Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Freedom for Bulgarian Comrades!

Dear European patriots, please support our action to help 4 young Bulgarian nationalist which at the present moment are behind the bars waiting for trail under fake charges by "Bulgarian" represive authorities. Charges are for bombing an office of a gypsie "Human right" organization in the Southwest part of the coutry. Please join the Facebook group HERE  - we need 10 000 members. Thanks in advance for your help. DEATH TO ZOG!!!

Lets look at some of the facts:

1.The bomb explodes at 5.00 a.m.

2.Police came on the crime scene at 5.20 a.m.

3. First arrested nationalist was at 5.45 when they even didn’t have an idea about the type and consistent of the bomb. The guy lives 15 km. away from crime scene, so the investigators had 5 minutes to “decide” who committed the crime.

4. Two days after the arrest another bomb was founded in same city, but it was deactivated by special police antibomb squad before. Police and the "independent" mass media cover up the fact for a week time.

5. The only "evidence" police found is microelements under the skin of ALL four guys - natrium solpfat which is widely used in agricultural work, manure, and thousand of other things in the daily life. Jut to mention the area where 4 guys life (Southwest Bulgaria) is famous Nationwide with vineyard massifs and almost every family have such in their yards.

”When the facts are speaking even the Gods remain silent” - the wise people say...but it’s not enough for the "independent" Bulgarian court.

 We dont give up...the fight goes on forward.

Спасибі за підтримку, українські брати!


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