Sunday, 19 June 2016

Irish government is flooding Ireland with Nigerians, Indians, and Filipinos

New figures show that Ireland grants more citizenships to non-EU immigrants than any other European nation in proportion to its population size, except for Luxembourg.

The Irish government is recklessly handing out citizenship to Indians, Filipinos, and especially Nigerians.

In 2014, it gave Irish citizenship to more than 21,100 non-Europeans.

It is leading to a world where Native White Irish are on course to becoming a minority in their own country by 2050, like the Tibetans are today.

Ireland is up there with Sweden, Spain and Luxembourg in terms of the numbers of citizenships granted per head of population.” said Ruth Deasy, a member of Dublin’s EU office.

Most of these are for non-EU people, Nigeria ranks very highly and is followed by India and the Philippines, but it shows Ireland is much more international than it used to be.

Ever notice only a very few specific countries on this planet have an obligation to become “international.”

Most people just shrug their shoulders and assume that these “diversity-multiculturalism” nuts are talking about the whole planet.

No they are not, actually.

You’ll never hear them cry like little girlies when Israel, or Africa, or Asia says who can or cannot come into their countries.

As I said before, only a very few specific countries must become “international”. (Hint: It’s only the majority White countries.)

These so-called “anti-racists” have gone on record saying that the West must be forced to “diversify”.

Because only by getting rid of those evil nasty White countries (which invented the modern world) will evil “racism” be ended.

Anyone would think that “anti-racism” actually means anti-White? And as for this “diversity” stuff, doesn’t it sound a lot like
White genocide?


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