Sunday, 5 April 2015

Mongolia apologizes for attack on Chinese tourists by neo-Nazi group :)

Earlier today the president of Mongolia issued an apology in response to a recent incident in which an extremist group attacked and insulted several Chinese tourists visiting the east of the country.
According to China Daily, the Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said that extreme nationalism is harmful, and Mongolia should be a responsible, friendly and open country.
On March 28, several Chinese tourists were attacked by a Mongolian neo-Nazi group, known in English as "Blue Mongolia," while travelling on the Burkhan Khaldun mountain in Khentii province, eastern Mongolia.
Despite the attack, none of the tourists, who have long since returned to China, contacted the local Chinese Embassy or went to local police to report the incident.
The apology was offered after pictures and video clips of the incident were in true Chinese fashion uploaded to the internet, drawing attention to their plight.
Earlier on Thursday, the major of Ulan Bator, the country's capital city, speaking to the Chinese affected said "I officially apologize to the Chinese citizens for the immoral behaviour [of the extremists]."
In recent years, a number of neo-Nazi groups have appeared in Mongolia, espousing ultranationalism and harboring hatred for foreigners.


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