Tuesday, 24 February 2015

France: The Front National leads the polls for next month's regional elections.

The popularity of France's far-right National Front party continues to grow apace, with a new poll placing Marine Le Pen's party as favourites in next month's local elections.
According to an Ifop survey commissioned by Le Figaro newspaper, the National Front enjoy the support of 30 per cent of the public, ahead of a combined score of 28 per cent for the conservative UMP and centrist UDI parties.
President Francois Hollande's Socialist party currently sits in third place with 20 per cent, with his personal approval ratings have slipping to 24 per cent just a month after he was lauded for his handling of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
At the end of 2014, with an approval rating of only 12 per cent, Hollande was the least popular President in France's history.
The poll also showed National Front voters to be the most mobilised, with 53 per cent intending to vote in the March local election, as opposed to around 45 per cent of voters for the country's other main parties.

The anti-immigrant, anti-EU party came first in last year's European Parliament elections in France, and has been hovering just below 30 per cent approval for several months now.
Earlier this month, the ruling Socialist party were able to beat off the surging National Front in the by-election in the Doubs, in eastern France.
Since then the party has been in crisis, with Hollande's economic reform programme prompting an attempt from the left to oust the President.


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