Sunday, 31 July 2016

Hundreds of Syrians in the UK arrested for rape, sex offenses

Police forces have revealed the figures which show 897 were held in England and Wales.

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Almost 900 Syrians were arrested in England and Wales over the past year (file picture)
Our revelation comes after Northumbria Police were last month accused of a cover-up over an alleged attack by Syrians on two teenage girls in Newcastle.
One of the suspects was being followed by the BBC for a report on how his family had settled in the UK.
In Northumbria, the force admitted that last year – the latest available figures – they arrested a total of 16 Syrians.
This tally of arrests included two alleged sex offences, six claims of violence assaults and three of public disorder.
In London, 238 arrested included two for rape, three for death threats and seven for sex offences.
And Nottinghamshire cops nicked one for sexual activity with an underage girl.

Ray Finch
UKIP MEP Ray Finch voiced concerns that the government should be screening immigrants entering the country
There have been concerns that refugees allowed to settle in the UK can find it difficult to assimilate into the country.
The issue has been highlighted in Europe, where Germany has been rocked by attacks including the machete murder of a woman and a suicide bombing outside a restaurant carried out by Syrian refugees.
In England and Wales the majority of offences that Syrians were arrested for were immigration violations, but there were other serious crimes.


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