Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Britain First support Multiculturalism and deny our Race

Recently one of our Facebook page admins put a senior member of Britain First, ‘Stanley Matthews’ on the spot in an intense interview that showed the true colours of Britain First – They are not a Nationalist organisation.
At the very most, Britain First could be described as a ‘Civic Nationalist’ group but it is clear they support a multicultural Britain and have no interest in defending our race.
What came as more of a shock to our interviewer is when they were accused of being a “Racist” by the Britain First representative who was using the same rhetoric as one may find in the UAF or Hope not Hate.
Britain First can exclusively be exposed today as an Anti-British, Anti-White and Anti-Nationalist organisation that is clearly draining it’s members of funds to support global zionism. Unfortunately there are many good Nationalists who have fallen for this zionist deception of a movement and it’s about time they learn the truth about Britain First.

Whilst this is sure to come as a shock to the many good Nationalists who have been supporting Britain First and fueling it’s campaign through donations – this unfortunately is the truth.
The National British Resistance declares Britain First as an enemy of the people, a multiculturalist supporting, Anti-White and thoroughly Zionist organisation that is rotten to the core.
Britain First is just as bad as the UAF and Hope not Hate with their left-wing, Anti-Racist rhetoric and their sick perverted ideas for our already damaged society.
We the National British Resistance will always put Race & Nation first above all else. We detest the idea of a Multicultural society and will fight to reclaim our nation from the clutches of Zionist evil.
This confirms what many have been saying for a long time – Britain First is not a suitable movement for any true Nationalist.
We furthermore call for the immediate disbandment of Britain First.
You have the evidence for yourself, you’ve seen the facts – Don’t be fooled!
In Blood & Glory!
For Race & Nation!

Source NBR


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