Saturday, 13 September 2014

German newspaper targeted by neo-Nazis

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe said on Friday that neo-Nazi vandalism and threats against a local newspaper in eastern Germany were "unacceptable and must be stopped".

This week vandals sprayed the words "Jews" and the Nazi slogan "Sieg Heil" on the office windows of the Lausitzer Rundschau, a newspaper known for its coverage of far-right groups.
The week before four swastikas were daubed on other offices of the paper as well as "Jews, kill them" and "We'll get you all". There were similar incidents against the daily in 2012.
"These threats and acts of vandalism must be stopped and I am confident that the authorities will take the necessary precautions to ensure journalists' safety," the OSCE's media representative Dunja Mijatovic said.
"I welcome the condemnation of these attacks from the highest level of the German authorities in Brandenburg state and trust that these incidents will be swiftly and thoroughly investigated," she said in a statement.
The chief editor of the newspaper, Johannes Fischer, told the Berliner Zeitung that it would fight back with words which were "the most powerful weapons against spray cans and baseball bats".
Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak at a rally at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin against anti-Semitism on Sunday coinciding with a World Jewish Congress (WJC) meeting in the German capital.


The Bottom Line is
Chancellor Angela Merkin will speak at a rally at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin against anti-Semitism on Sunday coinciding with a World Jewish Congress (WJC) meeting in the German capital.
What a Coincidence?
Brandenberg Gate
War is Peace
Politically Correct
This is a staged event
Angela Merkin doesn't know what She is talking about
Anti Semitism is a Lie
When You have been Propagandized You have been Lied to
The Jews are not a Semitic Peoples
The Dead Sea Scrolls were Written in Modern Hebrew
Germany is Governed by a Puppet Government
From outside of Germany
And has been since the end of WW2
Eustace Mullins
All World Governments are corrupt
Jewish Mafia Controlled Crime Syndicates
And are about to Fail

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