Friday, 25 September 2015

60 Year Old Woman Shoots 2 of 7 ‘KNOCKOUT GAME’ Attackers

Beulah Montgomery, had just turned 60 the day before, when she was approached by 7 young punks playing Knock Out.  One of them hit her and a second was attempting to hit her, so she reached for her gun.  She fired 5 times and two of the young men fell down dead.  One was hit in the stomach and one in the chest.  The other five ran off after finding out their elderly victim was less than helpless.   Montgomery had been mugged before and started carrying a gun for protection.  The move paid off.
“All I could feel was pain and I said to myself I had made it to 60 and I wanted to at least see 61.  Then I started praying and I asked the Lord to guide my hands.”
Beulah is a member of the neighborhood watch (uh oh, I can see an Al Sharpton moment coming on) and says that she always carries a gun now after being robbed once before:
 ”It’s a shame you can’t walk through your own neighborhood where you are supposed to feel safe without being assaulted and mistreated.  I purchased the gun hoping I would never have to use it, but I’m glad to still be in the land of the living.”
Police have not yet charged Montgomery with anything, but she was detained and then released.  Montgomery has no prior arrests.
In a related story out of Philadelphia, there were three knockout game attacks, including victims 61, and 80.  All three victims were white and the attackers were black.  Race may have played a part in the attacks.


Should have been a pump action

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