Three people have been injured in an armed standoff with police in Eastern Germany.
Three people have been wounded in an armed standoff in eastern Germany between police and members of a group that denies the legitimacy of the modern German state.
Police spokeswoman Ulrike Diener says the shootout happened while some 100 officers tried to enforce an eviction order Thursday against a 41-year-old 'Reich citizen' in Reuden, about 20km south of Leipzig.
Members of the Reich Citizens' Movement refuse to acknowledge the authority of the post-war Federal Republic of Germany and instead believe they are citizens of the German Reich. They have been compared to the U.S. sovereign citizen movement.
Diener said the 41-year-old was shot and seriously wounded. One officer received a minor neck injury, while another was bitten.
German media identified the evictee as former 'Mr. Germany' Adrian Ursache.