Saturday, 19 July 2014

From First World to Third World

by Jeff Davis
The economic blog reports: “This idea that we live in a world where government cares about us is just the biggest propaganda ever. Everyone will only pursue their own self-interest.”
I’m amazed that ordinary Americans haven’t long ago set up a guillotine on the Capital steps to deal with the politicians, who voted for NAFTA, GATT and various Amnesty Bills. It seems as though treason is the norm for D.C. and any Tea Party politician, who believes otherwise is subjected to endless abuse and ridicule.
The article continues “The OECD has come out and warned that if governments are unable to stop the transfer of wealth to a small financial elite, the displeasure of the dispossessed middle class could easily turn and go against the prevailing governmental systems. The OECD has claimed to have discovered the existence of a veritable ‘lumpenproletariat’ in the supposedly rich Germany. Even though the systems attempt to provide citizens with bread and circuses in the traditional Roman style to keep them quiet, such tactics they warn may have now become obsolete after the ultimate circus is over – the World Cup.”
“The problem with all of these studies is the look at class warfare and not at the consumption of government. They do not follow the breadcrumbs. What if you take everything from the élites? Who will start businesses to create jobs? Who will be left to take as government pensions keep ticking away. In Germany, it has now surpassed 50% of the average persons labor goes to taxes.”
“There are a host of books coming out all about just taxing the rich more ignoring reducing the cost of government. The German bestseller ‘The plunder of the world’ presents just another socialist agenda arguing that the rich get richer even in times of crisis, while the consequences of a crisis are always carried by the lower-income groups and the middle class. It fails to explain that the rich get richer from investment, not wage income. This is an argument to effective tax investment substantially to even out the disparity? But who then creates the jobs that produce anything? Is it that those who invest unfairly make money when the others pay too much in taxes and do not invest? Anyone who thinks that these books are real must be insane. If you think for one second raising the taxes on the rich will mean your taxes will decline – good luck. In Germany, Tax Freedom Day has passed the 50% and even in Canada it is now June 9, 2014. In the United States it is April 21st for 2014.”
Tax freedom day is a lot later than April 21st for many Americans. State income taxes and property taxes get added on top of federal taxes. The ObamaCare scheme has added a 3.8 percent stealth tax to many transactions.
As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
At some point in time, despite all the creative accounting and all the smoke and mirrors, the federal government is going to run out of money. There will be too many minority parasites for the government to support with Section 8 housing, food stamps and welfare. We just saw the city of Detroit go bankrupt. Detroit was 86 percent Black. Other heavily non-White cities, such as Stockton and San Bernardino have also gone bankrupt. When the percentage of White people falls too low, there aren’t enough providers to pay for all the first world services like police, fire departments, paramedics and public schools.
We’ve seen several majority non-White cities go bankrupt, and soon we’ll be seeing majority non-White states like California going bankrupt.
What will happen on that day in the future when the government simply has no more money and can’t raise any more because they’ve killed all the geese that laid the golden eggs? Perhaps we should look to Haiti or Columbia or Zimbabwe for the future of America. If you fill up a once-White nation with Third World people, eventually, your nation will become a Third World country.


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