Monday, 10 October 2016

600,000 White South-Brazilians demand their own country

On October 1st, a massive 96% of South Brazilians voted to break away from the rest of Brazil.

South Brazil is largely White, with Portuguese, Italian, German, and other European ancestry. The rest of Brazil is mostly either Black or Mixed.

The vote was organized by “The South Is My Country“, a movement which wants South Brazil to secede from Brazil.

There are various reasons why South Brazilians are so upset.

Firstly, they have to pay high taxes to support the rest of the country.

Secondly, top politicians have been found guilty of corruption.

And thirdly, the government is waging an “assimilation” campaign to get White and non-White Brazilians to mix in the major cities.

We in the south have the conditions to sustain ourselves and generate riches. Today we generate a mountain of riches in taxes and benefits which are exported, and there is no counterpart,” said business manager, José Gonçalves.

While the vote is not legally binding, some say they would prefer to again be part of Portugal, rather than stay part of Brazil.

If you think a White minority means all hope is lost, just look at what is happening in Brazil, and in other places like South Africa.

In minority societies, everyone starts to care more about their identity, and they start to organize.


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