Sunday, 22 May 2016

"You're A German, You're Nothing!" Muslim Migrant Filmed Assaulting & Bullying German Teen

"You're A German, You're Nothing!" Migrant Filmed Assaulting & Bullying German Teen

Disturbing video censored from YouTube shows a young German teen being bullied and punched in the face by what appears to be a Turkish migrant.

After punching the young German in the face for "annoying" someone, the migrant chastises him,
"what kind of a girl are you?"
"I eat something like you for breakfast."
"Why are you crying? That was a simple slap you peasant," he says as the teen tends to his bleeding nose.
"Every day I'm going to give him a beating so he gets hardened!"
The migrant then gets up in his face and says: "You've never heard of honor."
"You're a German, you're nothing!"
The teen murmurs something in response.
"Shut the f**k up, how dare you talk back to me!"
"Next time I'm going to bloody your eye -- I will stab it out if I feel like it!"
"I don't take something like you seriously -- you're a dog! When I say 'bark' you will bark the next time! Have I made myself clear?"
The German kid submits and says "yes," at which point he's ordered to "bark" and the video cuts off.


When Babylon falls, this satanic jewish world economy and the left wing loon middle class lose all their pensions and have to hunt for food, then & only then do we have the Rapture, the awakening.And TRUE ISRAEL = CAUCASIANS {Call 'em Aryan if you want!} ADAMIC MAN will subdue the earth & be given his inheritance.

That's what we are waiting for.

I dont see anyone muslim ,all that I See are non-white invaders.

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Thank you for sharing this information. It's terrible, some kids are so angry and aggressive. It was illegal link very cruel, but I hope that this bully got what he deserved

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