Sunday, 7 February 2016

Video: Former French Foreign Legion Commanding General arrested at banned anti immigration demonstration in Calais

From François Desouche:

PEGIDA did not respect the ban on the demonstration in Calais. While Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve wanted to avoid all "disruptions to public order", about one hundred marchers protested on Saturday in front of the train station. At least three persons were arrested during confrontations with police who were out in large numbers, and equipped to deal with trouble. Between rounds of la Marseillaise, they shouted slogans such as "migrants get out" and "Calais for the Calaisiens"…

General Christian Piquemal was among those arrested, according to a tweet. (See previous post)

Below, I believe the man speaking is the general. This has got to be a first for anti-Islam demonstrations.

 Update: February 6 -

Here's a short video showing the arrest of General Piquemal. From the looks of it, things got pretty violent. Do they treat criminals the way they treated a retired general?


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