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The Rebuilding of a Nation

By Max Musson:

On a nationalist discussion forum recently, one commenter wrote disparagingly of the value of creating White enclaves. Referring to them as PLEs* he wrote:
“I live in a PLE now, my street as far as I can tell, is devoid of non-Whites.
“I suppose I could just switch off from reality and pretend to myself that this is how the rest of Britain is. Comfort myself that every street is like mine.
“We can take turns to have little get-together’s and help each other out with maintenance and gardening.
“But what if a neighbour moves out and a non-White moves in?
“What if while I’m being jolly walking up and down my street exchanging hello’s with my White neighbours the rest of the city has turned into a third world ghetto?
“How will I stop my beautiful street from being consumed like all the rest when I live in a small bubble and have cut myself totally off from reality and political influence?”
This individual made the common mistake of assuming that any all White area constitutes a PLE* or White enclave as we prefer to call it, but that is not the case.
An entirely White street does not constitute a White enclave, it is merely a street that remains White by default, because no non-Whites have as yet chosen to live there. It is ‘passively’ White, rather than ‘actively’ or ‘intentionally’ White as an enclave must be if it is to serve its purpose.
A White enclave is created only when the White population of a locality decide as a group to take active measures to ensure that their community remains wholly White. A White enclave is a community that remains White, not by default but through their sustained force of will.
Suppose a nationalist lives as the commenter above does, in an entirely White street composed of say, thirty households, and he has two friends who are also nationalists, and who live further up the street. Such a person could do as the very negative commenter suggests and just sit back and passively watch as gradually his White neighbours grow old and die or move house, leaving houses vacant for non-Whites to buy and occupy, or he could take positive steps to secure the future of the neighbourhood in which he lives by creating a consciously White enclave composed of militant White families who wish to remain wholly White and who also wish to keep their area wholly White, and this is how it can be done.
Firstly in any street of this kind there will essentially be four types of people; those who like our nationalist are desirous of keeping the street White and are prepared to take steps to actively make this happen; those who would like the street to remain White but are not prepared to act upon this desire; those who are neutral and don’t care either way; and those who would like to encourage non-White settlement in the street. The first step is to identify which of the street’s residents fall into which category and this can be done either directly or indirectly, by either contriving to engage them individually in conversation and raising the matter obliquely, or by going down the street with a questionnaire and asking each resident directly.
Either method will suffice and both methods will eventually make your neighbours aware of where you stand on the issue, as they are bound to talk among themselves to some degree or another.
Having identified the people who are prepared to take action, the next step is to meet with them and to sell the idea of forming a co-operative for the express purpose of creating a White enclave. This group may initially be small and may consist of only five of the thirty households to begin with, but five households working in concert would be enough initially to begin to effect change.
The next step is to call upon the resources of similarly minded people in the wider neighbourhood and beyond, and even as far away as neighbouring towns, who would be prepared to assist your project and who would ultimately like to support your project by moving into your street.
There will also be some people who will wish to support your idea, albeit that they are not in a position to participate by moving into the enclave themselves. It is a never-ending source of surprise to me just how selflessly altruistic and generous many of our people are.
Once these steps have been followed, with the creation of a bank account for the co-operative, arrangements should be made for all of the people supporting the idea to make regular monthly contributions into the fund and money will begin to accumulate that can be used to buy the houses of those people that the co-operative do not want to remain in the street.
At this stage I should emphasise that the co-operative should adopt a formal constitution and elect officers to administer the assets, initially just money, that the co-operative raises. We at Western Spring can provide support for any groups needing assistance in drafting a constitution and needing advice on the opening of collective bank accounts etc.
It is quite feasible that a co-operative might quite quickly attract support from as many as thirty individual households in and around their neighbourhood and with each household contributing say £50/m each, the co-operative would accumulate money at the rate of £1,500/m or £18,000 per annum.
Each member of the co-operative should also canvass support from amongst their parents as our nationalists will most likely have spouses or partners and have children and the grandparents from both sides of each family will almost certainly have an emotional interest in the future wellbeing of their grandchildren and may be prepared to contribute also. In this way, thirty contributing households could quickly expand to ninety, and scope therefore exists for such an enclave to build capital at a rate of over £50,000 per annum and in a northern town where terraced houses can often sell for as little as £30,000, it will only take about a year before such a co-operative is in a position to raise buy-to-let mortgages on perhaps as many as five houses.
Revolution 3The members of the co-operative should also form an auxiliary organization to run alongside the co-operative, and it should be styled as a ‘residents association’ and one that they will obviously dominate due to their numbers and due to the fact that they will vote as a bloc in any residents’ association meetings. If there is a pre-existing residents association, then the members of the co-operative should join it and take it over by voting as a bloc.
Under the guise of the residents’ association, the co-operative will then be able to take actions and make representations to the authorities without any need to disclose their underlying agenda, and may be able to obtain local authority funding for community events and for the redevelopment of any existing vacant or derelict buildings in the area.
The residents’ association will also be a useful vehicle through which to make representations to the local authority regarding any planning issues in the area and many of the initially less racially minded of the street’s residents can be drawn unwittingly into helping with the arrangement of community events and  fund raising events that will obviously benefit the residents’ association, but which may also be arranged in such a way that they also indirectly benefit the co-operative.
The residents’ association will also be helpful in liaising with the police and the establishment of a neighbourhood watch, and it is obviously important that the co-operative control the neighbourhood watch, so that they are in control of any information that gets reported, vis-à-vis antisocial behaviour.
In any community there will be some antisocial elements and it should not be necessary for me to explain in too great a detail, that some ‘antisocial’ behaviour can turn out in the long run to be of benefit to the community, especially if it deters more significant and ultimately more damaging, antisocial behaviour on the part of certain individuals who are determined not to be, shall we say, ‘neighbourly’.
This brings us to the acquisition of houses and the first houses to be targeted should be those occupied by the residents who are inclined to welcome non-White settlement in the street. These residents should be approached individually once sufficient funds have been accumulated and funding has been arranged for the co-operative to acquire their houses on a buy-to-let basis. Most people of a liberal/leftist predisposition will not be overly keen to continue living in a street that is dominated by a group of residents who are militantly racialist and this state of affairs can be subtly and not so subtly conveyed to the unwanted multiracialist residents as circumstances require.
Provided with a little encouragement and offered a fair price for their house and therefore able to move immediately and without paying estate agents fees, all but the most obstinate of the unwanted will eventually accept and sell to the co-operative, where-upon the co-operative will acquire the house and immediately let it to one of the deserving families that are members and supporters of the co-operative, but who have hitherto lived outside the area.
Once all of the residents who might welcome non-White settlement have gone, the danger of non-Whites moving into the street will have receded significantly and the co-operative can begin winning the active support of or replacing the people who are neutral or passive with regard to the project.
It may be that during the course of any year as many as five houses will come up for sale initially owned by people who are not committed to the co-operative, and should that happen, as I have already explained, it should be possible for the co-operative to purchase these and move nationalist tenants into the street, thereby creating a situation in which the entire street will be owned and or controlled by the co-operative or it’s committed members within five to six years.
Once most of a street has been secured, the co-operative can canvass the next street, and so on. Furthermore the co-operative should extend the scope of its activity, making the enclave an ‘enterprise zone’; helping one family to convert their home into a general store; helping another to set up a car repair business in a garage block if one exists; and helping any other members who are in any way entrepreneurial to build small businesses that will provide a reliable income for them and employment for others.
Naturally, all of the members of the co-operative should give their custom to their own people wherever possible, so that the businesses grow, and as I say, employ more people and can benefit from economies of scale and thereby provide goods and services at lower prices.
Any co-operative member who has a teaching background can be assisted to set up a home schooling support group so that parents within the co-operative do not have to expose their children to state brainwashing. If the group becomes large enough, the co-operative can investigate the possibility of setting up a private faith school (open to practicing Cosmotheist children only), and such a venture, under the right conditions and presented in the right way, might even attract some degree of state subsidy.
Eventually, after a number of years an entire neighbourhood, or an entire village could become dominated by the co-operative and a sizeable, militant White community will have been established.
Naturally, if an organization invests all of its time and effort in producing just one such enclave over that kind of period, the single street/village/neighbourhood enclave produced will not offer much succour to our nation, despite constituting a localized White nationalist stronghold. However, if we are able to stimulate the establishment of 1,000 such enclaves in various places across the country, that will represent a significant national resource, sufficient to secure the physical survival of our people and provide the basis for a revival of our nation. Furthermore, in any five year period that would follow, disproportionately greater progress would undoubtedly be made.
In time, as enclaves expand in size, their populations will become sufficient to ensure that White nationalists are initially elected to parish councils, then borough and county councils in the wards covered by the enclaves. Furthermore neighbouring enclaves will ultimately coalesce as they expand and create the prospect of us getting members of parliament elected. In the fullness of time, even if an organization had no other power winning strategy to complement their programme of enclave development, control of enough of our country could be secured, sufficient for us to achieve sovereign political power and self-determination either for part or the whole of the UK.
Naturally, no matter how carefully we proceed with such a project, a point will be reached when our racial enemies will realise what we are doing and where our enclaves are and this will present us with a number of security issues that will need to be dealt with at that time. Such a state of affairs has however been faced by our ancestors many times in the past, when a neighbouring enemy people have treated our presence with hostility, and like them we will have to face up to the dangers presented and overcome them. Such is life!
The thought we must keep fresh in our minds however is that anything is possible once we decide to embark upon a course of action with energy and determination and we at Western Spring have dedicated our lives to the task of bringing salvation to our people.
A revolution is coming … please join us!

By Max Musson © 2014
*PLE – ‘Pioneer Little Europe’


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