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David Duke on Nicki Manaj. Exposing Zio Media Lies!

What good is stormfront if we don't use the power of stormfront to organize mass resistance and internet postings to expose Jewish lies. Please read the bottom of this post and help Dr. Slattery's campaign to expose this latest lie of the Jewish racists!

Dr. Duke’s criticism of Nicki Minage had nothing to do with criticism of police.
My Real Comments on Nicki Manaj — by Dr. David Duke.

Once again Zio Media Lies!

In recent days my comments on the destructive nature of gangsta rap and rapper Nicky Minage upon millions of both black and white youth have gone viral in the music industry.

On of the first leading rap music websites, HipHopdx literally quoted the comments I made on my radio show word for word for their readers. You can read them below. It was not an attack on black rappers, it was a broadside attack on the Jewish moguls of music and the mainstream media and their promotion of the horrific messages of the music.

The black rap fan audience, reading my actual words on HipHopDX, overwhelmingly supported my position, posting comments on that article that I was spot on in my analysis of the Jewish role in exploiting and harming the black community. This is especially remarkable considering the Jewish media’s constant portrayal of my over 37-year-old ties to the Klan. Still, my words were so obviously true and powerful they couldn’t help but agree.

Over the next few days the story went viral, with the Jewish-controlled media outlets controlling the debate. They didn’t want to publicize my assertion the music industry is in fact controlled by Jews. So they tried to make out that my opposition to Minaj was based on her race rather than the filth she produces for the Jewish moguls.

So the lies began to flood the Zio media.
Lie 1. It was reported I said that blacks didn’t invent rap. In truth I have had many articles that condemned destructive gangsta rap (which could also be called “zio-rap”).

I certainly think that blacks created the musical form called rap. What I say is that Jewish moguls promoted the most destructive and sickening, violence and drug drenched, obscenity drenched version of rap music, and this has so damaged blacks and all the rest of us.
Lie 2. After this happened The Raw Story, The Root and other Jewish controlled publications began circulating the lie that I attacked Nicki Minaj after she supported the demonstrations against the police. Great misdirection on their part I must say. Make blacks hate me so much they don’t see the truth of what I am saying.

The truth is that I attacked Minaj and the zio-gangster rap before the Rolling Stone story that allegedly talks about her views on the police brutality. At that time I had no knowledge of her position on that subject and it is entirely irrelevant to my criticism of her and the Jewish moguls who support her. Nevertheless, asserts that “during Duke’s radio show, he made reference to that interview.” And the interview didn’t even post to Rolling Stone’s website until AFTER my show!

My comments that it was because of her comments in Rolling Stone of which I had no knowledge, had nothing to do with my condemnation of Jewish controlled gangsta rap. I literally said blacks can’t even blamed for its mass promotion by the music moguls and the mainstream media.

Lie 3. Some Jewish media in attempt to get the black people reading the articles to hate me suggested that I haven’t attacked white degenerates such as Lady Gaga. In fact, repeatedly in my videos and words I have attacked her and the Jewish media moguls for the promotion of her sickening values to our young people. Jewish-controlled Hollywood produced videos of her in Christian garb with a huge Red Christian cross in something like a nun’s habit on her — as she participates in gang sex!

So the message was that David Duke is anti-black so don’t listen to me about the Jewish exploitation and impact on the black community.

I have repeatedly pointed out the pinnacle of the music industry in America is completely controlled by Zionist, racist Jews, just as the movie industry is. I have had dozens of articles about the horrific impact of the Jewish-controlled entertainment industry on our nation. Movies today specifically aimed at the biggest numbers of movie goers, young people, are filled with sick violence, degenerate sex, promotion of drug and alcohol use, and sexual behavior more worthy of Bonobo monkeys than loving and caring human beings.

How many millions of people have had their lives destroyed by this glorification of drugs, alcohol, sexual license and porn, and of course criminality and thuggery, violence? How many millions of blacks have gone to prison because of this mass media promoted lifestyle, or had their lives destroyed by drugs?

Here are my words as shown in
“Take a look at Gangster Rap,” he said. “Take a look at constant chronic media talking about Gangster Rap, elevating and making exciting Black criminality, thuggery, promoting drugs, promoting all sorts of sexual abuse, abuse of women.

The videos for Black rappers and so forth show women at their feet, sucking their toes or God-knows what else. Just being practically slaves to Black males. You take a look at it, the media in this country…and it’s for white people too. European-Americans are affected by it too, but Black people have been really affected by it.

This Black, so-called Gangster Rap and this other disgusting and degrading degenerate music which is the most popular music among the Black people and a good sector of the white people.
Just look at the Nicki Minaj. I don’t even want you to look at it, it’s so horrible. You will never hear more of the ‘n-word,’ more words about ass…God knows I’m not going to say all the things they say. Every kind of filthy word. Every kind of filthy, violent drug-promoting material. It’s just absolutely sickening.

…And the guy that produces all that, one of the Jewish producers, in fact, the entire music industry is absolutely controlled by the Zionists, the Jewish extremists, the same ones in the media that support Israel and basically pervert our country and the interest of America for that of Israel…

One of the Jewish producers was boasting about the fact that every one of the Top 10 Billboard songs were those he (Zionist music mogul Lucian Grainge) controlled. So, I tell ya, even Rap music (it’s popularity) is not something that Blacks really were responsible for. It was the Jewish record producers who promoted this degenerate and sick music.
On other shows and on my website I have stated although rap is not music I like, that it is primarily an expression of black culture, I have said repeatedly that the problem with gangsta rap is not primarily its musical style, but its toxic promotion to young blacks and whites of violence, drugs, thuggery, criminality and sexual degeneracy as well as disrespect and abuse of women, and racist hatred against white people.

By presenting this sick, degenerate lifestyle as the essence of blackness, the Zio-record industry has devastated the black community and the black family. This is the kind of culture is promoted not only by the Jewish music bosses but the rest of the Zio-media. In effect, the Jewish promotion of pornographic, violent, drug glorifying gangster rap destroys more black young people than the few shot by white police.

Here are quotes from rap fans on HipHopdx about my statements in the article:
I really feel uncomfortable when I agree with everything the KKK leader says.

I agree with him. These people have used our talents and creativity to promote self-hatred. The Irritated Genie has discussed the role of small hats in his lecture. Go to youtube and listen. These people have not been a real friend to us, but they have enriched themselves from our backs.

Jarrad Hurley
He is right when he calls nicki Minaj a piece of ****. She clearly is. She should be sucking dicks for money, not given a platform to express her stupid self. She can **** off with that big gaping ass of hers.

Sensaye Sixkiller
I can’t even argue with anything he said man, that’s the sad part. He’s right. Rap music and urban culture can’t even be defended any more. Rap music is not in it’s infancy anymore. It’s been around long enough where it should be evolving and progressing, and it’s not. It’s just a cesspool of ignorance, with the exception of a very small percentage of artists. There’s no regard whatsoever for the listeners, who are mostly kids. Everyone has totally absolved themselves of responsibility for their material, their people, and their community. Everyone is too absorbed with their own sense of self-importance to care about anything. “I’mma get dish money shun, **** everybody”.

He seems to be more angry at jewish people than Nicki Minaj


You’re right about Dr Duke. I’m a Muslim convert married to a Pakistani and with plenty of friends of all colours. Nothing about David Duke offends me, he is right and a wise decent human being also.

Duke is totally right on this.
he absolutely right!
and on and on……………………………….
If you don’t believe me that Jewish media moguls are consciously trying to undermine the morals of the black and white goyim (non-Jews), please take a look at this screenshot from the website of Haaretz Newspaper, Israel’s largest “liberal” outlet:

This article, which was written by a Jewish Professor Josh Lambert of the University of Massachusetts, starts off by apologetically stating that “Brilliant actors like Larry David and Sarah Silverman are challenging America’s powerful religious, family-friendly culture and asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.”


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