Sunday, 12 July 2015

European Jewish Parliament: Meeting with Marine Le Pen

Meeting with Marine Le Pen

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) is a political body that brings together elected representatives from all European countries and beyond, with the aim to advance Jewish life in Europe and to support Israel. This includes fighting to eradicate Antisemitism and countering the Boycott Movement against Israel.
In this context, we are meeting and commencing in a dialogue with the leaders of all political groups and fractions in the European Parliament.
We believe that the campaigns for fighting Antisemitism, stoping the boycott movement and safe-guarding Kashrut, calls for a broader political support in Europe.
In this context, EJP delegation led by the chairman Vadim Rabinovich met yesterday, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with the political fraction Europe of Nations, headed by MEP Marine Le Pen.
We discussed issues concerning fighting Antisemitism, stopping the Boycott of Israel, which is the new face of Antisemitism and Kashrut. The EJP representatives explained the importance of all these issues for Jewish life in Europe and confirmed willingness for a dialogue with all European political groups and fractions based on these elements.
MEP Le Pen reconfirmed that Antisemitism has no place in her fraction and she would not accept anyone who has anti-Semitic views. Le Pen said she objects the boycott against Israel.
The meeting was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg where a kosher lunch was served. It was the perfect occasion to emphasise the European Jewish Parliament’s view that Kashrut is part of the European Heritage.


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