Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Oregon: White couple accused of racism after mowing down black criminal

An Oregon man and his girlfriend accused of intentionally running down a black teen after an altercation in a convenience store parking lot face new hate crime charges alleging they targeted the victim because of his race.
Russell Orlando Courtier, 38, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of first- and second-degree intimidation in the death of Larnell Malik Bruce, court documents say.
Colleen Hunt, 35, who was in the passenger seat during the incident in Gresham, pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree intimidation.
Under Oregon law, a charge of intimidation means the defendants are accused of acting based on their perception of the victim's race, color, religion or disability.

Larnell Malik Bruce was mowed down by a Jeep Wrangler after a fight outside a 7-Eleven in Gresham with Russel Courtier in August



Courtier and his girlfriend, Colleen Hunt face new hate crime charges for targeting the victim because of his race, according to authorities and court records. Hunt encouraged the killing saying: 'Get him baby, get him' as Bruce was mowed down.


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