Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kai Murros - Revolution in England + Video

"This nation is not dead yet... the determination of the English people to survive will grow as it becomes painfully obvious what is waiting for them should they give up the fight.
The illusions are crumbling, false hopes are being dashed and the lies you have been told are quickly losing their charm. The age of self-deception will soon be over. The English people are cornered, they cannot hide, escape, take one step back, look the other way or bury their heads in the sand as they have done so far. 
Your elite on the other hand doesn't even bother to hide any more the fact that it is planning a total destruction of England. Your elite is confident that you have lost your will to survive and you are merely waiting for the final blow. But this is the moment when the game begins... 
Those who set out to destroy you, to murder your people, begin to panic as they realise that the tables are turning... In this struggle the very best of your people will have to face the very worst of your people. Your strength, your secret weapon, your strategic advantage in this struggle is your uncompromising love for this land and its people. 
Your enemies, on the other hand, resort to hatred and contempt for the English people. One can only wonder how anyone can be such a fool as to think that one can conquer a people by ridiculing them, by threatening them and by attacking them both verbally and physically. 
Only decadent western Marxism has produced movements that claim to be revolutionary but operate on self-hatred and ethnic masochism. Only decadent western Marxism has produced movements that claim to be revolutionary but celebrate criminals and aggressive parasites as heroes... 
The main function of the radical Left in modern society is to do the system's dirty work, to terrorise and intimidate ordinary people into submission, to violently shove down their throats multiculturalism, mass immigration and ethnic suicide. 
The radical Left is merely the ugly face of the great liberal consensus, left liberals and right liberals all aiming at one thing and one thing only, the death of Europe... 
In the final analysis it can be said that the modern radical Left is nothing else but the spoilt brat of the Welfare State. You, however, do not have this luxury, you have to face this hostile world as it is in order to break it, to crush it, dismantle it and then rebuild it. You cannot have illusions.

Your strength is that you love England and English people... You do not despise your people for the way they are, you do not hate your people for the way they live their lives, you do not attack your people for the things they cherish and hold dear. You do not try to forcefully change your people. You love the English people warts and all. 
You must make the English people love themselves and you must find a way to make English people understand that they are precious and that their lives matter. 
Go to the people... and tell them that it is not their duty to sacrifice their lives and surrender their future only to satisfy the endless demands of the psychopathic capitalist class and its political minions in the LibLabCon party... 
Tell the people that there are absolutely no limits to what you are prepared to do in order to protect them and secure their future. Make it absolutely clear that there are no laws, no agreements, no treaties, no conventions, national or international, unilateral, multilateral, global or universal that you would not break... in order... to secure the future of the English people... 
All the wars and violent conflicts England has faced so far will pale in comparison with what is coming.  
Soon history will be made again in this land."
Not just you and me any more, is it?

This rage against the machine is international.

Sometime soon we'll switch the machine off.

Kai Murros knows this.


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