Saturday, 24 January 2015

President of South Africa: "In 2015 we will start taking the land from whites"

"In 2015 we will start taking the land from whites" - said the president of South Africa, which is much more suitable epithet "Homo erectus".

We are talking about areas in the past belonged to the indigenous population - all governments since the collapse of the apartheid regime promised to convey them into the hands of people who are slightly touched evolution, by some altogether gone.

In his speech Neanderthal announced the results of previous attempts at land reform (according to the model, which in South Africa called the "willing buyer, willing seller") unsatisfactory. He assured that the expropriation of land enshrined in the constitution of the country and assured that everything will be done within the law - that is, compensation from the state.

However, in the articles of the constitution, which quoted the president in his speech, said that the amount of compensation and terms of payment shall be determined by the court. Critics of reform argue that the money for "fair" compensation of its kind in South Africa budget there is not expected.

source :MD Новости - "В 2015 мы начнем отбирать землю у белых"


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