Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dutch study: White-Muslim marriages don’t assimilate

For 10 years, an Amsterdam sociologist, Leen Sterckx has been observing 28 Dutch-Turkish and Dutch-Moroccan couples to see if the couples, their families, and their friends assimilate with the other partner’s culture.
In her doctoral thesis, Sterckx concluded that mixed marriages between native White Dutch and Turkish/Moroccans have no effect on their friends and families cultural views, basically meaning that it doesn’t lead to “integration of minority groups” as she puts it.
It is a false hope to think mixed marriages bring different groups in the population closer together,” she told the Volkskrant.
A mixed marriage rarely leads to emotional ties between the two partners’ families and friends.
It starts at the wedding. One family wants no alcohol and no men and women in the same hall. The other family wants the opposite.
Sterckx says that there are other cultural aspects, for example circumcising and naming their children, and deciding where and how to bury deceased partners.
The family relationships are rarely harmonious.” she says.

Roughly 8% of young Turks and Moroccans marries a native Dutch.
The anti-Whites in power think they can have their cake and eat it too. Yes, they can try to get rid of White people with unending immigration from non-White countries, but they won’t get those non-Whites to abandon their own identity so easily.
Some anti-Whites would prefer non-Whites to adopt Western culture so that they can loudly proclaim from the rooftops that “it’s only skin color!” that’s the difference between White people and non-Whites.
Most White people move away from non-White areas, preferring to live with other Whites. Anti-Whites see this as a problem because for some reason they are obsessed with turning all White areas on the planet into “melting pots of diversity”.
If anti-Whites were honest and truthful people; instead of saying “we want diversity”, they would say “we want a White minority.” and “we want White genocide“, but as we know by now, they speak with cryptic code words.
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Race mixing = white genocide

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