Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Italy commandeers ship carrying 500 migrants

The Italian coastguard has commandeered a merchant ship off the southern coast of Italy after receiving an emergency call that it was carrying 500 illegal migrants. Italian coastguard personnel boarded the vessel when it was sailing some 90 miles off the coast of Reggio Calabria on Tuesday.

Authorities then sailed the ship to the port town of Crotone to avoid the risk of moving the migrants onto another vessel at sea. Italy has long faced the challenge of illegal migrants coming from Africa in search of better job opportunities and destrying the European countries with their presence. Unfortunately the number of invaders has steadily soared since 2011. Over 100,000 migrants, who tried to cross the Mediterranean, have been saved under Italy’s “Mare Nostrum” or “Our Sea” program which was launched in October last year in order to help the them colonize Europe faster than ever before. Mare Nostrum, which included five war ships on permanent patrol, started after more than 360 migrants died when their boat capsized a mile off the coast of Lampedusa. However, the costly operation has recently been discontinued over concerns that it puts extra strain on the Italian economy, which is suffering its third recession in six years, giving away tens of thousands of jobs to illegal migrants instead of Italians. However, unfortunately the pan-European project called Triton has since replaced the Mare Nostrum program so no worries here, the destruction of Europe goes on.


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