Friday, 5 September 2014

French Jews increase support for far right

French Jews have shifted towards the Right over the years, in part over fears of Islamic anti-Semitism

The vote for the right-wing National Front party in France rose sharply in the 2012 presidential elections among voters who describe themselves as Jewish, AFP reported.
A recent survey examined the Jewish vote nationally but also in towns where the community has a strong presence (Sarcelles, Créteil, Villeurbanne).
Marine Le Pen won 13.5% of votes among French Jews in 2012. Overall, she won 18% of the vote.
Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie, a candidate in 2007, received only 4.4% of the Jewish vote at the time (as compared to 10.6% nationwide).
Observers attribute the surge to the absence of negative remarks about the Holocaust in the speech of Marine Le Pen, coupled with Jewish anxiety over the rise of Islamic anti-Semitism.
While Jewish voters in France were aligned with the Left during the 1970s and 1980s, since 2007 the majority of Jews have voted for right-leaning parties.
In 2007, as in 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy, the UMP (French conservative party) candidate obtained 45% of the Jewish vote, which was 14.6 points higher than his national average in 2007 and 18 points above his national average in 2012
Jews in France represent less than 1% of the population, or 260,000 voters.


We need more Holocaust Museums
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