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Indo-European pantheon

In all a phenomenological variety of mythological images of pantheons of Barbarous Europe (and is wider - the Indo-European pantheon) it is possible to isolate the invariant base types, making initial structural nucleus, each of which has one of five functions selected by the author. .

- This is Europa - Gruner See, Styria(AUSTRIA): A Park That Turns Into a Lake in Summer

Grüner See, literally “Green Lake”, is a lake in Styria, Austria, near the town of Tragoss, located at the foot of the snow-capped Hochschwab mountains. During winter, the lake is only 1–2 meter deep and the surrounding area is used as a county park. It is a particular favourite site for hikers.

US: Where the White People Live

Last summer, the Michigan town of Grosse Pointe Park erected a farmer's market in the middle of one of the few remaining streets that allowed cars to pass between the tony suburb and the urban Detroit neighborhoods at its border..


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”


The chief of firemen stands in front of a blazing house. A sobbing woman says her child is still in there. She implores him to send a fireman into the inferno to save her child.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Banned Occult Secrets of the Vril Society

After World War II and the subsequent occupation of Germany, Allied military commanders were stunned to discover the penetrating depth of the Nazi regime’s closely guarded state secrets.
The world’s best intelligence organization was not the least of these revelations. Also discovered were massive and meticulous research file on secret societies, metaphysics, genetics, alternative energy, and other scientific pursuits that boggled the imagination of the Allied command.
Even more spectacular was an entire web of underground rocket and flying saucer factories with an accompanying free-energy technology that still defies ordinary beliefs.
Missing U-boat fleets possessing the most advanced submarine technology in the world left many wondering if the Nazis had escaped with yet more secrets or even with Hitler himself.

Behind all of these mysteries was an even deeper element: a secret order known to initiates as the Order of the Black Sun, an organization so feared that it is now illegal to even print their symbols and insignia in modern Germany.

It's roots stem from The Vril Society that began around the same time as the Thule Society, when Karl Haushofer founded the "Bruder des Lichts", which means Brothers of the Light, sometimes referred to as the Luminous Lodge.
Whereas the Thule Society ended up focusing primarily upon materialistic and political agendas, the Vril Society put its attention on the "Other Side." This group was eventually renamed the Vril-Gesellschaft as it rose in prominence and united three major societies:
- The Lords of the Black Stone, (Teutonic Order)
- The Black Knights, of the Thule Society
- The Black Sun, the elite branch of the SS

When the German secret societies came into being after World War One, the world’s leading authorities on archeology and linguistics, especially regarding ancient Sumer and Babylon, were primarily German.
A local medium named Maria Orisc began getting messages in an unknown language and couldn’t transcribe them, so began meeting with key members of these societies, along with other mediums. 

The messages supposedly came from the star sytem of Aldebaran, an orange giant located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus, which they believed has two planets which form the ’Sumeran Empire’.

In the Sumeran empire were said to exist two classes of people - the Aryan or original "pure" race, and a subservient race which had devolved, or developed in a negative fashion, as a result of mutation from climatic changes likely due to nuclear fallout. From Peter Moon's book The Black Sun:
"A half billion years ago, the Aryans (known as the Elohim or Elder Race) began to colonize our solar system as Aldebaran’s became uninhabitable. Marduk, existing in what is today the asteroid belt , was the first to be colonized, then Mars. When they came to Earth, these Aryans were known as the Sumerians."

Here is a more detailed summary of messages the Vril medium had received over the years and which formed the basis for all further actions by the Vril-Gesellschaft, compiled by author Jan van Helsing. This material is not science fiction, but represents truly what was going on in the Inner Core of Thule and Vril. It should be emphasized to the reader that even if you don’t believe a word of this, it’s irrelevant. They believed it and they built at least two very complicated secret societies around it - and these societies became quite powerful and influential:

The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN. The population of the Aldebaran system is divided into the original "pure" race of people (Aryans) and several other human races that had devolved by genetic mutation from the parent population because of climatic changes brought about by nuclear war upon the planets.

The more the races intermixed, the lower the spiritual development of these people collectively sank, which led to the situation that when the sun Aldebaran began expanding they could no longer maintain the space travel technology of their forefathers and could not leave the planets by their own means. 
 The genetically degraded races, totally dependent upon the master race, had to be evacuated and were brought to other inhabitable planets. They colonized our solar system, starting with the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk or Phaeton among Russians) that existed at that time between Mars and Jupiter, now occupied by the asteroid belt 
Despite their physical and cultural differences, all the races respected one another and did not interfere with each other, neither the so-called genetically "pure" people nor the mutated hybrid races. Each respected that the others just made their own developments [in contrast to what happens on Earth].

Members of the Vril Society believed that Aldebaranians landed on Earth following global cataclysms, when the planet became slowly habitable again in the region of Mesopotamia.  Re-establishing civilization they formed the dominant ruling nobility of the Sumerians and various other early societies, governing through an elite bloodline and segregated caste system; interracial inter-breeding (mixing blood) was strictly taboo.

The mediums were said to have had also received precise information about the civilizations on the inhabited planets situated around the sun Aldebaran and a 'one way' trip was scheduled to depart towards the Pleiades to re-unite.  
According to volkisch (folk) beliefs, Aryans had created a high civilization which existed eons ago and was destroyed by – and here the mythology is hazy – either the melting of the ice at the end of the last ice age (12,000 years ago), or the onset of the ice age.
The original home of the Aryans was Thule, at the northernmost reaches of the Earth. That warm country was flooded and iced over, with the advanced race finding underground sanctuary in massive subterranean caverns.
The melting occurred during the final years of the Pleistocene, from approximately 110,000 to 12,000 years ago. During this period, there were several changes between glacier advance and retreat.
The maximum extent of glaciation within this last glacial period was approximately 22,000 years ago, when sea levels were 400 feet lower world-wide.
The "weather branch" of the Nazi Ahnenerbe (archeological research) headed by Dr. Hans Scultetus, was concentrating on weather forecasts resting on the world-ice cosmology. The Ahnenerbe’s forecasts took place over many millenia.
Scultetus was interested in the big picture, in knowing how the weather would change over the long term. He wanted to know how the weather on Earth would change when the Sun goddess, to use the volkisch analogy, shifted her attention and her golden rays from Earth to that other planet which deserved it more – Mars.
The Nazis believed that the ice at the poles represents the Earth’s original state, not its wintry death. The Fire and Ice theory held that it was the Flood, not the ice, that signified the Earth’s Last Days. It was an age of evil, and the New Age to be brought in would restore the golden age.
In the meantime, if the Nazis couldn’t prevail, they would take their blood to Mars, which, according to volkisch belief, was the home of mankind before Earth. Mars was a kind of Thule taken to planetary extremes.
The name Thule, or ‘Ultima Thule’, refers to the capital of the legendary polar country Hyperborea, which also reputedly stood at the portal of the ‘Hollow Earth’. Traditionally, the Hyperboreans were in contact with extraterrestrials or ‘alien cultures’, and participated in interbreeding.
In common with the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis, the Hyperboreans engaged in war with neighboring civilizations. This escalated into the use of atomic weapons, resulting in a pyrrhic victory for the Hyperboreans, who, as well as defeating their enemies, virtually destroyed themselves in the process.

The surviving Hyperboreans were soon faced with the prospect of mutated and otherwise radiation damaged offspring. Showing remarkable resolve, those who had not sustained any apparent genetic damage, banded together and effectively removed themselves from the gene pool by relocating underground, a variety of self imposed quarantine. 
On the surface, a branch of the descendants of this seminal ‘Mother Aryan race’ were the proto-Indo-Europeans/Iranians who, like the ripples on a pond, spread out, colonizing various northern areas of the planet after the Deluge, spreading their agricultural civilization and universally recognized symbol (卐) .

Scots, (original) Basques, Scandinavians, (original) Guanches, (original) Berbers, Icelanders, (original) Ainu of Japan, (original) Iranian/Indian ruling class, (original) Chinese of the Gobi desert, (original) Tibetans, Caucasoid Pharaohs of Egypt, proto-Greeks, certain native American, Mesoamerican, and South American tribes; the nobility that established and governed all of these civilizations were of Aryan origin.
These disparate nationalities share linguistic patterns, have mythological similarities, and poses at least one common genetic trait; a large percentage of RH-negative blood types. According to the beliefs of the Thule society, a blood characteristic of the Hyperboreans and their extraterrestrial associates.
Other races and peoples who posses a rhesus monkey positive blood type (over 80% of the world population) were considered to have gradually become racially impure, as rhesus monkey positive blood (RH+) was thought to be contaminated by generations of contact with the simian-hybridized strands of human DNA. 
Much like the Nazi party's use of race as a political tool to promote their right-wing ideology, so too does modern post-WW2 governments - through academia and media - use the issue of race as a political tool to further establish their globalist Marxist agenda.
It is not socially acceptable to attempt to explain human anomalies that do not fit the prevailing "out-of-Africa" model, such as origins of RH negative blood-type.
Many indoctrinated anthropologists, elected politicians, working celebrities, and other unqualified media "news" personalities unanimously insist that there is no such thing as race. The hostility and intolerance shown towards opposing theories backed by scientific evidence is truly ironic.
Unfounded accusations of racism have become common as the prevailing Darwinian inspired theory is constantly being challenged by the growing mountain of conflicting scientific evidence, especially in the evolving field of genetics.
It is now scientifically irrefutable fact that the "human species" has been found to contain a substantial quantity of DNA (at least 20%) from other hominid populations not classified as Homo sapien; such as Neanderthal, Denisovan, African archaic, Homo erectus, and now possibly even "Hobbit" (Homo floresiensis).
If not given drugs to prevent infant death, the pregnant body of a rhesus negative mother will attack, try to reject, and even kill her own offspring if it is by a rhesus positive man. 
The Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a sub-species of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), and they  produce hybrids.
There are numerous other examples of where two separate species (for example with different numbers of chromosomes) can also produce viable offspring, yet are considered separate species. That said, humanity has been shown to be, genetically speaking, a hybrid species that did not all share the same hunter-gatherer ancestry in Africa.
Recent sequencing of ancient genomes suggests that interbreeding went on between the members of several ancient human-like groups more than 30,000 years ago, including an as-yet unknown human ancestor. "there were many hominid populations,” says Mark Thomas, evolutionary geneticist at University College London. 
Recent genetic studies are touting shocking headlines about how ancient humans 'rampantly interbred' and indulged in inter-species interracial sex with multiple mystery sub-races in a "Lord Of The Rings"-style world of different creatures, including mystery DNA - neither human nor Neanderthal, not yet identified.
After WW2, the Aryan utopia of a Thule paradise was completely abolished, replaced by an egalitarian utopia promoting a mythical sub-Saharan cradle of civilization, promoted globally with funding by the UN. The "out of Africa" hypothesis backed by the united nations was universally adopted, often times enthusiastically celebrated, and treated as religious dogma in Universities that currently enjoy public federal or state funding and tax exempt status.
It is correctly said that history is always written by the winners, but history is not the only field to have been politically influenced by the victors of the second world war. Many 'conspiracy theorists' claim that there is ongoing technology suppression in the field of free-energy, and that much of the UFO phenomenon, specifically the area of propulsion, is not really as "unidentified" as it is made out to be. An example is the physics behind Die Glocke (German for “The Bell”), a top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe.
The NAZI Bell is described as being a device made out of a hard, heavy metal approximately nine feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high, having a shape similar to that of a large bell.
This device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be filled with a mercury-like substance, said to be violet in color, code-named “Xerum 525” and cautiously stored in a  thermos flask a meter high encased in lead.
This Die Glocke was further described as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed NAZI scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.
The ruins of a concrete framework, dubbed “The Henge”, in the vicinity of the Wenceslas mine (50°37′43″N 16°29′40″E) may have once served as a test rig for an experiment in “anti-gravity propulsion” generated with Die Glocke.
Claims have been made by some that the device was considered so important to Hitler that he ordered 60 scientists killed that worked on the project just to guard the technology. Others have speculated that The Nazi Bell was moved, along with other advanced saucer-type craft, to the US as part of a deal made with SS General Hans Kammler, or possibly even ended up in Nazi-friendly South American country like Argentina.
In the 1930's, Nazis exploring the southern extremities of the globe set up a base (called base-211) in Antarctica. You may have heard of Operation Highjump and how Admiral Byrd had an altercation with entrenched German forces that overpowered them with amazing flying craft. A map from the Third Reich (obtained by Russian forces during WW2) has recently surfaced detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-boats to access this subterranean domain, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Agartha!
After the Soviet collapse in 1991, the KGB released previously classified files that cast light on the mysterious US led Naval expedition to Antarctica in 1947.
The intelligence report, gathered from Soviet KGB spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition led by Admiral Byrd to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base.
On the way, they encountered and were defeated by a German saucer force that destroyed several ships and planes, forcing the US to retreat and implement a media cover-up lasting up until today.
Officially called “The United States Navy Antarctic Development Program,” the naval component of Operation Highjump was comprised of 4700 military personnel, an aircraft carrier (the USS Philippine Sea among the largest of all carriers of the time), and a number of naval support ships and aircraft.
The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar explore Admiral Richard Byrd, who had been ordered to:
“to consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent. To establish Little America”
Byrd’s expedition ended after only 8 weeks with “many fatalities” according to initial news reports based on interviews with crew members who spoke to the press while passing through Chilean ports.
Rather than deny the heavy casualty reports, Admiral Byrd revealed in an interview that they had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”
Admiral Byrd’s statements were published in the Chilean Press but never publicly confirmed by US authorities. Indeed Byrd did not speak again to the Press about Operation Highjump, leaving it for researchers to speculate for decades over what really happened, and why Byrd was silenced.

Indeed, Operation Highjump had suffered “many casualties” as stated in initial press reports from Chile, which may have ended up exposing the first known historical incident involving a battle between US naval forces and an unknown UFO force stationed near Antarctica.
It is a historical fact that Nazi Germany devoted significant resources to the exploration of Antarctica, and established a prewar presence there with its first mission in the Antarctic summer of 1938/1939.

According to a statement by Grand Admiral Donitz in 1943, “the German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer, in another part of the world, a Shangri-La land, an impregnable fortress."
If the fortress was in Antarctica, was it built by the Nazis, or discovered there? After the defeat of Nazi Germany, according various sources, elite Nazi scientists and leaders escaped to this impregnable fortress by Uboats, two of which experienced difficulties and surrendered in Argentina.
Source: Atlanten Gardens

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Serbian government bans anti-mass immigration protests, and plans ahead for mass immigration

Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Interior Minister said protesters who are concerned about “an EU plan” to settle thousands of illegal immigrants into the country, will not be allowed to voice their concerns in a protest march on Monday, 31st of August.

We will not allow the expression of intolerance and hatred to be something that is characteristic of Serbiasaid Stefanovic.

The Ministry of Interior will not allow any meetings against migrants and people passing through Serbia, who were forced to do so because of difficult conditions or war in their country.

Meanwhile, another Serbian government official has suggested that illegal immigrants be encouraged to stay in Serbia.

We should consider offering them [illegal immigrants] to stay in parts of Serbia that are empty“, Brankica Jankovic, Serbia’s Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, said on Serbian TV.

A selection should be made, a detailed security screening.

Jankovic also remarked on the protest being cancelled:

Intolerance, xenophobia and racism must be broadly condemned by all relevant factors in Serbia, not only by individuals,” she said.

What you will notice is that they never say WHY what you say is wrong; they just scream words at you and try to stop you from talking – just like Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently tried to do to protesters in Germany.

In Europe, there are a quite a few politicians who hate the native population (White people), and are very vocal in their demands to turn Europe into a mix of generic third-world countries.

These anti-Whites want as many immigrants as possible – legal and illegal, and to get the illegal immigrants they are just “repackaging” them as refugees who are fleeing a war.

But this is silly – people who pass through several safe countries so they can go to a rich country, are clearly not genuine refugees.

This agenda to make Europe more “diverse” (and also, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), is all about getting rid of White areas. According to international law, that is White Genocide.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

List of Jews who were involved in the break-up of Yugoslavia and the bombing of Serbia

GEORGE SOROS USA Quantum Fund "Open Society" Lawrence Eagleburger, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State
Warren Zimmerman, former US ambassador to Yugoslavia
Madeleine ALBRIGHT US Secretary of State
Richard Holbrooke as the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
ALFRED (AL) The US Vice President
WILLIAM COHEN US Secretary of Defense
SAMUEL BERGER US National Security Adviser
JAMES RUBIN spokesman for the US State Department
YBIGNEW BRYEYINSKI Former US National Security Advisor
Anthony Lake USA Former Chief Advisor to find. security
WARREN CHRISTOPHER US Former Secretary of State
PETER GALBRIGHT USA Former US Ambassador to BiH
By Robert Gelbard, the US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
JACQUES KLEIN US Administrator of the UN Sremska baraljsku area
John Kornblum US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
REGINALD BARTHOLOMEW US envoy for the former Yugoslavia
RICHARD Kauzlarich US Ambassador to BiH
STUART EINSENSTAT Former US Assistant State sec. Safety
Stephen Oxman Former US Assistant State sec. for Europe
RICHARD Schifer US Ambassador to Israel, envoy for the PI.
IRA Magaziner now former Chief Security Advisor
MARAK Goulding US Under Secretary of the United Nations
Jeffry Sax US Creator of the economic program for Eastern Euro.
MAURICE Goldsteen US Institute for International Economics
US Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, demanded the bombing of the Serbs
ROBERT Frowick US Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH
TIM GOULDIMAN US Mission to the OSCE in Croatia
David Bornstein US spokesman SFOR in BiH
US Congressman Tom Lantos, always against Serbs
PETER Tarnoff US Assistant State sec. Political issues
KATTY Marthon US President Organisation for Media Freedom
US journalist Roy Gutman, received a Pulitzer Prize for lies about Serbs
DAVID KAPLAN US correspondent of ABC News from BiH
LARRY KING CNN US Famed manager
Wolff Blitzer US reporter CNN
Peter Ustinov US famous actor, said, "The Serbs are retarded"
Steven Spielberg USA famous director and Srbomrzitelj
Wesley Clark US NATO general, a war criminal
Malcolm Rifkind Kingdom Former Defense Minister
GERALD KAUFMAN Kingdom member of Blair's Labour Party
NIGEL LAWSON Kingdom Former Minister of Finance
DAVID HUNT Kingdom Commission for Combating Anti-Semitism
Sir Leon Britten Kingdom President GATT Commission
SIR ALFRED SHERMAN Kingdom Former advisor to Margaret Thatcher
PETER Mendelsohn Kingdom Blair associate, Minister of Trade
David Hanney Kingdom British Ambassador to the UN
Nora Beloff Kingdom Observer correspondent
MAURICE SAATCHI Kingdom organizer of the student protests in BG '97.
Carlos Westendorp of Spain Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
JORGE SAMPAIO President of Portugal Portugal
Richard Goldstone J. Africa Former President of the Hague Tribunal
Bronislaw Geremek, Poland Administrator OSCE
GIANI DE MICHELLIS Italy Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
RUPERT MURDOCH Austral. Media magnate
James Wolfensohn Austral. World Bank President
EUGEN Lánska Czech Vice-President of the Czech Republic
HENRY WEINNANS Netherlands Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Petre Roman Romania former prime minister, leader of the Democratic Party
GYORGY KONRAD Hungary President of the World PEN Club
EDGAR BROMFMAN Canada President of the World Jewish Congress
SIMON Wiesental Austria "Nazi hunter"
TEDDY KOLEK Israel mayor of Jerusalem, a hater of Serbs
SIMONE WAIL Franc. Former predsdnica European Parliament
ROBERT BADINTEUR Franc. The president of the famous "Badinter Commission"
Bernard-Henry Levy Franc. Philosopher, leader of the group srbomrzitelja
Andre Glucksman Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
Jacques Derrida Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
Alain Finkielkraut Franc. A philosopher, a member of the group of philosophers Levi
LORAIN Fabius Franc. Former Prime Minister
Tansu Çiller, Turkey Former Prime Minister
DANIEL COHN-BENDIT Franc. The leader of the student protest in in 1968.
GABY GLUMAN Sweden President of the Swedish PEN Club
JACQUES ATALLY Franc. The President. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Rick Salutin Canada writer, participant of the student protests in BG '97.
Josef "Joschka" Fisher Germany's Foreign Minister
HELMUTH KOHL Germany Former German Chancellor
Freimut Duwe Germany OSCE envoy for press freedom
LUC LEVY Franc. Director of the French Cultural Centre in Belgrade
Bernard Kushner Franc. Srbomrzitelj, always with the enemies of the Serbs
JACK LANG Franc. Former Minister of Culture
LAYAR MOJSOV Macedonia, senior official of the former Yugoslavia
MICHAEL FRIDMAN Germany Advisor to former Chancellor Kohl
ISRAEL KELMAN Austria owns 51% of marauding Dafiment
MARGARET KOCH Switzerland President of the Swiss Confederation
Boris Yeltsin, Russia Former predsednk Russia
Go Juve Gaidar, Russia Bovše Prime Minister
ANDREY KOYIREV Russia Former Foreign Minister
SERGEY KIRIENKO Russia Former Prime Minister (1998)
Yevgeni Primakov, Russia Former Prime Minister (1999)
ALFRED KOCH Russia Former Deputy Prime Minister (until 1997)
ANTHOLY Chubais, Russia The former Yeltsin adviser
GENADI Burbulis Russia Former Minister of Finance (with Gaidar)
VLADIMIR ZYRINOVSKY Russia leader, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
Grigory Yavlinsky The leader of Russia bloc Yabloko (center party)
Michael Zadornov Russian Federation Minister of Finance (with Primakov)
Sergei Stepashin Russian Interior Minister
Sergei Lavrov, Russia Russian Ambassador to the United Nations
Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, the media magnate
BORIS NIEMTSOV Russia ramenik Former Prime Minister Kirienko
ALEXANDER RUTSKOY Russia leader rebellion in the Russian parliament
PETER AVEN Russia Former Minister of Foreign Trade
MICHAEL FRIDMAN Russian banker, with co-Aven Alfa Bank
Vladimir Gusinsky Russian media magnate, Perdue. Russian Jewish Kong.
ALEXANDER Smolensky Russia Prestoničnaja Bank
Vitaly Malkin Russia Russian Credit Bank
VLADIMIR YASIN Russian Minister of Economy (with Chernomyrdin)
Antoly Sobchak, Russia Mayor Sankt- Petersburg
YULLY VORONTSOV Russia Former Russian Ambassador to the UN
YEFIM ZVIAGILSKY Ukraine Former Prime Minister
Sonja Licht, President of Yugoslavia, Soros Fund for Yugoslavia
Czeslav MILOS Czech Nobel laureate, asked bombardovalje Serbs
DAVID KALEFF USA Advisor for Public Relations in Milan Panic
LASLO Sekely Yugoslavia Correspondent many Soros Published
Dragoslav Avramovic former Yugoslavia NBJ, "opposition leader"

Thousands of migrants, refugees rush past police across Greece-Macedonia border (video)

Serbian leader criticizes Hungary for migrant border fence

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbia's prime minister has denounced neighboring Hungary's razor-wire border fence to stop migrants, comparing it to Nazi-era concentration camps.
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic spoke as he talked to migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia who were camping Wednesday in a Belgrade park. He said Serbia has no plans to build fences on its border even though it is being overwhelmed by the flood of migrants.
Vucic says "we won't build those wires, those barbed wires. It only takes for someone to switch the electricity through those wires and to finish the job."
Serbia, on the main transit route for migrants who want to reach Western Europe, fears when the fence is completed, it will leave thousands of people stranded inside the Balkan country.

Anti-Semitism Rising, Memorial Desecrated in London, England

Anti-Semitic graffiti on the wall of a Jewish girls' school in London.
Anti-Semitic graffiti on the wall of a Jewish girls' school in London.
Photo Credit: courtesy Shomrim Official / EJP

Anti-Semitic vandalism is rising in Britain, most recently — this summer — in London.
The Jewish-funded Edward VII Drinking Fountain memorial in East London was desecrated last week with slabs of red meat and chicken.
Designed by sculptor William Silver Frith, the fountain was a tribute to the eldest son of Queen Victoria and was paid for by local Jewish residents in 1911.
Earlier in the month, a Nazi swastika was scrawled on a fence outside the Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls’ School in the Hackney section of London.
The words “Yid Sh*t were carefully, neatly printed with the swastika.
It was the second time in a month the school had been targeted with anti-Semitic vandalism.
In Europe, the Yiddish word “Yid” has now become a racial slur, according to the European Jewish Press.
This month petition was created August 7 on the official website of the British Parliament, demanding the arrest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for “war crimes” against Palestinians during Israel’s counter terror operation last year against Hamas in Gaza.
The petition garnered more than 70,000 signatures so far this month. At the 100,000 mark the parliament allegedly is required to debate the matter.
However, the British government has stifled the issue, having responded last week to the initiative with a statement pointing out that under UK and international law, Netanyahu is “immune from criminal jurisdiction.”


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