Saturday, 12 July 2014

Minority in your own country: Malmo ,Sweden .

Data from
There is not just some big coincidence that many White countries across are becoming less and less White.
The reason for this is due to policies that are forced on White countries by anti-White politicians and high-level groups.
If a non-White country like China was to suddenly have their borders opened and then ‘booed’ down anyone who spoke against this, it would seem highly unusual behavior…and if China were also at the same time to start speak out against places which were “overwhelmingly Chinese” and “needed diversity” it would amount to one thing – a genocide of Chinese.
So when White countries across the planet are forced to have open borders, mass non-White immigration, and legally enforced “diversity” for White areas, it amounts to nothing more than a program of genocide, because these policies deliberately results in a White minority in places where we used to be the majority.


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