Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy winter Solstice!

39.I saw the Sun
true Star of Day
sink into her roaring home
and by the Gate of Hel
I heard, from the other side
A heavy creaking.

40. I saw the Sun
beset with blood beams
I was fast declining from the halls of the world
she seemed more powerful
in many ways
than she had been before.

41. I saw the Sun
and it seemed to me
that I was seeing a glorious goddess;
to Her I bowed
for one last time
in this world of time

42. I saw the Sun
she beamed so splendidly
that I thought myself to know nothing
and the streams of the river of Hel
roared from the other side
blended much with blood

43. I saw the Sun
with quivering eyes
appalled and shrinking
because my heart
was to a great degree
torn apart in languor

44. I saw the Sun
and was seldom sadder
I was now far from the halls of the world
my tongue
had turned into wood
and all around me was cold.

45. I saw the Sun
and then never again
after that gloomy day
for the waters of the mountain
closed around me
and I was called from my pains.

46. The Star of Hope flew
when I was born
cut out from my chest
she soared high
never settled
so that she might have found peace.

The Song of the Sun, Poetic Edda, translated by me Maria Kvilhaug)
Article with Old Norse text and explanation:


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