Monday, 14 July 2014

Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe, says immigrants should stay in their own countries

When the 13th Dalai Lama went to Italy last month, he was seeing the same thing happening to White Europeans, as is happening to Tibet – massive amounts of immigrants who are turning the native population into a minority.
Italians, and the Sicilians in particular, are proving to have a big heart but to solve the refugee problem it is necessary to intervene in those countries, make efforts to overcome wars that are causing the exodus,said the Dalai Lama.
This needs long-term thinking to get a really effective result,” he added.
The Italian State MEP, Mario Borghezio, remarked on the Dalai Lama’s comments: “on the topic of immigration the Dalai Lama shows to have very clear ideas, to be honest, more clear than those of Papa Francesco I (The Pope), he sometimes, seems to underestimate the impact that the invasion of immigrants has on weak Countries facilities such as ours.
Mr Borghezio, has forgotten to mention that these immigrants also are replacing the Italian people – which is White Genocide, because it’s deliberately intended to get rid of White people.

Mr Borghezio continued “We who have always revered the Dalai Lama as a defender of freedom and the identity of the Tibetan people we highly appreciate the great lesson that this spiritual guide is giving everyone, including those, like our current rulers who pretend not to know the faults and the danger of indiscriminate opening of the doors, [making] a country of immigrants and refugees“.
The Dalai Lama often speaks about the dangers of mass immigration of the Chinese into Tibet.
…the unabated influx of Chinese immigrants to Tibet, which has the effect of overwhelming Tibet’s distinct cultural and religious identity and reducing the Tibetans to an insignificant minority in their own country, amount to a policy of cultural genocide.
In White countries it is quite similar, however rather than being forced by a group outside of our countries to accept White genocide, we are forced by anti-Whites within our countries to accept White genocide.
White Genocide always comes in a disguise – “diversity” is the most common excuse anti-Whites use these days…but diversity is just a code word for White genocide – that’s it and nothing more.

The Dalai Lama
A Fake A Fraud and just another Lie
The whole World Political Spectrum is a carefully staged and Crafted
Controlled Psy Op Media Driven Event
If You're not Controlled then You don't get on TV
They Control the whole shooting box
Politics Religion and Money
Reuters and Associated Press Control 98% of World News
And Guess Who Owns that
And by the Time it is filtered down to You it invariably resembles little or nothing of what it resembled formerly
Only what they want You to know and How they want You to perceive their intended reality
Don't bother going out to Vote
You're wasting Your Time
There's only One Party and it doesn't matter Who You Vote for or Who gets in
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And anyway did You have any say in the Candidate selection process that decides Who is Eligible for You to Vote for?
What Pedophile Child Molester Homo Sexual Pervert You would like to Vote in to represent You?
The World is run on shame and sexual secrets used as a weapon and control mechanism aimed at head of the captive............Your MP
Democracy is a One Party One State Communist Implementation Agenda
Under the guise of Liberty and Freedom of Choice
All Governments and Religions have been infiltrated by Judaism
Judaism is Communism Is World wide Domination and Control and Slavery
It all comes down to Money
The Jew Controls the World's Purse strings
Through Usury and Fractional Reserve Banking Condemned in the Bible
Babylon is Burning
You are their Slave
These strings are also attached to Our bought and Paid for Pocket Edition Sell Out Criminal Wheel Rut Politicians
You are slowly but surely being delivered into the Vestiges of Serfdom and the shackles tightened
A creeping and Terminal Paralysis
And if You think by going out to Vote and helping these Criminals Legitimize their Mafia Operations
That You have the ability to change things
Then You are suffering from a Great Delusion
Nothing could be further from the Truth

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