Sunday, 7 December 2014

Swedish government collapses over mass immigration, new election to be held.

In the last Swedish election the single issue, anti-immigration Swedish Democrats [SD] won 13%. This caused a major power shift in the Swedish parliament and put SD in a position to be king-maker.
Denmark has the strictest immigration laws in Europe. This is because the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party [DFP] refused to support any parties legislation unless they support DFP legislation on immigration.

The SD is now doing the same thing. SD refused to vote for any new budget that did not include a crack down on immigration. Last year, the Swedish socialist declared that anyone claiming to be Syrian could come to Sweden and stay forever. The purpose is to bring new Socialist voters to Sweden to make up for their declining performance at the polls.
Last year the SD took in 86,700 new immigrants, a huge number for a country with such a small population. On a per capita basis, Sweden took in three times the legal immigrants that America took in last year!
The SD declared that they would not support any new budget that did not significantly reduce the number of immigrants. Neither the Socialist-Green alliance nor the coalition of moderate parties could get enough votes to pass a budget. For the first time in over fifty years, the Swedish government has collapsed. A snap election has been scheduled for March.
The SD says the will turn the March election into a national referendum on immigration. If the SD continues to get enough votes to block either faction from a majority, they can make Sweden ungovernable until one side concedes on immigration.
The last election was held in September of 2014. The Socialists and Greens got 44.1%, centrist parties got 33.9%, the Swedish Democrats got 12.9%, the Liberal [center-right libertarian] party got 5.7%.


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