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Britain First : Paul Golding is a Police Informant

Information has been passed to the National British Resistance which suggests that Zionist Paul Golding of Britain First is in fact a paid police informant. .

L.A. Times Incites Hatred Against White Afrikaners in Re-Released Racist Article on ANC Anniversary

In the racist anti-Afrikaner L.A. Times article, White Couple Backs Reforms From Behind an Electric Fence, Scott Kraft, interviews the Afrikaner Van der Merwes family, who reside on a small holding some 30 kilometres outside Johannesburg. Kraft paints a picture of a racist family detached from an American neo-liberal notion of how one MUST think and act in 21st century South Africa.

Father beats non-white unconcious for molesting 11 year old son

The father called 911 around 1 a.m. after he walked in on the alleged abuse, police said. When officers arrived, they found Raymond Frolander motionless on the living room floor. He had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth..

Minority in your own country: Malmo ,Sweden

There is not just some big coincidence that many White countries across are becoming less and less White.

FDalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe, says immigrants should stay in their own countries

When the 13th Dalai Lama went to Italy last month, he was seeing the same thing happening to White Europeans, as is happening to Tibet – massive amounts of immigrants who are turning the native population into a minority.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Negro Beat White Girl Senseless For Carrying A Confederate Flag

jewusa : 117 towns that have gone from mostly White to mostly black since 1990

Ferguson, Mo., stands out for the level of racial turbulence it has experienced this month. But as an economically lagging community that has undergone rapid demographic change in the last couple of decades, it’s not unusual at all.
An analysis performed for The Upshot by Andrew Beveridge, a sociology professor at Queens College, shows that there are 117 communities of 5,000 or more people in the United States that, like Ferguson, were over 50 percent white in 1990 and shifted to over 50 percent black in 2010.
Not all of them have the troubled racial history of Ferguson or its demographic mismatch between the population and the police, but they do resemble Ferguson in two ways: Most are suburban, and most are poorer than their overall metro area.
If you rank these communities according to the degree of change they have undergone, Ferguson comes out somewhere in the middle. It ranks 51st out of 117 in terms of the decline in the percentage of its population that is white (which was 73 percent in 1990, but 29 percent in 2010), and 38th if ranked by the growth in its black population (25 percent in 1990, 67 percent in 2010).
And by either measure, every community that has experienced more change than Ferguson is also a suburb. For example, five other communities in the St. Louis area have seen greater growth in their black populations than Ferguson: In Glasgow Village, Mo., the black population rose from 5 percent to 82 percent over the same period. Across the Mississippi River in Cahokia, Ill., it grew from 5 percent to 62 percent.
Many other metro areas in the East, Midwest and South also have suburban areas on this list. They include Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia and Washington. But in the Rocky Mountains and on the Pacific coast, this phenomenon is unknown.
And more recently, the central cities in some of these metropolitan areas, including St. Louis and Chicago, have seen their black populations start to shrink, even as some of their suburbs were going the other way. Washington lost its black majority in 2011, while 10 of its suburbs were gaining enough black population to qualify for our list.

Changing Demographics in the Suburbs

Ferguson, Mo., is one of 117 American communities that went from majority white in 1990 to majority black in 2010. Most, like Ferguson, are suburbs; many have undergone more drastic change than Ferguson, which was 25 percent black in 1990 and 67 percent black in 2010.
The 15 communities with the greatest percentage growth in black population, 1990 to 2010

Glasgow Village, Mo. (St. Louis)
Cahokia, Ill. (St. Louis)
Bellefontaine Neighbors, Mo. (St. Louis)
Dellwood, Mo. (St. Louis)
Midfield, Ala. (Birmingham)
Sharon Hill, Pa. (Philadelphia)
Irondale, Ga. (Atlanta)
South Holland, Ill. (Chicago)
Austell, Ga. (Atlanta)
Stockbridge, Ga.(Atlanta)
Accokeek, Md. (Washington)
Maple Heights, Ohio (Cleveland)
Spanish Lake, Mo. (St. Louis)
Marlton, Md. (Washington)
Lynwood, Ill. (Chicago)
In all, 82, or 70 percent, of the 117 communities on the list are considered suburban by the Census Bureau — that is, they are within a Metropolitan Statistical Area but are not the central city of such an area. Seven central cities are also on the list, all in the South (Baton Rouge, at 229,493 population, is the largest of these); the remaining 28 are rural areas or nonmetropolitan towns, also all in the South.
The economics of these places vary widely. Many have 2012 median household incomes that are far higher than Ferguson’s $37,517. Five of the communities that have seen greater racial change than Ferguson have median household incomes above $100,000. But all of these are in the suburbs of Washington, which are among the most affluent parts of the country in general.
And except for these Washington suburbs and a handful of other places, most of the communities on the list are struggling economically by comparison to their neighbors. In all, nearly four-fifths of these communities have lower incomes than the surrounding metro area as a whole.
It’s important to keep in mind that these statistics paint only a partial picture of what’s going on in these communities. Not every place listed in census data has its own local government or police force as Ferguson does, and there’s no easy way to know the actual state of race relations in these places.
But rapid racial change and economic struggle, once thought to be principally an issue for older central cities, are now clearly more focused in the suburbs. Ferguson may be just the most visible example of that.

story source

16 Ways Whites Can Train for Safety in a Multiracial Society

via The White Voice

If you're reading this, no doubt you're acutely aware of the epidemic non-White on White crime rate everywhere. It's a top priority and personal responsibility to stay prepared and continue to spread awareness of these brutal crime reports. Also, we should learn from them. I'm not suggesting to "blame the victim", rather ask yourselves what would you have done different, how could that have altered the turn of events or even prevented the crime?
Many (White) black sympathizers live in most to all White areas and haven't been preyed upon aka "culturally enriched", and do not (yet) understand the reality they and their kin are faced with. I hope many of them will finally pay attention. Although there are cities/"bad parts of town", that we know to avoid (whenever possible), know not to leave your guard down when in a "better part of town" either.
Criminals (when they obtain transportation)-will beeline to these areas (more likely at night when they're less visible), to take advantage of what they see as an opportunity. What could that be? In no particular order-robbery (armed or not) carjacks, rapes, "knockouts", mob beatings, ("knockouts" and mob beatings I deem attempted murder), breaking into homes, the possibilities are endless.
Someone I know personally recently told me of a Vet clinic broken into overnight. There was blood everywhere due to the broken window climbed into to steal ketamine (drugs). Even the garbage had been gone through. The security camera revealed the identity of the perpetrator. Great part of this? The "ketamine" stolen was the display which held water filled syringes! The real ketamine was locked away. No animals were harmed, which was the main concern.
Although some on the following list are "common sense practices", it's surprising how one may not think to do simple things!
Some safe practices I suggest include-in no particular order,and certainly not limited to are:
  1. Try not to go out after dark (anywhere, but especially known "bad areas"), if you can help it.  For some it's not an option due to their scheduled commitments. Is there security or management you can ask to follow you out? It's more challenging in the Winter when darkness falls as early as 6:00. If you do, be keenly aware without looking paranoid-of your surroundings at all times. This ties into the third on the list.
  2. Monitor and train your children!!! Do they catch the bus to school? If so, can they be walked to it & waited with for the bus by you or another trusted adult? Teach them these ways of awareness and self defense just as you would a fire drill-it could save their lives just the same! Do they ever have to stay home alone? Go over all details regarding that. Talk with them and look for changes in behavior and/or appearance. Make sure they're not being bullied in any way (by peers or adults). This can be anything from being made fun of to verbal assault, physical bullying, theft of personal items, even sexual abuse. Often times victims hide what happened ranging from fear, to not wanting to worry someone, to shame, or even guilt (self blame). Of course they deserve a carefree childhood, but we're responsible to instill survival instincts. All the garbage the media exposes them to has them growing up quicker than ever already unfortunately. This information will be a protective of information/training.
  3. Have weapons 24/7. Obviously, if you can legally obtain a firearm and a concealed carry license with training, would be optimal. If not, blunt and/or sharp objects can be a great defense, mace (aka "pepper spray"), etc. Everywhere you go. Hornet spray kept behind a desk is a simple addition.
  4. If in a parking area you're not comfortable in (if you have a key remote w/ alarm)-use it as you approach the vehicle IF you find it appropriate. Not only does it help you locate the vehicle quicker, but the horn sounding w/ lights flashing is a deterrent for a would-be "opportunist". I've done this on a few occasions and felt it was an asset to my safety.
  5. If you're physically able: Again, try to get and stay fit, including at least basic self defense moves. Whether with or without a weapon, it betters your odds if/when ever found in a defensive situation.
  6. Females tend to be looked at as "easier prey". We know this already. If you're out alone, take special heed to all of this. Remember, there's safety in numbers. Do you have to carry a purse? Where are you going? Can the essentials fit into your pockets? Dress accordingly. You don't want to look especially attractive as if you were going on a date or an event when you're simply going to work. In other words, it's normal to want to look attractive, but realistically clean and covered is the order of the day. Likely you'll be alone commuting to & from work with errands. And take into account the customers and co-workers you'll be in contact with while at work.
  7. Body language! Stand straight and confident, aware not fearful. Better to be perceived as someone who'd give a fight than an easy victim/target any day.
  8. Cellphones! When commuting, shopping, etc., if you're on a cellphone it can be distracting to the point of becoming an easy victim. Not only for being focused on the cellphone, but that they are a highly sought after item of many thieves.
  9. Be observant, always. In places where there are more people (transient), such as commuting, shopping, events, restaurants, etc.. Here's a somewhat humorous (yet useful), way to be keen eyed: Think of a situation where you've been in one of these transient areas and you spot someone you find attractive and take quick looks they likely don't notice so you can look a few times. Same with "crowd watching", which is being observant. Not only for yourself, but if you see anything suspicious aimed at the facility or other people, you'd be a great source of information to identify, locate, even detain a suspect (all within reason, of course).
  10. If you drive, lock your doors AS you enter and exit the vehicle, making sure the keys are in your hand, in ignition, or on your person, noticing the perimeter of the vehicle and where you're headed on foot. Also note the drivers/vehicles/pedestrians in your view. When approaching your vehicle upon return, observe anyone nearby, making sure to use the windows as a reflection of what's behind you. While unloading items such as groceries, look around before turning your back for even a second, unloading quick. One woman attacked while unloading groceries was assaulted and fought back with a frozen turkey! Luckily, she made noise and put up a fight and nearby citizens reacted, running to her aid by beating down and detaining the perpetrator until police arrived. Where I live, a woman I work with told me she was going to Wal-Mart just after dark and saw several suspicious looking blacks roaming the parking lot. She then decided to cancel the errand without even parking and called her Husband. The next day it was revealed it was local gang doing this often looking for trouble (or should I say, opportunity?)
  11. If your car is parked within signal distance, have the remote by your bedside. Why? If you hear someone breaking in-hit the alarm button, you'll have more time to grab your weapon, call 911, and/or whatever else your instincts would have you do to defend yourself. That alarm may even run them off.
  12. Fueling your vehicle: Upon exiting the vehicle, lock all doors and you should already have a weapon on your person. Keep your eyes on the entire area. There have been numerous reports of thieves entering unlocked vehicles from the other side while it's being fueled. Many women tend to have a purse visible-ready for the taking.
  13. Transactions: There have been several instances of assault, even murder while attempting to exchange items such as a man murdered when he met someone from Craig's list to sell an I pad. IPhones are very sought after at the moment. Don't risk it. When making purchases at a register, be mindful who is around you at all times, especially when you reveal the method of payment and while leaving.
  14. Keep doors, windows, gates, vehicles locked at all times! Use extra locks, deadbolts, and security systems. I used to work for different millionaires in their households while they were away. Guess what? I kept everything as secure as in an inner city-one can never be too safe.
  15. Always trust your instincts. They're there for good reason. If you ignore them, you may really regret doing so.
  16. This is not being paranoid, but realistic By being safety wise, one has more control over their personal space. It is responsible self-preservation, and that is a powerful, positive thing!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Brigitte Bardot on far right’s Marine Le Pen: ‘she is the Joan of Arc of the 21st century

French screen goddess Brigitte Bardot has praised France's far-right leader for being a modern-day "Joan of Arc."
In an interview with Paris Match magazine to mark the former sex symbol's 80th birthday, Bardot says Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigration National Front party, is the one person who could "save" France.
“I hope she saves France, she is the Joan of Arc of the 21st century,” Bardot told the magazine. “I am a native Frenchwoman and proud of it. I mourn the fact that my beautiful country has deteriorated in every way. It’s criminal to submit to these depths.”
Bardot has long championed the far-right party. The National Front has become more mainstream in recent years and has proved popular among French voters and challenging the two main parties, the UMP and the Socialists.
President of French far-right party Front national (FN) Marine Le Pen could save France, says Bardot. FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images President of French far-right party Front national (FN) Marine Le Pen could save France, says Bardot.
Joan of Arc is considered a heroine of France.
Born in the fifteenth century, Joan said she received visions from the Archangel Michael to recover France from the English during the Hundred Years’ War.
She gained prominence after defeating the English at Orleans but was later captured and burnt at the stake.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Berlin struggles to sell former Goebbels villa

After two failed attempts, Berlin is trying again to sell the sprawling estate and villa once known as Joseph Goebbels' illicit love nest, but so far, nobody's buying.
The address of the former villa of Hitler's propaganda minister is as misleading as it is revealing.
Number One, Friendship Place, northeast of Berlin, is thought to have been where Joseph Goebbels produced some of his most virulent speeches against Jews. But it's also where Goebbels wooed the starlets of the Berlin's Babelsberg film studios.
Known as Bogensee for the property's small lake, it was built as a getaway for Goebbels northeast of the German capital, far from the retreat southwest of the city on an island in the Wannsee where he would stay with his wife and six children.
After World War II the site, near the town of Wandlitz, became home to a high school for the socialist Free German Youth (FDJ) where a young Erich Honecker studied.
The FDJ was the youth wing of the German socialist party, SED, that controlled East Germany and would eventually be led by Honecker.
But for the last 15 years the massive property has been abandoned.

Sprawled across nearly 17 hectares of mainly forested land, the original complex boasts 70 rooms in the main building called Haus am Bogensee, guest houses and a farmhouse by the lake. Later, the estate's Soviet-era school buildings added large halls, lecture theatres and residences.
The grounds are overgrown and the greying buildings show signs of neglect, though a minimum of maintenance has been done, costing the city €150,000 a year.
The Berlin Property Fund, the agency in charge of the property, tried to sell it in 2006 and 2008, but shut down bidding process on both occasions due to lack of demand.
Marlies Masche, spokesperson for the fund, says this time they have several interested parties. But to avoid interfering with the competitive process, she says, Masche did not reveal how many bidders are involved, nor the asking price.
Berlin-based real estate appraiser Günter Lehmann says the property is highly valuable, but difficult to assess without a full, on-site evaluation. He valued the land alone at roughly €15 million euros.
Until the fall of the Berlin Wall, the complex had been in continual use by the FDJ, and became home to an international social work organization after November 1989, but it left the property a decade later.
Back in the time of the Third Reich, Goebbels was known to seduce women and bring them to the estate to fulfill his sexual appetites.
His conquering manner toward women is thought to have been one way the Nazi compensated for the inadequacy he felt as an Aryan specimen, according to British historian Sir Richard Evans.
Goebbels stood a mere 5 ft. 5 in. with brown hair and brown eyes, slowed down by a club foot he was left with after an operation failed to cure a childhood infection.

One notable escapade played out on the grounds of Bogensee brought Goebbels into conflict with Adolf Hitler himself.
Goebbels' affair with the Czech film star Lida Baavora became public and prompted his wife, Magda, to consider divorce. When Hitler found out about Goebbels' lewd behaviour, he ordered an end to the affair.
The Goebbels connection may have made the property difficult to sell over the years. The infamous propaganda minister's name is noticeably absent from the document intended to pitch the estate to potential buyers.
Berlin also wants to make sure the property doesn't end up in the wrong hands, particularly those of neo-Nazis who could turn it into a gathering point for the extremists or a shrine to the former propaganda minister.
That means background checks for anyone who submits a bid for the property.
The city also intends to make sure the idyllic woodland surroundings are protected and that they approve of any plans for the property. Suggested uses include: hotel, medical clinic, boarding school and retirement home.
The building interiors are in good condition and taken alone could be an attractive investment, but for the Berlin Property Fund, the overall site's dark history may prove too much to overcome.
"We want a total use of the site," says Masche. "The Goebbels villa is very difficult to separate from the rest."
"There is no deadline for a decision on the bidding process," admits Masche.
Stuck in the shadow of Goebbels' lurid villa, Berlin may have to continue bearing the costs of its history.


Savage: Feds Arming For 'War On White People'

Looking back on the nightly violence on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, Dr. Savage made a trenchant observation.
For years now, he reminded his listeners, the Department of Homeland Security has “been militarizing police forces, getting ready for an insurrection within America. Civil disobedience occurred in Missouri this week, but it was black civil disobedience, so there was no DHS presence.
“It’s very important to understand this. This entire federal government is geared up to fight a war against white people,” Savage proclaimed (Free audio).
Can America survive another Civil War?
According to Michael Savage, the nation is in real trouble and the seeds of a second conflagration have been sown. In his forthcoming book, “Stop the Coming Civil War,” Savage issues a citizen’s call to action – not in the streets but in the voting booth. He urges voters to prevent another civil war by using the power of the ballot box to return America to its founding principles.
“Stop the Coming Civil War” can be pre-ordered now, at a savings of 23 percent off the cover price.
Rush Limbaugh
Not surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh has a unique take on the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that’s swept the nation.
After being challenged to take part in this viral video fundraiser for ALS, Limbaugh pointed out, “There’s something about this that doesn’t make sense. I think everybody’s doing this wrong. The ice bucket challenge consists of two things: You either donate to ALS or dump a bucket of ice on your head, right? So how are they raising money if everybody’s just dumping ice on their heads? It seems to me the idea is to send ALS some money. They don’t show video of ‘em doing both” (Free audio).
Limbaugh pointed out the White House sent more official delegates to the funeral of slain “gentle giant” Michael Brown than they have to the funerals of more distinguished individuals: “The White House sent more people to the funeral of the ‘gentle giant’ than they sent to the Arlington National Cemetery funeral of a two-star general killed in Afghanistan recently named Gen. Harold J. Greene. They didn’t send anybody. Not one representative from the regime traveled across town in Washington to attend his funeral at Arlington. The regime sent more people to the funeral of the ‘gentle giant’ than they sent to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher” (Free audio).
Mark Levin
Levin says Obama is to blame for the growth of ISIS, calling this development, “one of the worst military national security screw-ups in modern American history.”
“And he’s still screwing up,” Levin continued. “Has he rallied the American people? Has he spoken to Congress? Has he asked for a declaration of war or at least a joint resolution to fund an aggressive offensive attack against these cockroaches? No, he hasn’t. We’re dealing with a very peculiar, petulant man who operates with a few advisers around him” (Free audio).
Levin also criticized Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., for touting amnesty for illegal aliens: “Absolute evisceration of our immigration laws, the rule of law, period, our sovereignty, our border, because race means everything to Luis Gutierrez. He doesn’t even talk about these people as people. ‘We’ll get 5 million if we can!’ This is what they do to individuals. Put them in groups. … And I read to you the other day, Latinos in this country do not support illegal immigration, by a large number” (Free audio).
Laura Ingraham
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal joined Ingraham to talk about his lawsuit against the federal government, as he tries to wrest back control over education from the federal government to the states.
“Common Core should not be a way for the federal government to tell our local classrooms what they should be teaching,” he said (Free audio).
Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, told Ingraham he favored major military intervention to try to destroy ISIS forces.
“We’re underestimating the ability of what the use of force – even from the air, even with some people on the ground to help out – how much that could do,” he insisted, adding, “What’s the harm of bombing [ISIS] at least for a few weeks and seeing what happens? I don’t think there’s much in the way of unanticipated side effects that could be bad there. We could [eliminate] a lot of very bad guys” (Free audio).
Glenn Beck
Is Glenn Beck a hero to conservatives, or a traitor? That depends on which conservative media outlet you ask.
Over at PJMedia, Ed Driscoll cheered Beck’s possible takeover of HLN, the network where he was once treated shabbily, despite bringing in good ratings and revenue: “Unlike other cable TV hosts who stayed in that medium long after their sell-through date had expired, Beck left Fox News to start his Blaze Internet TV channel and website. The risk paid off in spades – in 2011, Forbes described Beck as a ‘$100 million man.’ So I’m sure Beck acquiring a stake in Headline News, both to compete with Fox, and for a little payback for crapping on him during his salad days.”
At rival site Breitbart.com, however, reporter Tony Lee accused Beck of “ripping” on fellow conservatives while trying, and failing, to make that deal with CNN.
Lee quoted CNN’s Brian Stelter, who said the talks “fizzled,” but that while they were going on, Beck attempted to moderate his image as a firebrand by giving interviews in which he insisted he’d “mellowed.”

Source http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/savage-feds-arming-for-war-on-white-people/#iszKpSLA92sKv3Mv.99

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mohammed is most popular name in Oslo

For the first time in the capital city's history, Mohammed is the most common name for boys and men, said a study on Thursday.

Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå - SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo for the first time ever.
Jørgen Ouren of SSB said to NRK: “It is very exciting.”
Altogether 4,801 boys and men are named Mohammed or variations of Mohammed as their first name, and Mohammed has thereby passed both Jan (4,667) and Per (4,155).
The name has spent four years in a row at the top of the list of baby names in Oslo, but this is the first time that Mohammed tops the men's name list for Oslo.


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