Sunday, 1 November 2015

KKK poster put on the home door of Black Lives Matter activist

Jocellyn Harvey, 24, discovered the flier folded up in her mailbox Thursday night.
"When I first got it and thought it was just me I thought it was a really bad prank," Harvey said. "Once I found out another person was targeted, that's when it felt like a crime, this is not safe, this is stalking in a sense."

The disturbing delivery led community and faith leaders to call a news conference. Burlington's police chief said leaving the two posters was an act of terrorism.
"Is this a hate group taking root here?" Brandon del Pozo said. "Is this somebody who is on a campaign of quasi-legal intimidation? We all benefit from knowing that."
Police said they're on the hunt for whoever is behind the drop-offs, but a Black Lives Matter activist criticized the department for not getting involved right away.
Vicky Garrison said when the father of one of the victims called 911 to report the poster the dispatcher dismissed the complaint.

Del Pozo apologized for that decision.
"Even if it's an incident and not a crime, I think we benefit from who's behind it," del Pozo said.
Dozens gathered to talk about the situation.
“People of color have so few safe spaces in Vermont," said Jas Wheeler of Peace & Justice Center. "When the safety of our homes are violated, the community must respond and the police must be held accountable. As an Afro-Latina living in Vermont, I had trouble falling asleep last night."
Another person said incidents of hate have no place in Vermont.
"This community stands for love, respect and dignity for all," said James Haslam, executive director of Rights & Democracy. "We are committed to racial justice."
Harvey, who grew up in Maine, has lived in Vermont for six years. She said she has never experienced anything this pointed before, and although she is comforted by the support, she's watching her back.
"For now I'm definitely double-checking my doors, letting my neighbors know this is a situation and being aware of my surroundings," Harvey said.
Plans have been made for a mass community rally and vigil against hate on Thursday at 7 p.m. at city hall.


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