Wednesday, 22 April 2015

US: Whites Fleeing to the Countryside

by Jeff Davis

Here’s another one of those fascinating little articles that demonstrates White people doing things for racial reasons, but wherein the word “race” is not mentioned once.

An article from Pewtrusts reports: “Winding up Route 400, a good 40 minutes’ north of Atlanta’s traffic-snarled freeways, are miles of farmhouses, interspersed with mobile homes, McMansions and thrift shops. Here, too, is Dawson County’s biggest draw: the North Georgia Premium Outlets, where tourists hunt for bargains at Burberry, Armani and Restoration Hardware.”

“Despite the designer outlets, the vibe is decidedly rural Americana.” (Interesting code word for “White.”) “Tractors chug the roads. Masonic symbols emblazon the county government building. It’s a small town feel that Ginny Tarver says drew her to the area from Naples, Florida, to get married and work as an executive assistant in the county building. “

That and to get away from the Blacks, Haitians and racial Babylon of southern Florida.

“Dawson is one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia and reflects a demographic shift in the nation: a return to exurbia.” (That’s the yuppie word for country now, I guess.) “New census data show that for the first time since 2010, the outermost suburban counties are growing faster than urban counties and close-in suburbs, according to analysis by the Brookings Institution. People are moving back to the exurbs, some for jobs, others for bigger and more affordable homes in a more wide-open space.”

“…A decade ago, the exurbs were the hot thing in real estate. Between 2005 and 2006, the peak growth period for exurbs, urban counties lost over 1.3 million people as people left for the far reaches in surrounding counties.”

“Young professionals in search of more affordable housing gravitated there, lured by sprawling subdivisions. Exurbs gained about 146,000 new residents through domestic migration, according to William Frey, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who analyzed the new Census Bureau population estimates for counties and metro areas, which were released on March 26.”

I would imagine this coincided with the availability of high-speed internet service in these areas, thus making telecommuting possible. Most big corporations have been dragging their heels refusing to allow employees to telecommute, but the few who do get the chance, flee the big cities with their sky-high real estate prices and minority crime and ruined public schools.

This is a great opportunity for any Whites, who can swing it. You get big city pay and the low real estate prices of a rural area. I hope a good number of Whites do take advantage of this, and tell their friends just how wonderful it is to live in an all-White community –something which White people in big cities have long forgotten.

Hopefully, the Whites, who choose to live in the exurbs, will pay off their home loans ASAP and save up some money for future hard times because there are other problems facing America –like jobs being outsourced to India and a total financial collapse thanks in part to a dim witted mulatto, who has been running up the National Debt. At least the White people in the exurbs will be spared some of the worst chaos which will break out in the big cities.


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