White countries – all over the world – into a minority.
This is as much genocide as round up White people and shooting us. Genocide is not “the means”, it is “the ends” – and the fact is, open borders, mass non-White immigration, and forced diversity are turning White people into a minority. via WGP

Dutch hooligans shout 'Allah your mother is a whore'


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