Sunday, 6 September 2015

Protest against islam in US

More than 100 people gathered outside a middle school in Bristol, Tennessee, Friday morning to protest curriculum teaching children about Islam.
Under the state’s Common Core curriculum, seventh-graders are required to learn about the history of Islam and compare and contrast it with other religions, local NBC affiliate WCYB reported.
The curriculum is part of the Tennessee social studies standards, which are set by the State Board of Education.
“We can’t change that,” Amy Scott, principal of Vance Middle School said. “That’s not something we have control over. We do have a responsibility to teach it in a politically neutral and religiously neutral environment, and we do that. We take that very seriously.”
Members of the community held a silent and peaceful protest to raise awareness about the issue. Protesters said they are not upset with the school but want to see the state change the curriculum requirement, WCYB reported.
“This is when kids begin developing their own faith and character for the rest of their lives,” said Jane Thomas during the protest. “To me, it’s a very scary thing.”
Many people had signs proclaiming support for Christianity and warning of Islam being taught in schools.
“This was the first phase, and we hope it will start interest in other towns,” said Patty Kinkead, organizer of the protest, local news station WJHL reported.
She said participants from Kingsport and Johnson City showed interest in organizing similar demonstrations in their towns.
Ms. Kinkead was skeptical that Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam would move to change Common Core standards.
“So the hope is to start a grassroots movement to make him reconsider,” she said.


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