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“Please, men of Germany. Do something!”

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment. .

Seasoned Feminist Not So Tolerant After Being Raped By ‘Syrian’ Refugees

Amanda Crosby was like many other Western girls, emotional and completely naive to human behavior as she was taught from a young age that everybody is equal. “I thought, you know…If they just came here they might stop gang-raping women and torturing homosexuals,” she explained to our reporters

Was there really a holocaust

The Holocaust has become the greatest instrument of sympathy which any nation has ever been able to use to gain support for wars, expansion and foreign-aid: This has made Israel the world's sixth strongest military power. .


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”


The chief of firemen stands in front of a blazing house. A sobbing woman says her child is still in there. She implores him to send a fireman into the inferno to save her child.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Irish government is flooding Ireland with Nigerians, Indians, and Filipinos

New figures show that Ireland grants more citizenships to non-EU immigrants than any other European nation in proportion to its population size, except for Luxembourg.

The Irish government is recklessly handing out citizenship to Indians, Filipinos, and especially Nigerians.

In 2014, it gave Irish citizenship to more than 21,100 non-Europeans.

It is leading to a world where Native White Irish are on course to becoming a minority in their own country by 2050, like the Tibetans are today.

Ireland is up there with Sweden, Spain and Luxembourg in terms of the numbers of citizenships granted per head of population.” said Ruth Deasy, a member of Dublin’s EU office.

Most of these are for non-EU people, Nigeria ranks very highly and is followed by India and the Philippines, but it shows Ireland is much more international than it used to be.

Ever notice only a very few specific countries on this planet have an obligation to become “international.”

Most people just shrug their shoulders and assume that these “diversity-multiculturalism” nuts are talking about the whole planet.

No they are not, actually.

You’ll never hear them cry like little girlies when Israel, or Africa, or Asia says who can or cannot come into their countries.

As I said before, only a very few specific countries must become “international”. (Hint: It’s only the majority White countries.)

These so-called “anti-racists” have gone on record saying that the West must be forced to “diversify”.

Because only by getting rid of those evil nasty White countries (which invented the modern world) will evil “racism” be ended.

Anyone would think that “anti-racism” actually means anti-White? And as for this “diversity” stuff, doesn’t it sound a lot like
White genocide?

Muslim Schools in Canada say to kill the gays in textbooks

ISIS hurled two gay men from rooftops in Syria in July 2015.
The men were stoned when they hit the ground.
ISIS publicly executed at least 30 gay men as of August of 2015.
ISIS fighters read out loud the charges to the crowd before the executions.
isis gays 2
Then they blindfolded the men and tossed them off the roof.
isis gays
But it’s not just in Syria where Islamists are taught to murder gays.
Textbooks in some Islamic schools in Canada produced by the Saudi Ministry of Education teach that homosexuality is punishable by death.
CIJ News reported, via Religion of Peace:
CIJnews has learned that some Islamic private schools in Canada use textbooks produced by the Saudi Ministry of Education.
Textbooks obtained by CIJnews contain chapters dealing with the wisdom of the capital punishments in Islam in cases of major sins.
In two textbooks for the school year 2014 and 2015-16, homosexuality is depicted as a “major sin” and as “one of the most heinous sins” punishable by death for both partners to the sexual act. The punishment is similar to that inflicted on the people of Lut, meaning by stoning and/or by fire.
Homosexuality is prohibited, one of the textbooks explains, because this behavior interferes with the natural state of human beings and spreads moral corruption and diseases like HIV.
The textbook suggests that early marriage and executing the fixed punishments on homosexuals can protect the society from homosexuality.
The textbook also teaches that adultery is punishable in case a married man/ woman are involved by stoning to death, and theft in certain conditions and terrorizing people by chopping off limbs.

All whites are racist Gillian Schutte

Social activist Gillian Schutte took to her Facebook page to express her view on the burning issue of race in the country.
“I agree with the position of the radical Black youth of today’s struggle against whiteness. Why should they point out the ‘good whites’ or even be cognizant of the possibility that ‘not all whites are racist’,” Schutte said.
Schutte says “all whites are racist by virtue of their birth into a system of privilege based on a false construct of race, thus I say all whites are racist until whiteness is defunct”.
The activist said the only “race struggle” white people should be engaging in was the obliteration of the whiteness they were supposedly born into.
“The only race struggle whites should engage in is to obliterate the whiteness they are born into … with no expectation of ‘exceptionalism’ or accolades for being a good white. As Noel Ignatiev has written – the point is not to interpret whiteness but to abolish it. Why should the neurosis of whiteness become a black person’s problem?”

She claimed racism was found in what people did not do, thus, “the blank spaces of inaction [allegedly by “good whites”] is where the truth is found”.
“What use are good whites anyway, when 22 years later nothing much has changed for the majority of black people in SA? What did the good white syndrome do to change the systemic nature of racism? Good whites will even learn the words to struggle songs and toyi toyi next to the oppressed – but will they give up their positions for the sake of transformation?”
As usual, she received a serious tongue lashing from some of her Facebook followers.
Azaad Hayat argued: “So, in the same vein of your broadening the parameters of the definition of being racist, all Jews in Israel are Zionists by virtue of their benefiting from the status quo. All the silent non-Nazi Germans were, similarly, Nazis during that horrendous reign…….and on and on we can go generalising and placing people into large, little categories. You are very adept at promoting racism.”
Schutte responded: “Yes absolutely … no self-respecting Jew should have anything to do with Israel. Americans should be much more defiant against the use of drones and heinous US foreign policy too.”
Schutte made international headlines after exposing Judge Mabel Jansen’s views on black people being rapists last month. Jansen came under fire for saying rape was part of “black men’s culture”. She made the comments in a private conversation with Schutte‚ who is a liberal journalist and filmmaker.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

‘Racial superiority?’ Poll shows 64% of Dutch support ethnic profiling to combat crime

In one Hamburg school migrant children who speak little German are terrorizing children from native German families

All those “refugees” that Germany has been welcoming with open arms are enriching German culture in unexpected ways. In one Hamburg school, migrant children who speak little or no German are terrorizing children from native German families.
Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Bergedorfer Zeitung:
Integration Problems
“The mood is coming to a tipping point”
[Photo caption: A group of rude refugee children are bullying students at the Gemeinschaftsschule. Concerned parents are now informing politicians.]
Contusions, bruises and even one laceration — a group of about 15 refugee children are bullying their co-students.
Schwarzenbek. 78 children from refugee families are at this time educated in so-called DaZ-classes [Deutsch als Zweitsprache = German as a second language] at this interdenominational school. One small group — parents speak of about ten to fifteen children; the headmaster Andreas Hartung speaks of eight to ten children — attract attention by exhibiting extremely rude and violent behavior.
Parents complain on Facebook
Danny Frank blew off steam on the social network Facebook last Thursday: When his daughter tried to help her friend, she was beaten by members of said group. The result: one laceration, contusions and a lot of pain. Frank’s description ignited a discussion, in which multiple other parents then told of similar experiences by their children — some on their way to school, some in the schoolyard.
Complaints during Resident Q&A session
Thursday night three families used the Resident Q&A by the City Council to submit their concerns. The mother Jacky Geske reported on her daughter, who is afraid of her school. As she was telling about her daughter, the room was moved and the around 40 visitors and politicians showed massive approval as they applauded her.
Principal is asking for patience
The principal, Andreas Hartung, didn’t even try to play down these problems, but he asked the parents for a little more patience: “Give us time.” It’s only been two weeks since the school took on a new educator whose sole concern is social integration. This week he already spoke with several parents of said obtrusive children from the lower elementary level.
But they are looking for a translator. And in the coming week there are more talks planned with the parents of children from the upper elementary.

Education act also applies to refugees
Furthermore, Hartung has clarified with the office of the district school department that the education act does indeed apply to refugee children as well. In paragraph 25, possible regulatory measures are listed, and among them is the expulsion from school. Hartung even went so far as to say: “Children cannot be told to go to school with fear in their heart. If nothing else works, then I will clarify whether the possibility exists to influence the process for a residency permit.”
Comments partially racist
In light of recent racist comments on the internet, Christoph Ziehm, the former speaker of the Round Table Welcome Culture, says that the mood in the city is at a tipping point: “it’s terrible that the offenses of individuals are being attributed to an entire group.” At the same time Ziehm can see a huge problem within the integration of these refugees into society: “Concerning the comprehension of equal status for men and women, Syrian families are limping 50 years behind us, Afghan families even 80 years.”

Via Gates of Vienna

Swedish Hospital LGBT Certified

This is the future we chose
Sweden is a nation known these days for absolute total poz.
Recently a hospital in the country decided that it needed to be more inclusive (aka give useless people useless jobs with their useless degrees) and has ”LGBT-certified” themselves now. I will leave it to the imagination of what exactly that means, but essentially it’s about teaching tumblr-tier stuff to medical professionals.
Essentially, it’s political indoctrination because muh feelings.
During Wednesday the hospital in Enköping became the first in the world with a full LGBT certification. During a ceremony, it received the certificate, which is a clear indication that all are welcome regardless of who you are.

via D Stormer

Police deploy pepper spray as left & right activists clash in Vienna (VIDEO)

Police have deployed pepper spray against left- and right-wing activists who clashed in the Austrian capital of Vienna. The intense fighting involving stones, firecrackers and even iron rods resulted in 13 injuries, four of these to police officers.

The demonstration, organized by the Identitarian Movement, an Austrian far right group often described as racist and Islamophobic, gathered at least 1,000 participants on Saturday, according to police estimates.


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