Monday, 26 January 2015

Council worker suspended over 'kick Islam out of Britain' Facebook post

Dave Balderstone has been suspended from his job with Manchester council for posting an Islamophobic comment on Facebook
A town hall worker has been suspended after posting an Islamophobic comment on Facebook.
Dave Balderstone, 46, replied to a British National Party post with the message: ‘Kick Islam out of Britain - we need our country back.’
Manchester council bosses took action last week after a member of the public contacted the M.E.N. in disgust.
Mr Balderstone, of Manley Road, Chorlton, has now been suspended from his position as an IT support technician while the post is investigated.
The BNP message to which he replied earlier this month was set against the background of a Union Jack and read: ‘Isn’t it weird that in Britain our flag offends so many people, yet our benefits don’t...’
Mr Balderstone also replied to a BNP post about mass immigration in October, writing: ‘Taxpayers picking up the bill as usual and we are being treated like s***’.
It is unclear whether he is a party member.
Among the ‘favourite quotes’ listed on his Facebook is the line: ‘Don’t slag anybody off until you know you will get away with it.’
Since being suspended from the council he has changed his job status on Facebook to ‘self-employed - bog cleaner’.
When approached by the M.E.N. he said he was ‘shocked’ by what had happened but did not wish to comment further.
The council’s social media protocol, which was updated in the autumn, says that even on private accounts staff should not post anything that breaches the employee code of conduct.
That states workers should have respect for others, should not do anything that will bring the authority into disrepute and should not discriminate on racial grounds.
Serious breaches of the social media guidelines could result in sacking or even legal action or prosecution.
A council spokesman said: “We expect the highest standards of conduct from our employees and view this matter extremely seriously.
“The employee concerned has been suspended pending investigation.
“Although we have not received a complaint from the member of the public who contacted the MEN, we are investigating this matter further under the council’s disciplinary procedure based on the information which the MEN has provided.”

Source: Manchester Evening


So this man has now had his name, address and PICTURE published in the Manchester Evening News, so that liberal bigots (antifa) and fans of the false prophet (pigs be upon his filthy festering thieving raping carcass) can attack him in or around his own home. He will also lose his job for expressing an opinion. Does anyone doubt that his posts were right? The UK is a moslem infested hell hole and free speech is a sure path to poverty and to attacks by the verey scum who claim to support a democratic nation! Shame of the M.E.N, shame on the G.M.C. Shame on the ordinary Britons who allow this to go on.

He is being Made an Example of alright
This is what happens if You speak out against the Jew Proxy
Their Creation
Who does His bidding
And Who poses an obstruction to the Implementation of their Agenda
The War of Attrition against the White Race
And their Displacement from Europe
As a Majority Race
And their eventual Demise

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