Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mixed-Race Son Kills His White Mother and Has Sex with Her Corpse

CORPUS CHRISTI - Testimony began today in the punishment phase for the murder trial of 18-year old Kevin Davis. Her plead guilty on Monday to killing mother, Kimberly Hill, in her unit at the Windrush Apartments.

Her son was arrested less than 24 hours later when he showed up at a home out in the country. According to police, he told the residents he needed to call 911 to confess to killing his mother.
Today jurors watched the police interrogation following Davis' arrest. He told detectives he first tried strangling his mother, Kimberly Hill, with a cord. But claims when that didn't work he grabbed a hammer and hit her over the head.
Davis is also seen on video telling police the gruesome details of how he had sex with his mother's dead body.
Detectives were also told by Davis that he had planned on killing his sister as well, but she never came home that night. Notes allegedly left at the crime scene also detail what Davis planned to do, according to court documents.
Some of the evidence collected includes explicit bondage videos stored on a computer that Davis is accused of trying to get rid of.
Testimony resumes on Wednesday. The maximum punishment is 99 years in prison.


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