Saturday, 11 April 2015

NSM 2015 April Nationals


PHONE: 567/315-2398

The National Socialist Movement (NSM / NSM88.ORG) will hold a public rally in the city of
Toledo, Ohio on April 18th at 3:30 pm. Some may remember the NSM Toledo rally from back in
2005, in which we were called upon by local residents who were being terrorized by black gangs.
The first rally was followed by major rioting by black residents who were used as pawns by
anarchist and communist forces in order to violently oppose the National Socialists, as well as oppose
the local police department whom both the gang members and anarchists hate with a passion.
The rioting made international news due to the violence and destruction that was caused.
Anyone wishing to read up on the incident can google NSM Toledo riots, or simply “Toledo Riots,” or
check Google images for countless pictures of these 2005 riots.
The NSM condemned the 2005 riots, and our opposition proved that they are exactly the
violent criminals we said they are. The Toledo rally was important ten years ago, due to violence in the
city, and is just as important today considering things have not improved there.
The National Socialist Movement is calling upon our folk and allies once again as we make
another public stand in Toledo on April 18th. The rally is open to all NSM members, supporters, and
we extend the invitation and a hand of solidarity to other pro-white activists, and organizations, to take
to the streets of Toledo with us.


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