Sunday, 6 March 2016

German TV investigates the black market in passports that flourishes in Athens. Become a "refugee" for 300 Euros(VIDEO)


00:00 In the center of Athens, our sound man who speaks
00:04 perfectly Arabic pretends to be a refugee.
00:08 He wants to ‘buy a fake passport for the trip onward to Germany’ and meets
00:12 this man, called Rasid. He quickly comes to the point. “Do you want a passport”?
00:16 inclusive flight ticket? Yes, how much does it cost? 3.5 to anywhere you want to go.
00:20 What country will the passport be from?
00:24 That’s my job, not yours. Only thee to four days before the document
00:28 is ready, the man tells us. With fake passports refugees
00:32 who don’t even come from there can pretend to be Syrians and
00:36 obtain asylum in Germany. A Syrian passport under the microscope of police investigator
00:40 Nikolaus Gazis. A refugee had it with him on the Island of Lesbos.
00:44 Visible only with multiple zoom, the blurred letters.
00:48 It is a fake because
00:52 they have altered all data. Via a middleman, we have arranged to meet
00:56 with passport forgers. Distort the voices and no frontal shots are
01:00 their conditions for an interview. At night they lead us into an apartment.
01:04 Not only fake Syrian passports are stocked here, but even some from the USA
01:08 and all EU countries. With those travel through Europe is even easier.
01:12 Portuguese passport, French passport,
01:16 everything imaginable. This here is a complete package
01:20 to enter Germany, OK? Passport, identity card,
01:24 and driver’s license. And there is even a guarantee of entry?
01:28 Of course, even the code down here is original and can be read at the borders
01:32 Iranians, Egyptians, Asians, people from the Middle East are their clients,
01:36 according to the passport forgers. We can even change
01:40 the ID chips. It’s only a software, if we break that we can change fingerprints and photos
01:44 The passport is then even machine readable. And the police
01:48 cannot recognize this? Of course not, that
01:53 is the reason our clients pay lots of money. Simple passports cost only €300 to €400;
01:57 those with a guarantee not to be discovered sell
02:01 from €3000. And their gang is only one of many,
02:05 the two men tell us. Passport forgers make a huge business with the despair of
02:09 refugees, and at the expense of security in Germany and the whole of Europe.
02:13 Report: Torsten Misler


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