Sunday, 9 November 2014

Parents racially abuse child handball player

An eleven-year-old handball player was called a "negro bastard" and told to go back "home" to Africa by parents of the opposing team at a youth tournament in Eslöv last weekend, according to a police report.

The incident occurred when the boy's team IFK Skovde met the home team Eslöv in the Skadevi Cup youth tournament last week.
The matter was reported to the police by the young boy's parents and the incident has been classified as a suspected hate crime, according to the broadcaster Sveriges Radio.
According to the report the source of the racist abuse was the parents of the opposing team.
The police report is supported by the boy's club IFK Skovde and the incident has furthermore been reported to the Skåne handball federation.
Eslövs HF's chairman Ingemar Jeppsson has responded that his club also takes a dim view on the incident.
"We're trying to bring clarity to it. Apparently it was one of our parents who expressed himself like this. And if this is the case... There is absolutely nothing we in the club can accept," he said to the local news website


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