Sunday, 17 August 2014

UKIP Rejects Donation from Dead, Racist, BNP Supporter – Will Give Cash to Anti-ISIS Charity

The UK Independence Party has today announced that it will refuse a donation from a deceased, UK terror convict who left the party nearly £30,000 in his will, Breitbart London can exclusively report.

The bequest, as found on the Electoral Commission's website, came from Allen Boyce, who was a British National Party (BNP) supporter, and who was convicted in 2006 of sending bomb-making instructions to BNP activist Terry Collins.
UKIP has a policy of refusing former BNP members, as well as British nationals who have been members of far right organisations such as the National Front, British Freedom Party, British People's Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party.
As such, the party will not be putting Boyce's money to use. UKIP has revealed to Breitbart London that the party intends to give the £28.416.84 to a charity helping Christians or Yazidi minorities who are currently suffering at the hands of ISIS in Kurdistan.
According to the BBC, Boyce was sentenced by Lewes Crown Court to serve two years in prison, and placed him under a two-year supervision order.
The move by UKIP will raise questions of other political parties who continue to accept donations from 'dodgy' sources. Earlier this summer, the Conservative Party was the focus of attention following their insistence on accepting a donation from oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin's government in Russia.
In 2009 the Liberal Democrats accepted £2.4m from one Michael Brown who was later convicted of fraud and sentenced to serve 7 years in prison.
The story was originally meant to be reported by the Mail on Sunday, tomorrow. But UKIP has acted quickly upon learning of Boyce's background.
Andrew Reid, UKIP's acting Treasurer told Breitbart London: "We are pleased that the Mail on Sunday has brought this to our attention and are horrified at the provenance of this money. To that end we will decide on which charity, either one helping those Christians and Yazidi suffering in Kurdistan and/or those who have been victims of racist and anti-Semitic abuse in this country".
UKIP's Head of Press Gawain Towler spoke exclusively to Breitbart London: "It will be good to give a racist's money to the victims of racism. At least in UKIP when a criminal's money is given to us, we refuse it".


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