Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Britain First : Paul Golding is a Police Informant

Information has been passed to the National British Resistance which suggests that Zionist Paul Golding of Britain First is in fact a paid police informant.
Pauil Golding
In a counter-terrorist operation known as ‘Silverlight’, Paul has been directly indicated in handing over the entire Britain First membership list to the police in return for payment. We ask, how low will this great pretender go?

Paul Golding Police Informant
The letter handed to the National British Resistance
The NBR believes that the list handed over to police will be used to monitor domestic extremism which puts Britain First members at risk from counter-terrorist department surveillance and potentially blacklists them from travelling abroad.
The National British Resistance recently exposed Britain First as an Anti-British, Anti-Nationalist, Zionist organization that only drains members of money to better the lives of Britain First owners, Paul Golding & James (Jim) Dowson.
We advise that all Britain First members terminate their membership, all potential new members think twice before joining and all observers, stay well clear of Britain First.
From now on we must view Britain First as a form of virus strain, an Anti-British disease and deception run by Zionist/Jewish puppet-masters who hold a secret agenda against members.
The National British Resistance recognises Paul Golding as an enemy of Britain, a traitor of the people and a Masonic Zionist.
We mention the Freemasons because recently Britain First put out a Facebook post on their page claiming to support British troops but it had in fact concealed masonic imagery to which Britain First quite openly defended on their page. The Freemasons are a secretive Jewish group to which form the establishment thus making Britain First nothing more than a tool of the establishment.
Britain FIrst
We will be actively working to bring this movement down within the coming months and we view them in the same light that we view the UAF or Hope not Hate.
In Blood & Glory



I almost took you seriously at the beginning , but the moment I heard the words Zionist and Jewish, i recognized you for the common old garden racists that you are. Thus , the rest of your narrative probably has no credibility

Paul I almost took your seriously at the beginning but the moment I heard the word racist I recognised you for the vacuous troll you are. You have made no argument and have failed to refute a single point which actually strengthens your opponents position. Well done.

if only your links worked eh?

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