Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Muslim claims she wasn't invited to works Christmas party

Odeon Birmingham Broadway Plaza
A Muslim woman is suing one of Birmingham’s biggest cinemas – claiming she was not invited to the staff Christmas party because of her race and religion.
Amal Hussein Abdi, from Handsworth, has been cleared to proceed with legal claims for more than 40 allegations of racial discrimination against Odeon Cinemas.
She worked as a general assistant at the firm’s Broadway Plaza cinema in Ladywood Middleway and said she expected to go to the party because she wanted “to be part of the team”.
Miss Abdi, from Solamia, spoke at a Birmingham Employment Tribunal preliminary hearing as she applied to go ahead with legal claims for race and religious discrimination.
James Collins, for Odeon, said she had little or no prospect of winning her case and the company denied her claims.
But Tufil Hussain, for Miss Abdi, said she felt compelled to resign because of her treatment – prompting a further legal claim for constructive unfair dismissal.
Mr Hussain said she had been bullied, harassed and victimised because of her race and religion.
One staff member made unfavourable comments about her hair and race and Miss Abdi had not been invited to the staff Christmas party because of her race and religion, it was alleged.
On another occasion a security guard made a comment which upset her, it was said.
“She would have been happy to have resolved her complaints internally but the management did not co-operate,” said Mr Hussain.
Miss Abdi originally made about 50 allegations against her former employers but Mr Collins successfully opposed some because they were out of time.
Tribunal judge Lynn Findlay told Miss Abdi she could go ahead with her other claims at a full tribunal hearing at a later date.
Miss Abdi said after the hearing that she wanted to attend the Christmas party and her religion would have made no difference.

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