Sunday, 29 November 2015

German Patriotic Party Excludes Revisionist

German Politican Susanne Ulber has been excluded from the German patriotic, anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) for having "denied the holocaust". Ulber had posted the video interview German revisionist Ursula-Haverbeck had given to a leftist German government TV channel in early 2015 on her facebook-account. (See here for our report on that event.)
On November 19 and 20, Ulber wrote:
"The Holocaust is the largest and most impactful lie of history."
"Guys, you are taken sooo much for a ride!!!! Knowledge is power!!! Please spread this!!! You are the first victims of the Second World War!!!"
"Did the Holocaust exist? Ursula Haverbeck was sentenced to 10 months in prison by the company FRG"
The party's Board said: "There´s no place for such persons and ideas within our party."


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