Friday, 13 June 2014

BNP: The New Salafist Caliphate

By Richard Creasy-For those of us not aware of what is actually going on in the world, partly because the controlled media is not telling us, partly because very few people understand the full picture, but mostly because the West is in a state of denial over its aggressive follies within Islamic countries over the last 70 years, this is the new reality.
Essentially the Great Satan (USA) has been defeated by the Taliban (mostly Pakistani students trained and supported by the Pakistan army and a number of jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda etc) and the warrior class within Afghanistan and a few other sympathetic mostly Muslim countries.
Yes, Western propaganda tells us that the USA and NATO are still in control and winning, but the reality on the ground is that the Taliban has won because the USA is pulling out with its tail between its legs just as the UK is too.
Iraq was irretrievably weakened by a dishonest bunch of murderous liars headed by war criminals Bush and Blair.
The latter, with any luck, will shortly be arrested as a war criminal, unless he flees to asylum in the US.
We can see how weak and ineffective the Zionist USA is today, as it lurches from one self induced disaster to the next.
Russia is as good as ignoring America in its Ukrainian self made fiasco, because Putin knows all hell is about to break loose in the Middle East as the US vainly tries to support the corrupt dictators of the House of Saud.
The Salafists, however, know that the USA broke its back on the Taliban. It is now just a matter of time before Israel is isolated, Saudi Arabia destroyed, and the US thrown out of the new Salafist caliphate that will stretch from Iraq to Yemen and Oman to Morocco.
Where the Muslim Brotherhood failed the Salafist youth are succeeding. Where corrupt Saudi Arabian Islamic petro dollars proved ineffective, Wahhabi and Deobandi philosophy are proving triumphant. Where Ottoman support of Sufi law collapsed, British funded and imposed Wahhabism is triumphant.
Yes, you read that correctly. Great Britain supported the Wahhabi takeover of Mecca when the Ottoman Empire collapsed.
Today's Salafists owe their lives to British meddling in Mecca's power politics. The Saudi funded Wahhabi Salafists would not be about to take over most of Islam today, without British military support in the 1920s.
Of course the Salafists are an unintended consequence. Britain installed the Wahhabi law makers in Mecca to divide Islam and weaken it.
The division, however, as so often happens in religious affairs, instead revitalised a moribund fraternity and Salafism emerged, aggressive, determined and highly motivated.
A vanquished USA will retreat in to the trauma of isolationism as a result of its greed induced over extension, that all artificial empires from Rome to the British Empire have suffered from.
The new battle ground will be Europe. Already our elites have capitulated to the Islamists.
The EU toys with appointing an Islamic president. Only the indigenous people stand in conjunction with our Christian Russian ally to the north, in the way of a Salafist victory in Europe.
While we await the outcome of the battles in Iraq, let us look at the new world map that a Salafist victory will result in. Russia to the north, a divided EU and the new Salafist caliphate to the east and south comprising: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Egypt, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.
And all because of Tony Blair and an equally dishonest Zionist funded neo-con USA and its pathetic need to bully somebody, anybody, to enable its greedy banking fraternity to make obscene profits from the deaths of millions of innocent people.
Only the British National Party is prepared to stem the Salafist tide in Britain.



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