Sunday, 13 September 2015

Historic British Nationalist group ‘The Right Club’ to return

In an age where once again international Jewry has dominated the world and taken control of this nation through political perversity, it is necessary to establish a firm defence in order to secure a future for our people.
The Right Club–first established in 1939 by Conservative Party MP, Archibald Ramsay–served as a club and society for the dominating figures of Nationalism to expose and oppose Jewry within England. Former members of the Right Club include: A.K Chesterton, Sir Oswald Mosley, The 5th Duke of Wellington, the Duke of Westminster and William Joyce. The Right Club is and always was a Secret Society that acts to protect it’s members from Jewish persecution.
Whilst the times and climate may have changed, the Jewish menace remains the same and a resurrection of the Right Club in the 21st Century would be both an effective and appropriate way to combat organised Jewry within the highest echelons of our society.
The Right Club will not be a movement or a Political Party, the club will remain true to it’s secret and established values. Whilst the objectives and agenda of our club is known–including my involvement–membership to the club will remain secret along with our meetings.
Membership will be by invite or reccomendation only, with meetings held in complete secrecy and silence. Membership will be cross-party and open to all those who wish to oppose Jewry.
Like Sir Oswald Mosley, Archibald Ramsay and many other prominent Nationalists, I was once a member of the Conservative Party and I will be extending invitations to current Conservative Party MPs. Not only will we extend invitations to Conservatives, membership will be open to all right-minded individuals.
The Right Club shall serve as an intellectual hub of Anti-Jewification action and shall be responsible for coordinating lawful activity against Jewry by means of opposition.
We will meet at undisclosed locations across Britain where an agenda shall be fulfilled alongside debate and resolution to Jewry.
The decision to bring back the Right Club reflects the time we live in but also the need for organised opposition of Jewry has greatly increased in recent months.
In truth, the Right Club is needed and I am confident it will be an asset in service to our people.
Perish Judah.
Joshua Bonehill


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