Monday, 11 May 2015

One neo-Nazi party ceases operations

Svenskarnas Parti, or the Party of the Swedes, has announced that the party’s political activities have come to an end, a move that Anna-Sofia Quensel from the anti-racist foundation Expo told Radio Sweden was "surprising."

Swedish Radio News has confirmed reports of the disbanding of the party with its leader Stefan Jacobsson.
The neo-Nazi party writes on its website that its purpose to “coordinate the serious political opposition outside the Sweden Democrats”, was successful, but that the party failed to attract political representatives.
The party claimed the natural reason for this is the fact that it is difficult to openly work within a firmly nationalist party.
The party had a target of reaching 10,000 voters, which it failed to do, and did not receive a mandate in any of the 34 municipalities in which it candidated.


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