Friday, 1 April 2016

Eyes wide shut

 by Chris Levine
My autobiography, "A Spider from Light" is about my life's unbelievable meditation experiences and nearly three decade quest to find a soul-mate named Robyn who was killed by Snake Cult members before she and I could meet.

I feel my biggest contribution to this world so far has been revealing The Cult of the Snake and their murderous attacks against children which account for nearly 800K missing children annually as reported by The Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I published much of this information on my website, the until anxious DHR lesbians attempted to take custody of my son due to the content. Now most of it is posted again on facebook under Chris Levine from Shepherdstown, WV - I'm the one holding a beer.

My second biggest contribution?? Contacts at Langley can confirm and may provide the 642 page write up on me which includes details about my discovery of a hypergolic mixture which has become instrumental in the creation by others, of "Cold Fuse" explosives, which are 384 times more powerful by weight than pure Nitroglycerin. A chunk the size of a BB pellet? That's about a stick of dynamite! A red Sheetz gasoline truck? Approximately one MEGATON!!!

As you already know, this cult was instrumental in the birth of the US (Free Mason) and to this very day governs it. The true job #1 at the CIA is to prevent this info from coming out, particularly the FACT that the TRUE origin of HIV is the "Elixir" consumed at their "fiestas", along with the "reverse time slip" or "re-birth" after a literal physical death. An individual MUST take an oath to be Jewish to be "made" into the Cult; women must kill a "naked baby", men must kill a virgin. Judaism is essentially a "false" religion- a cover for Satanism...

I was a state-licensed state contractor with a $642K contract with a major home builder, and once the job was shut down and my home equity ereased, followed immediately by a negative equity postion, my cash on hand lasted only a couple years. Then the list of extremely odd-occurances began; the attacks came from all angles and as best as I can surmise, have turned out to be aspects of a criminal conspiracy relating to an invention I held a patent-pending on that I was defrauded out of by a group of aquintances and family members. They used a "straw man" to copy my idea, and a corrupt USPTO examiner to back-date theri application in order to put their's ahead in the line so -to-speak. After obtaining a utility patent, they then sold my idea to Bell South Intellectual Property Labs.

The conspiracy that followed was their attempt to have me killed or incarcerated for Marijuana (or anything else for that matter), which I smoke every chance I can. The crazy-making, nearly weekly events outlined under "comments" under the Diggle family picture on my fb page are what cuased me to turn inwards to meditation, in a desperate atempt to make sense of my parent's, wife's, friend's, neighbor's and local police dept.'s extremely odd actions.
What I was taught in the series of meditations was truly amazing and the reason I write to you today! This is what the angels told me are happening to them:

Membership or "being made" into this cult requires one to take an oath to be Jewish and then women stomp an infant’s skull (for which the custom of stomping a wine glass and yelling Mazol-Tov is an analogy), and men to slay a virgin, which explains the nearly ONE MILLION missing kids that disappear every year, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

A second ritual allows the living to be killed and brought back in a Devil-worshipping ritual where one wills their soul to the dark side in exchange for a modified physical form among other things; as unbelievable as this sounds! Guess what the men typically ask for? You guessed it - a huge member the length of which typically doubles. Women ask to "be irresistible to every man", and if she is worthy of the dark sides energies, receives a "perfect" rear end, less worthy women get that energy on their chest, known as having "an ass on her chest".

Their principle perversion is sex with children, where girls, some as young as 5 are "done in" as it's known where the "enhanced" men brutally fornicate the little girls, destroying the cervix and forever rendering that woman to be unable to enjoy intercourse without that massive member. These females are then known as "our girls" and also as "damaged goods". These witches are easily identified by their frequent and open comments regarding their predilections for men with huge members, if they aren't already lesbians - and are loosely described in The Bible as "The Whores of Babylon".

After a prospect attends their first gathering, a so-called "fiesta" where children are attacked in this manner and dead humans revived; there is seldom any turning back. They are then said to have had their "eyes wide open", an obvious pun on the famous movie about this Cult "Eyes Wide Shut" of which all of us are familiar and cost producer Kubrick his life!

I could go on, but it is just too discouraging. I myself (along with my Aryan brother; two blue-eyed boys adopted by Jews; it's covered on my fb page under The Story of the Demonic Invasion!) was adopted by a Jewish man and Baptist woman, both Atheists. When I was five I was taken to be "introduced" as it's known in this Cult masquerading as the false religion of Judaism. I bit the man and ran and hid in a closet. The attacks on children by this group explain why nearly one MILLION children go missing every year, falling into an abyss never to be seen from again!

Meanwhile, our own government performs a highly publicized massive manhunt for a missing child every year or so in order to demonstrate they are doing something, when in reality they almost certainly are involved themselves– how could they not be when so many disappear every single year? It is called "smoke and mirrors"! A society with this going on in the background breeds angst-ridden children who grow into sexually aberrant, deranged adolescents, who go into schools and machine-gun innocent people - a phenomenon unique to the United States!

Ever see a pregnant black woman by a black man? Not many, I’m sure. What about little black kids? Tons of ‘em runnin’ around, right? Then by default, you should also be seeing pregnant black women! Ever hear of a goat in the ghetto? More frequently than the pregnant black woman? That’s a big problem, man! There exists an obvious disproportionate imbalance between the number of pregnant women of Negroid origin and their number of offspring!  How about those pads that simulate a pregnant belly - what woman would want or need that look?  Think about it....

From "The Story of the Goat-Born Negroe (posted on my fb page):

"Science Fact - The cervex of the Negroe woman is essentially closed, any pregnancy resulting requiring a Cesarian section, a procedure that results in a 20-25% fatality rate utilizing the most modern and advanced surgical tools and methodologies. The Goat is actually "collaged"- composed of various other animals put together along with a human female womb. The human female womb needed little modification to be integrated into this wicked animal. A second year grad student with access to now rudimentary DNA sequencers and analyzers can verify the human aspects of the reproductive system genomes of this beast, particularlly the womb!

The true reason their skin darkens is the presence of an enzyme not found in the Human womb, and the true cause of the nappy, frizzy hair due to the increased acidity present in the Goat - both easilly verified through DNA research! Current known SCIENCE FACT: the goat has literally many DOZENS of genes not needed for an animal of that level of simplicity! Very weird indeed!"

The Angels told me in meditative study there is only one other animal with this wildly excessive number of un-needed genes...the Mule! The implications are obvious! My writings are inspired by meditations and revealed top me the longest-running, most wicked and deceptive cover-up the world has ever known, which Iwish to share with the world in the hopes of ending these barbaric acts committed by this group behind the scenes in our degenerated and corrupt society - where money, materialism and the membership rank and file of the Snake Cult, along with Catholicism (and their legions of pedophiles!), create a "double-edged sword", (true origin of that term!); designed to maintain a borderless, ageless "dark nation" which has nearly and completely replaced true spirituality on a global level.


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