Monday, 10 November 2014

German Activists to Stage Symbolic Demolition of Bulgaria-Turkey Border Fence

A group of German activists, who arrived Saturday in Bulgaria for a commemorative ceremony on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, are to stage a symbolic performance at the Lesovo border crossing point on Sunday.

The group of around 100 activists arrived in Bulgaria late on Saturday and they were accommodated at a hotel in Yambol. The two busses were escorted to the hotel by police.

On Sunday morning, they are expected to stage a symbolic demolition of the fence at the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The ceremony also aims to commemorate the residents of East Germany who tried to make their way to the West via Bulgaria and Turkey.

“This will be a purely symbolic action because this wall is not supposed to be there. It stops people seeking protection from receiving protection,” said one of the organizers in an interview for

He argued that the border fence had been built due to some 11 000 people who had crossed the border illegally, adding that it was an insignificant number for Germany and the country was ready to welcome them.

The situation in Yambol is calm and no representatives of nationalist parties have arrived there, despite their vocal opposition to the performance.

Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov has pointed out that the authorities will curb any attempts to demolish the fence.
The 33-km fence along Bulgaria’s 240-km southeastern border was completed in end-July.

The facility aims to curb the influx of migrants through the Bulgarian-Turkish border.



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