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JEWISH Media BE DAMNED! -- Shocking Proof that Whites -- NOT BLACKS -- are far more likey to Be Shot by Police!

The above is a chart right out of 2011 annual firearms discharge report by the largest police department in America showing that although Whites are only about 5 percent of criminals and only about 3 percent of identified criminal shooters of firearms, they constitute 44 percent of those shot to death by the police in NY city, while blacks who are over 70 percent of violent criminals are only 22 percent of those shot to death by police. .

Denmark: Far-Right Ethno-Nationalist Party in FIRST PLACE!

For the first time ever, the far-right Danish People's Party (DF) has come out of an opinion poll as the nation's largest party.

Alois Brunner, the world's most wanted Nazi died in Syria

Over the weekend, the death of Alois Brunner, the world's most wanted Nazi, was all but confirmed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Brunner, who was the top aide to "Final Solution" architect Adolf Eichmann, is thought to have died four years ago in Syria, where he lived for decades after sending nearly 130,000 Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II.


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”

Man against time

How do I soothe this lions heart? How do I quench my rage? I'm a man out of time in a valorless world, I'm a tiger in a cage! The gray men with their lunch pails, live out life as a working drone, they toil and sweat and in the end they get, old age and the nursing home!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Endgame - Full White Genocide documentary

Greece election: Neo-Nazi party still vocal despite its leaders being in jail

It’s doubtful whether the rally’s organisers intended the analogy, but the sight of rows of people staring at an empty stage and breaking into chants in response to the slightly muffled, staccato voice blaring out from the loudspeakers made it difficult not to compare the scene with something from a dystopian George Orwell novel.
The crowd, gathered in a hotel in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, had already stood to attention before the floor was handed over to the man they call the “leader”, Nikos Michaloliakos.
And by the time Golden Dawn’s imprisoned boss had finished his speech 20 minutes later, most of them were still on their feet.


Along with half of his party’s MPs, Michaloliakos has been in custody since late September 2013, pending trial for forming and running a criminal organisation. His arrest followed a crackdown on the neo-Nazi party triggered by the murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a party member.
Golden Dawn will become the country’s third political force in the elections on January 25th,” Michaloliakos told the rally over the phone from his Athens prison cell.
Lashing out at the government and the election favourite Syriza party, he claimed his party was the target of a “political conspiracy”.
Unlike the two election campaigns in 2012, when the party’s spokesman assaulted a woman opponent on live television, Golden Dawn is barely visible in this contest – although like all contestants it does enjoy allocated slots for party political broadcasts on all TV channels.

Party support

The prosecution of its leadership and the reduced media exposure, however, have barely dented the party’s support.
“Golden Dawn has maintained much of its popularity because unfortunately none of the political reasons that led people to vote for them has disappeared,” says journalist Dimitris Psarras, an expert on the party.
Greece has experienced not only an economic crisis but a universal collapse of the political system, where large segments of the population no longer trust the media or democratic institutions such as the justice system.”
A survey published on Wednesday put Golden Dawn in fourth place, on 4.6 per cent. Given the reluctance of voters to admit to supporting the party, many expect it to perform better on election day, as happened in the European Parliament elections, when it won 9.4 per cent and had three MEPs elected.


“If you consider that the right-wing element that votes Golden Dawn is already prone to conspiracy theories and the belief that Greece is surrounded by enemies, it is very easy for them to view the prosecution as politically motivated,” says Psarras, who believes the evidence against the Golden Dawn leadership is more than enough to convict them.“Golden Dawn’s violent activities were directed by a core of a few hundred members, organised like a militia. So when the ‘leader’ and the hierarchy were jailed, there was a dramatic decrease in night-time attacks and assaults on migrants,” he says, underlining that this demonstrates the importance of treating the party as a criminal organisation.

Story source Irish times

Monday, 26 January 2015

Dr. Duke discusses BBC article on “over-representation of Jewish interests” in Britain

JANUARY 26, 2015 AT 11:56 AM

Dr. David Duke discusses a recent article from the BBC’s on-line service which poses the question “Are Jews and ‘Jewish Interests’ overrepresented in government?” The article points out that in Britain there are eight times as many Jews in the Parliament as one would expect based on their population. Of course, even the non-Jewish politicians are often very willing puppets, and Dr. Duke points out that the string pullers in the media and in finance are even more likely to be Jewish. The head of the BBC, the tax-payer finance national broadcaster of what was once the leading European nation, is a Jew by the name of Danny Cohen. Cohen, who took over the BBC while still in his thirties, was the benefactor of Jewish privilege which allows for such meteoric careers for “brilliant” young Jews who lack what would otherwise be considered the prerequisite qualifications or experience.

BBC head Danny Cohen
Dr. Duke also discusses the importance of living a life of meaning that extends beyond oneself, and how participation in the struggle for freedom of one’s people and all of humanity can provide such meaning.
He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who notes the significance of the BBC article being published just a week after Jim Clancy was fired from CNN for having a tweeting dispute with Jewish activists and the same month as the obvious hypocrisies and double standards surrounding the Charlie Hebdo affair. They then discuss the fact that leading countries like the U.S., Britain, France, and Argentina have all current or recent Jewish heads of their foreign affairs ministries.
This is a powerful show with vital information that you will want to share with your friends and relatives. And go to DavidDuke.com and support this incredible “Human Freedom Radio.”
Click here and look for the show dated 01-26-15.

Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern and 4am Eastern time.

[Video] Muslim-Only Sharia controlled zones in America – Find out where they are

Muslim-Only Sharia controlled zone in America as well.
Footages show Muslim Jihadists trained for war in America.
New Muslim-only sharia controlled zones, Funded by Pakistani, are popping up everywhere in America. 22 villages in 9 states have already established, Viral Buzz reported.
Find out where they are

Council worker suspended over 'kick Islam out of Britain' Facebook post

Dave Balderstone has been suspended from his job with Manchester council for posting an Islamophobic comment on Facebook
A town hall worker has been suspended after posting an Islamophobic comment on Facebook.
Dave Balderstone, 46, replied to a British National Party post with the message: ‘Kick Islam out of Britain - we need our country back.’
Manchester council bosses took action last week after a member of the public contacted the M.E.N. in disgust.
Mr Balderstone, of Manley Road, Chorlton, has now been suspended from his position as an IT support technician while the post is investigated.
The BNP message to which he replied earlier this month was set against the background of a Union Jack and read: ‘Isn’t it weird that in Britain our flag offends so many people, yet our benefits don’t...’
Mr Balderstone also replied to a BNP post about mass immigration in October, writing: ‘Taxpayers picking up the bill as usual and we are being treated like s***’.
It is unclear whether he is a party member.
Among the ‘favourite quotes’ listed on his Facebook is the line: ‘Don’t slag anybody off until you know you will get away with it.’
Since being suspended from the council he has changed his job status on Facebook to ‘self-employed - bog cleaner’.
When approached by the M.E.N. he said he was ‘shocked’ by what had happened but did not wish to comment further.
The council’s social media protocol, which was updated in the autumn, says that even on private accounts staff should not post anything that breaches the employee code of conduct.
That states workers should have respect for others, should not do anything that will bring the authority into disrepute and should not discriminate on racial grounds.
Serious breaches of the social media guidelines could result in sacking or even legal action or prosecution.
A council spokesman said: “We expect the highest standards of conduct from our employees and view this matter extremely seriously.
“The employee concerned has been suspended pending investigation.
“Although we have not received a complaint from the member of the public who contacted the MEN, we are investigating this matter further under the council’s disciplinary procedure based on the information which the MEN has provided.”

Source: Manchester Evening

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Denmark sees asylum numbers double in 2014

The 14,815 people who sought asylum in Denmark last year is nearly double the number from the year before and an almost fourfold increase from 2009. 

The number of refugees seeking asylum in Denmark nearly doubled in 2014, newly-released figures from the Danish Immigration Service (Udl├Žndingestyrelsen - DIS) show. 
A total of 14,815 people sought asylum in 2014. Although the final number ended up significantly below the government’s estimate of 20,000, it is still nearly double the number from 2013, when 7,557 asylum seekers made their way to Denmark. 
The 2014 numbers represent a nearly fourfold increase over 2009, when just 3,855 asylum seekers came to the country. 
Nearly half of all the asylum seekers in 2014 came from war-torn Syria. The 7,185 Syrians who sought asylum in Denmark were more than three times larger than the next biggest group: 2,293 Eritreans. 
The number of refugees seeking and receiving asylum in Denmark was a dominant topic among the nation’s politicians and media throughout much of 2014.  
In September, the government announced that it would introduce a new, temporary type of residence permit for asylum seekers fleeing civil wars such as the Syrian conflict after a huge surge in the number of applications. Two weeks later, that was followed by the introduction of new restrictions on the ability of refugees to have their family members join them in Denmark. Those restrictions were criticised by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and a long line of human rights organisations.
Denmark also controversially announced that it would tighten restrictions on Eritrean asylum seekers. After the number of Eritrean refugees spiked over the summer, the justice minister called on DIS to carry out a ‘fact-finding’ mission, the results of which were so heavily criticised that the government ultimately had to admit that it had “doubts” about the report and that Eritreans can expect to be "granted asylum in many cases".
While the government was making it more difficult for refugees to get asylum in Denmark, opposition parties wanted to go even further, suggesting that asylum seekers should receive worse conditions or simply be sent back to where they came from
All of the asylum talk seemed to have a negative impact on the Danish people. One poll from December showed that 44 percent of Danes are sometimes “ashamed” by the national debate on immigration and foreigners while another showed that 51 percent of Danes think that the debate over asylum seekers has gone too far. 
Denmark’s integration minister, Manu Sareen, said the results of the polls should serve as a wake-up call. 
“We – especially those of us here in Christiansborg – should sometimes stop and think about how we talk about people. Words create realities and that means that we as politicians have a responsibility,” Sareen told Berlingske at the time. 
Of the 14,815 refugees who sought asylum in Denmark last year, 6,110 of them were granted refugee status. That 41 percent approval rate was lower than the 51 percent who were granted asylum in 2013. 
Denmark’s costs for housing refugees in 2014 is expected to be 9.2 billion kroner ($1.4 billion), a near doubling of the 4.7 billion kroner asylum costs in 2013.

Sweden's first LGBT pool makes a loud splash

The first swimming pool in Sweden designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is making waves in the Swedish media, ahead of its official opening next week.
The public swimming pool, which is in the suburb of Sundbyberg, has created new changing rooms with individual cubicles, designed to be used by Stockholm's gay and transgender community.
The area will also be open to disabled people who would prefer more privacy, or who want to take carers of different genders into the cubicles with them to help them change. Members of religious groups who would prefer to change without being seen by others are also welcome in the new zone.
The swimming pool will retain its other two changing areas for men and women, where gay people can also choose to change if they prefer.
"We did this because we wanted to be inclusive for everyone," Fredrik Richard, a press spokesman for the local council in Sundbyberg told The Local on Friday.
"People do not always feel comfortable visiting swimming pools and sport places and we hope this will give people more choice. This is the first sports building like this in Sweden and we are pleased we have had a lot of attention from SVT [Sweden's national public broadcaster] and major newspapers."
He said he was not aware of any other similar initiatives by local councils in Sweden or elsewhere in the world.
Sweden already has a global reputation for tolerance and gender equality and some secondary schools already include a third changing area for people who do not wish to use traditional segregated areas.
The country also recently formally recognized a new word 'hen', which is a gender-neutral pronoun that can be used to describe transgender people and others who do not wish to be classified according to their sex. 'Han' and 'hon' are the Swedish words for 'he' and 'she'.
Sundbyberg's swimming pool has been formally certified as LBGT-friendly by RFSL, Sweden's national association for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Founded in 1950, it is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the world.
"The most important thing is that all people who want to, are able to come here and swim," Isander Freiman from RFSL told Swedish broadcaster SVT on Thursday.
She is among those who have helped train staff at the pool, to make them better aware of the needs and concerns of the LBGT community and described the pool's opening as "an incredibly important" moment.
"I hope that the rest of Sweden will follow," she added.
"I've learned a lot myself - about how I can behave more like a human being and provide better treatment in some ways that I didn't think of before," the swimming pool's manager Mikael Eljenmyr told SVT.

Inside the swimming pool. Photo: Sundbyberg Stad
Sundbyberg has already hit the headlines in Sweden for opening an RFSL-approved library designed with Stockholm's gay and transgender community in mind.
The suburb's Social Democrat Mayor Jonas Nygren has spoken about a desire to develop even more facilities that promote diversity.
"The next step is to see how we can make our preschool, elderly care and schools...more inclusive and more open," he told SVT.
The new changing rooms will formally open to the public on Friday January 30th.


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