Monday, 13 October 2014

Jobbik breakthrough in Sunday's local elections

Fidesz won landslide victory in Sunday's municipal elections; the Jobbik party achieved a significant breakthrough and the fake socialist coalition (the atlanticists) disintegrated.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona in his Sunday night speech thanked supporters and activists for the hard work in the election campaign highlighting that those who supported the Jobbik party did it voluntarily, they could not be intimidated or bribed.

The Jobbik party chairman congratulated the winners, and in those municipalities where the party didn't win he promised that Jobbik elected representatives will pursue constructive engagement policy in municipal councils. Vona stressed that the Jobbik party achieved significant breakthrough by greatly increasing its number of representatives in local councils nationwide. Today's electoral success confirmed that the Jobbik party is no longer a regional party as it won seats in all parts of the country. He added that 17 out of 19 county councils Jobbik captured the second place and increased the number of mayoral seats fourfold comparing to the 2010 results.

Gábor Vona remarked, that he is most proud of those candidates that have been reelected. It sends the message that the local communities trust the expertise of Jobbik party candidates. It is also important to remember that in the city of Békéscsaba the independent candidate won the mayoral seat by Jobbik party support.

Vona also stressed that two cities in Veszprém county, Devecser and Tapolca elected Jobbik mayors. In this part of the country Jobbik has never elected mayors before. He added that by winning in the cities of Törökszentmiklós and Ózd also shows that Jobbik achieved a nationwide breakthrough this year's local elections.

With more than 99 percent of votes counted the results show that Fidesz won most seats in medium-sized cities and towns across the country, followed by Jobbik. Today's vote confirmed what polling agencies indicated months before the local elections - Jobbik is the second most popular party in the country.

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Their efforts are huge, congratulations and keep going!

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