Wednesday, 5 November 2014

White students now the minority in America's public schools

DANBURY-- America's public schools have reached a turning point: This year, for the first time, students of color will outnumber white students in kindergarten to grade 12, a demographic shift fueled by a growing number of Hispanic and Asian children.

According to a new report by the National Center for Education, minorities including Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, Native Americans and multiracial children will account for 50.3 percent of public school students.
The demographic change in public schools is expected to accelerate as America continues to become more diverse. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2043, white Americans will no longer be the majority group.
Education experts say this change poses several challenges for Connecticut public schools as districts adjust to a growing body of students whose first language is often not English, and who often come from low-income households.
Jennifer Alexander, CEO of the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, said the demographic shift means that educators must redouble their efforts to reduce the so-called achievement gap between white and minority students.

"In Connecticut, students of color aren't being well-served," Alexander said. "We have the largest achievement gap in the country. Two out of three African-American and Hispanic students can't read at grade level by third grade."
In Danbury, which has one of the most ethnically diverse districts in the state, the demographic milestone already has been passed. According to state Department of Education figures for 2012-13, white students make up only 40 percent of the student body.
School Superintendent Sal Pascarella said he believes the ratio is closer to 50-50, but there is no question the district has become more racially and ethnically diverse. The district has had to adjust by revamping curriculum and developing programs to accommodate the changing student body.
Schools celebrate multiculturalism, he said. Support services have been put in place to help non-English-speaking students achieve language and academic goals, and efforts are made to keep minorities and those from lower economic backgrounds from feeling isolated.
One of the biggest challenges, Pascarella said, has been hiring teachers reflective of the district's diverse student body.
"We recruited out of the country and state, and partnered with universities, but it's been a challenge," he said.
Statewide, 92 percent of Connecticut's nearly 37,000 teachers are white, compared to 58 percent of its 546,000 students. according to state figures.
The national demographic figures obscure wide disparities in the breakdown of individual school districts. In Connecticut, for example, state figures show that more than 40 school districts are at least 90 percent white, including Sherman and Region 12.
But the demographic change is slowly coming to suburban schools.
In Bethel, where 75 percent of students are white, Superintendent Christine Carver said she's seen a slow increase in the number of students from diverse backgrounds enrolling in district schools. Of 372 new enrollments this year, 106 were classified as nonwhite.
Down the road, Carver said, the district will have to reflect the diversity in cultures, and provide early intervention services to growing numbers of students.
"We'll respond to any student change and we'll be prepared to meet the challenges," she said.
For Marsha Daria, a professor of education at Western Connecticut State University, the change signals a need for teachers who are sensitive to other cultures and who can teach in a heterogeneous way. Teachers must also abandon "the deficit view of minority children," she said.
"We knew it was coming," Daria said. "Now we have to respond to these children and not look at them as minorities, but Americans as a whole."


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